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TPDP Save Editor & Generator
« on: August 07, 2016, 03:52:21 AM »
In early 2016 I made a small site for TPDP which contains two things, a standalone save editor and a netplay save generator. These have been updated as new English patches have been released, and should stay up-to-date as more are released.

You can find them here:

The save editor can be used to change your puppets, items and other minor pieces of player data (not story progression, at least for the time being). It is meant to be used for more specific edits and messing around in general, since it doesn't have any legality checks. Do note that puppets with illegal moves or EVs won't be allowed online anyway, and the editor will not help you bypass that.

The netplay save generator is intended for people who just want to specifically do netplay, and either don't want to play the story or don't want to bother setting up their story file for netplay after completing it. It will provide you with a pretty much "maxed out" file sitting at the Akyuu doll (PC) right outside the game's netplay hub. The file has 5 copies of each Normal-style Puppet at Lv100 with maxed IVs, one for each mark, so you can easily build a team from there. It also has all the held items you'll need. You can specify your own player name, trainer IDs, etc as well so it feels like your own file.
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