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Assist Renko
« on: September 22, 2018, 09:19:16 PM »
Assist Renko@Food Rations/Black Choker
Blue Mark
64 HP/16 FoDef/50 SpDef
Ability: Timegazer
IVs: E- Speed

-Terrain [Genbu]/Terrain [Suzaku]
-Overrun/Crossbow Assault
-White Lily Dance/Shadow Rush

As strong as the ability is, Assist Renko has an extremely limited movepool. Genbu is a field more useful against offense while Suzaku hurts stall teams more. Overrun is overall your most useful STAB and you barely have any support moves to run instead. Crossbow Assault is an alternative for Suzaku if you want to fish for paralysis. Arclight is an option to hit Dark-Types who threaten super-effective STAB. White Lily Dance is a pivoting option in the last slot, but shouldn't be run with Suzaku. Instead, you can use Shadow Rush for some chip damage priority.