Author Topic: First puppet set on Shard of Dreams (Defense Sagume)  (Read 303 times)

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First puppet set on Shard of Dreams (Defense Sagume)
« on: July 05, 2018, 08:11:06 AM »
With the translation patch of Shard of Dreams coming soon. I thought I should post sets I founded useful on my playthroughs. First up Sagume. I going to model this post after Smogon set.

Defense Sagume
Electric Poison

Defensive Wall
Move 1: Mysterious Liquid
Move 2: Charge Thief
Move 3: Miasma
Move 4: Continue/Love or Pain/Lightning Speed/Magic Barrier

Item: Jar of Poison
Ability: Ascertainment
Mark: White/Blue

Blue: 64HP/16FDef/2SAtk/48SDef
White: 64HP/48FDef/2SAtk/16SDef
(Assuming IV are all S)
(Don't worry about it too much if you're doing a story playthrough I basically made the defenses equal to just for it to look nice)
(Note: You could get an equal amount of HP/SDef/FDef at 100 if you go the same as the values above but one less HP all three stats should be 353 if you're into that. Again I did this with IVs of S with all three stats so your value may be slightly different because of that)

This puppet was a great anchor on my team with only one weakness in earth. Sagume was the wall my frail sweepers could hide behind.

I will improve the layout and description as I go

Also, should I post more set via a reply on this thread or make new ones?
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