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Assist Kurumi
« on: September 22, 2018, 05:47:41 PM »
Assist Kurumi@Good Belt
Green Mark
64 Speed/64 HP/2 FoDef
Ability: Melancholic

-Shark Trade
-Poison Trap/Smash Spin/Creeping Darkness
-Perch/Dark Sweets

The main point of using Assist Kurumi is to set up Heavy Fog for your team, its offenses are too low to be suitable as an attacker and is outclassed as a wall by Assist Sekibanki. Shark Trade with incredible speed to cripple defensive Puppets with a situational item. Changeling allows you to escape trapping moves and abilities (watch out for Capture Rope) and is generally useful for momentum. Poison Trap is a support option to help wear down enemies - if such support isn't needed, Smash Spin can be used to clear hazards. Creeping Darkness is a more direct debuff if you need something against more offensive teams. Perch prevents you from being worn down and Dark Sweets is to have an effective STAB option.

Alternate Options: If you need weather for longer, a Twilight Godstone can be used as a held item. If so, replace Shark Trade with one of the slashed options below.
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