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Power Orange
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:30:22 AM »
Power Orange@Anti-Dark Charm/Diamond Hairpin
Red Mark
64 FoAtk/64 Speed/2 HP
Ability: Usurpation

-Detonation Burst
-Cross Drive
-Spirit Rush
-Pursuit/Blow From Calamity

Just like the defense version is a clone of Blissey, this one's a clone of Malamar. With your ability, your coverage options against Dark- and Illusion-Types will also boost your stats on top of dissuading tanks and walls that rely on Deploy Smoke. Spirit Rush is a powerful STAB and your HP is decent enough to endure the recoil. Your last moveslot is mostly filler, enabling you to either function as a pursuit trapper or to keep dealing effective damage after getting blinded. Lightning Cut would be an option to hit Wind-Types that resist your boosting move, but the chance to lose speed is kind of iffy.