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My Puppet Set [Base Game] : Assist Kosuzu
« on: June 07, 2018, 09:05:55 AM »
Assist Kosuzu
Page wiki :

Type :

Ability :
- Free Will
- Moody
Base Stats :
Fo. Atk
Fo. Def
Sp. Atk
Sp. Def

Imagine, if you will, you a play a Pokemon game and you have Mew. But it has lackluster stats and the Pokemon game that you are playing doesn't need HM move. Well, you got yourself Assist Kosuzu. Even though she can learn all skill card moves, she lacks power to do significant damage. She can boost her power, but her low HP and both Defenses stat makes her rely too much on Black Choker or her Moody RNG.

Baton Passer
Move 1 :
Move 2 :
Move 3 :
Move 4 :
Imposing Air / Sharp Wind
Back-up Plan
Supernatural Border
Bout Drunkard
Item :
Emblem :
Ability :
EV :
Black Choker
64 HP / 64 Speed

A normal Assist Kosuzu set. This set is useful for supporting sweeper. The first move depends on which type of sweeper puppet that you wanted to support. Choose Imposing Air if you want to support FoAtk sweeper like Speed Lyrica, and choose Sharp Wind if the sweeper is SpAtk type like Power Luna. Supernatural Border can be used to get a Moody boost. Bout Drunkard is Spore in Pokemon, which a 100% accuracy Sleep inducer.

IV and EV
Make sure Kosuzu has S Speed IV. With S Speed and Green Emblem, also after a single speed boost from Imposing Air/Sharp Wind, she has 201 speed, enough to outspeed all unboosted 130 base speed puppets like Power Aya. No need to increase her defenses as she has horrible defense and HP stats.

Like all Black Choker users, she is very susceptible to priority moves. Also, like Moody users, she requires luck to perform well. If Moody decreases her speed, she is done for.
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