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Defense Seija
« on: September 21, 2018, 04:51:20 PM »
Defense Seija@Food Rations
Blue Mark
64 HP/64 FoDef/2 SpDef
Ability: Unjustness

-First Aid
-Depressing Rain

A walling set that can PP stall out passive puppets. Upbeat + Unjustness will quickly run them out of steam and Miasma helps wearing down as well. Depressing Rain can check stat-ups while also providing some offense.

Defense Seija@Silver Hairpin
Red Mark
64 HP/64 Atk/2 SpDef
Ability: Usurper

-Poison Stream/Venom Nova
-Atomic Energy
-Cross Drive
-Changeling/Tiger Rush

The tank set, providing loads of spread defense. Poison Stream vs. Venom Nova is about power vs. reliability. Atomic Energy is a secondary STAB which provides recovery. Cross Drive hits Steel-Types and also boosts your speed thanks to your ability. Changeling allows you to pivot out and Tiger Rush can pick off puppets at low health.