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Defense Satori
« on: September 26, 2018, 09:20:46 AM »
Defense Satori@Food Rations
Blue Mark/White Mark
64 HP/64 FoDef/2 SpDef or 64 HP/64 SpDef/2 FoDef
Ability: Curse Return
Stat Ranks: E- Speed

-St. Elmo's Fire/Revolving Illusions

A hugely disruptive set, although lacking in reliable recovery. Curse Return on a defensive puppet can still be quite daunting to deal with. Decrescendo is basically Parting Shot, letting you disrupt an attacker and bring in a counter. For maximum effectiveness, minimize DSatori's speed to reduce your switch-in's potential damage even further. Miasma is to gain passive damage. St. Elmo's Fire lets you remove items, while Revolving Illusions is the better option for dealing damage to not rely on your uninvested Focus Attack. Pretense lets you shift into a Sound-Type to resist Illusion while Continue is the only way for you to heal up.
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