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My Puppet Set [Base Game] : Power Aya
« on: March 18, 2018, 04:13:17 PM »
This is my set on Base Game.

Power Aya
Type : Wind Fighting
Ability :
 - Gale
 - Salvo
Base Stats :
80 / 105 / 70 / 90 / 50 / 130

My Power Aya sets :

1. Mixed Sweeper
    Moves :                                                                 Item      : Straw Doll / Black Choker
    - Twister                                                                Ability    : Salvo
    - Godstone Frenzy                                                  Emblem : Green
    - Rush Attack                                                         EV         : 18 FoAtk / 48 SpAtk / 64 Speed
    - Swallow Cut
Details :
This set is the most common set for Power Aya. With 200 Speed, Power Aya will outspeed most of Puppets. Salvo will make sure that Twister, Godstone Frenzy and Rush Attack always do 5 hits. Swallow Cut is useful for False Courage users like Defense Sukuna. The EV spread will make Rush Attack more powerful. Straw doll is useful to make Power Aya more powerful, but Black Choker is useful for survival.

Counter :
Sadly, this set is not without weakness however. Any puppet that that faster than Power Aya can defeat her quiet easily. Speed Aya, Speed Futo, Speed Marisa and Speed Chen are some examples. All of them are either Wind- or Electric- type, which will hit Power Aya hard, since she has horrible defense stats. Not only that, but a fast Up Tempo user like Power Cirno and Power Rin can beat her speed after a single Supernatural Barrier as well. Also, puppets that has high defense and HP stat like Defense Kanako can absorb most of the damage.

Paralysis, Darkness, and Fear is also a problem for this set. These status ailments will cripple Power Aya usefulness as a sweeper. Because of this, a team with cleric like Defense Daiyousei is also recommended.

2. Fast Sweep / Utility
    Moves :                                                                 Item      : Burning Stone / Wolfsbane Root
    - Supernatural Barrier                                            Ability    : Gale
    - Reckless Dive                                                      Emblem : Black
    - Break Shot / Smash Spin                                     EV         : 64 FoAtk / 64 SpAtk / 2 Speed
    - Thunder Force

Details :
This set will solve Power Aya's speed problem. After a single Supernatural Barrier, Gale will active, and with 226 Speed, Power Aya will outspeed any puppet, even Green emblem 64 Speed EV Speed Aya. Also, since Power Aya is already Heavy Burned / Poisoned, this will eliminate any trouble from status ailments. The only sacrifice is that Power Aya will not hold out long due to her ailments.

Most of the puppets that faster than Power Aya are either part Wind- type or has medium to horrible defense stat, therefore, Thunder Force and Reckless Dive should do the trick. The third move are either Break Shot or Smash Spin. Break Shot is useful to counter Curiosity - Dual Screen users like Assist Magan, while Smash Spin is useful to remove traps.

Counter :
Again, high defense puppet can also defeat this set. Another thing is, this set is a double edged sword. Wasting turn will prove detrimental as the Heavy Burn/Poison will sap her health quickly. That means, an Attack Split users like Defense Yukari will indirectly counter this Power Aya set.

3. Suicidal Dual Screen
    Moves :                                                                 Item      : Burning Stone / Wolfsbane Root
    - Supernatural Barrier                                            Ability    : Gale
    - Field Barrier                                                        Emblem : White
    - Field Protect                                                        EV         : 22 HP / 44 FoDef / 64 SpDef
    - Swallow Cut / Strike Shot

Details :
Since Gale Power Aya can outspeed any puppet, she can be useful as a dual screen initiator. Which screen that should be done first depends on the enemy's puppet. If the enemy's puppet has higher SpAtk, Power Aya should do Field Barrier first, and so on. With these EV spread, she can even survive after Green Emblem 64 EV SpAtk Good Earring Speed Marisa. Swallow Cut / Strike Shot is there as a filler move.

That is all. Please tell if there are any problems or grammar error. Any critics or suggestions will be appreciated.