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Power Kokoro
« on: June 15, 2021, 08:21:09 PM »
P-Kokoro @ Anything will do for now
Ability: Infinite Changes
EVs: 59 HP / 53 FAtk / 10 SAtk / 8 Spe
White Mark
- Strike Shot
- Spring First
- Any power move (Ex. Arclight)
- Grace of Mana
*Preferably Reincarnated.

Details/use: P-Kokoro has the ability Infinite Changes, which changes the user's type to the type of the skill they are using right before they use it. P-Kokoro's really just used to dish out lots of power, stay defensively and a good way to maximize it's abililty. Strike Shot and Spring First are priority moves, and you use them to change type before your opponent hits with an effective move (Fighting resists Dark, which P-Kokoro in it's base form has a 4x weakness to. Wind is just to offset Fighting type weakness.) The power move is there just for attacking normally, and Grace of Mana is for healing. So the ideal strategy with this puppet is changing type with priority moves, attacking with power move, and using Grace of Mana for healing. I just find this a better way to use Kokoro in Power style, because Defense is really just defense, and Extra I'm not familiar with. Hope somebody finds this useful!
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