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Character names [pretty much finalized]
« on: January 07, 2015, 01:47:09 PM »
Shingyoku because the puppet itself uses the katakana for the name, even though the starter screen uses straight english (a mystery we have yet to figure out)
Konngara (both "n" and "nn" will produce the ン character in her given name, コンガラ)

Gengetsu and Mugetsu are how they are properly spelled in japanese

Mimi-chan&Ruukoto will just be shortened to Ruukoto as our favorite nuclear maid is fat and slowing the missile down

Murasa is how it is spelled in-game for both the puppet and the character

Hijiri is how it is spelled in-game for the puppet, Byakuren (白蓮) is how it is spelled for the actual character you interact with

Utsuho and Rin. No nicknames unless Satori is referring to them.

I recommend we use Sukuna simply because it takes far less space

As for the resident moon rabbits: We are going with Udonge and Gyokuto for the puppets, as those are the in-game spellings.

Katakana "Udonge" ウドンゲ

Hiragana "Gyokuto" ぎょくと

The NPC Reisen that you interact with will still be named Reisen.

I quote the initial statement of "We're translating, not localizing."

"Gyokuto is just a species name!"
She was an unnamed rabbit until Toyohime adopted her for a pet.

See also:
"Reisen II's Japanese name is Gyokuto, meaning Moon Rabbit. Some mods transliterate her name as Gyokuto. "
"There are also moon rabbits (玉兎, gyokuto) who seem to be more powerful overall than normal rabbits."

"Who gives you the right to decide this?"
Nobody. If you have a problem with any of these choices, speak up. You should provide valid reasoning, of course.

However, we are not using Reisen II this time around.

Also, as a parting note, Luize is non-negotiable. You cannot improve perfection.
Agastya is dumb like Derx is and we will be using Louise because her name is spelled exactly the same way borrowed 'Louise' is in katakana.
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Re: Character names
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2015, 01:56:33 PM »
I guess

Don't like Hijiri over Byakuren but it wouldn't be consistent with Murasa

Udonge does bother me because it is a nickname for the real Reisen and if anything the real thing should be referred to as Udonge while the puppets are called Reisen

Not a fan of Gyokuto or Reisen II

At least we're finally getting Yuuka's name right

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Re: Character names
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2015, 03:05:10 PM »
I thought Udonge was part of Reisen's name.

Either way she should be called Reisen because that's her most commonly known name.

I personally prefer Reisen II for Gyokuto but that's just me (And it's the first name I saw her use in any Touhoumon game) but oh well.
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Re: Character names
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2015, 03:46:56 PM »
I disagree with Gyokuto being Rei'sen's name simply because the only existing instance of it is Touhoumon 1.8, anywhere else is Rei'sen. I've looked it up, a google search of "玉兎" (Gyokuto) produces pictures of Udonge and Reisen II. A pixiv search of "玉兎" produces pictures of Mooninite Rabbits (Both Touhou and external sources) in general.  Literally, the only time Gyokuto has been used has been when it was Hemo's personal bias to differentiate Reisen and Reisen because they share the same Japanese characters. Gyokuto is a species name, not a name.
"But what about Koakuma and Daiyousei!!"
Koakuma and Daiyousei have massive fandom presence. You could talk to the verage Touhou fan and say Daiyousei and Reisen and they'll know who they are. However we have had people show up on the server and be exactly "Who is Gyokuto?". When we said it was Rei'sen, they were like "Oh, alright". That fact alone means Gyokuto is not a name anybody knows her by.
This might not be a localization, but it is intended for the English audience - a different audience than the Japanese one. Rei'sen is how her name has been translated to differentiate it in English. I think we should stick to the English "translation" of the name she was give and end it there.
If anything, we should be blaming ZUN for having two characters with the exact same name blaming Toyohime for being incredibly creative with names.

Edit: One last thing: Not even the Japanese Touhou Wiki uses "玉兎" for Rei'sen.

Like I said, the only way I'd even accept Gyokuto as a translation for her name is if it was used anywhere but Hemo's personal bias. It's not. Call "Reisen" Udonge all you want, at least she's gone by that name under several derivative works. Hell, Hijiri is fine too considering it's part of her name. But Gyokuto has absolutely no basis in the English community as her name.
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Re: Character names
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2015, 05:20:54 PM »
I disagree with calling the second rabbit Rei'sen because it is needlessly confusing with the other rabbit that people know as Reisen. I don't care that much about 2hu lore. I don't care if Rei'sen is the more accurate name to what ZUN would want. ZUN was not making a competitive multiplayer game; he was making a comic and most likely gave the two characters confusing names because it would be funny and something Toyohime would do. Hemo is making a competitive multiplayer game, and in discussions of the two puppets it would be ideal to give them names that aren't intentionally confusing.

Like it or not, and whether we name her that or not, people know the first rabbit as Reisen. Having a second character separated from the first by an oft-omitted piece of punctuation is a bad idea. People are going to lazily call her "reisen", which is very ambiguous and confusing for newcomers. Hemo recognized it was a bad idea, which is why he called neither of the puppets Reisen. I don't care if Gyokuto is not an Orthodox English Touhou Name, it's clearly distinct from the other mon and has sufficient precedent for use in Hemo calling the puppet that.

For what it's worth, the starter selection screen does not have to use the same names, so we can easily call her Rei'sen (Gyokuto) there and call her something completely different in the actual game.
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Re: Character names
« Reply #5 on: January 07, 2015, 05:34:02 PM »
The names are now non-negotiable as I'm stepping in and putting my foot down on the decision of "translating, not localizing" the game. Names are important, but we've spent too long and far too much effort on something that should have been simple and easy to decide, and has downspiraled into an awful debate over something that at least one person will be unhappy with. I hate to use this argument, but the base names are legible and accurate, and that's good enough. If you don't like them, then there is a nickname feature.

In the future, I'd like things to stay that way, I think "legible and accurate" is a good balance, as well as an okay slogan.
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