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Power Hecatia
« on: September 26, 2018, 08:54:23 AM »
Power Hecatia@Food Rations
Black Mark
64 HP/64 SpAtk/2 SpDef
Ability: Niche

-Magic Barrier/Honest Man's Lie
-Brave Song
-Grace of Mana

This is a stallbreaking set for cleaning up defensive teams after removing Illusion-Types. You have enough bulk to take hits with decent recovery and only one weakness, while setting up with Brave Song. Magic Barrier or Honest Man's Lie is to prevent status from being used against you.

Power Hecatia@Skirmisher Charm
Green Mark
64 FoAtk/64 Speed/2 HP
Ability: Niche

-Magic Barrier
-Death Match
-Illusion Sign
-Frenzied Joururi/Blow From Calamity

Magic Barrier can be used four times to get to low HP and activate both the Skirmisher Charm and bring Death Match to an incredibly high base power. Illusion Sign is your only way of effectively hitting Illusion-Types. Frenzied Joururi is against uncooperative enemies who won't clear your magic barrier.