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Extra Rika
« on: August 10, 2018, 01:55:28 AM »
Extra Rika
Warped Steel

Tanky Focused Wallbreaker
Move 1: Supernatural Border
Move 2: Strenuous Stance
Move 3: Trickster
Move 4: Hammer Bash/Impact Rebellion

Item: Straw Doll/Food Rations
Ability: Mode Shift
Mark: Red

64HP/64FAtk/2FDef or SDef
if possible e rank in speed for Impact Rebellion

Extra Rika is basically Aegislash. Supernatural Border is for her gimmick of mode swapping. Mostly this set is set up Swords Dances Strenuous Dances then sweep with Shadow Sneak Trickster, but for fast priority users you should be able to tank a hit in your defensive mode then nuke them with a Gyro Ball Impact Rebellion. With a base of 140 def, you should invest in hp for more tankiness. Usage of this puppet is Strenuous Dance (times 1-3 depending on the situation) > Trickster sweep. At any point, if you know the opponent has priority Supernatural Border then Impact Rebellion.