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« on: November 03, 2012, 05:03:36 AM »

Type: Reason/Flying
Abilities: Insomnia
Base Stats:
HP: 40
Atk: 35
Def: 75
Spd: 130
SpAtk: 145
SpDef: 75

I personally adore what Hemo has done with Rikako. In Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream, she is known to dislike using magic, but she is incredibly good at it. I like to think this is the reason that Rikako was given a deadly Special Attack stat of 145. Now, Rikako is what I like to call a simple-yet-deadly-glass-cannon (You may have noticed I have a thing for writing about the killmurder puppets, but it's for the reason to get them out of the way in a professional manner before moving on to the more complicated stuff). With the 3rd highest speed stat in the game and an astonishing Special Attack stat to back it up, it's no wonder she is considered incredibly dangerous. As pitiful as her movepool may look, she has just enough coverage to make a devastating impact on the opponent's team should they be unprepared for Rikako.

Now it's easy to wonder, why isn't Rikako on every team if her offensive stats are so overwhelming? For starters, she has two of the worst defensive typings in this game: Reason and Flying. Her Flying type was gained upon evolution, and it does so little to help her sweeping potential, which hampers her as a matter of fact since her only special Flying attacks are Gale and Razor Wind, and it also makes her weak to the common Steel Type moves, such examples include Blade Flash, and Draw The Line, and Sonicboom. Couple a terrible defensive typing with her terrible defensive stats, and you probably guessed that Rikako doesn't take hits very well if not at all, and as a result, she has very few opportunities to switch in aside from Revenge killing. However, once she's in safe and sound, man oh man... fear the magic that Rikako has been hiding from us all this time.

Revenge Killer
-Mana Burst
-Razor Wind/Ominous Wind/Gale/Thunder Wave
Item: Witch Costume/Lum Berry
Nature: Timid (+Spe, -Atk)
Ability: Insomnia
EVs: 4 Def/252 Spd/252 SpAtk

Most Rikako that you will come across will have a moveset like this, and if the opposing Rikako doesn't look like this, then it's still arguably the second most dangerous variation of her (and anything else would be a predictable joke). Mana Burst is your main STAB move, and will see a lot of predictable useage. Literally, the only other two viable coverage moves, Thunderbolt and Sonicboom, seem to be staples on pretty much every Rikako. Thunderbolt is for revenge killing or just outright punishing opposing Flying and Water types; especially since there are no Water types in this game that will outspeed a Timid Rikako at +0, two Flying types that outspeed her (Speed Aya and Lily Black), and two Flying types that will Speed tie with her (Nue, and opposing Rikako). Sonicboom gets the jump on a few Dark and Ice types that you should probably not stay in on, and hits some flyers that Thunderbolt otherwise wouldn't, such as Tenma and Wriggle, both of whom are 2HKOed by Sonicboom. The last attack is up to choice; Razor Wind is a viable option which reaches 90 BP after STAB (meeting the power of an unSTABed Thunderbolt), and offers more coverage to hit Nature and Beast types. Ominous Wind is a last resort sort of attack against Ghosts like Tojiko who are likely going to end your life the turn you use it. Gale is nice to have sometimes if your opponent has a Tailwind set up, and alternatively, Thunder Wave can cripple said opponents with any Speed gains, but then you risk the Lum Berry.

Psycho Boost
-Psycho Boost
-Mana Burst
Item: White Herb
Nature: Timid (+Spe, -Atk)
Ability: Insomnia
EVs: 4 Def/252 Spd/252 SpAtk

Psycho Boost has roughly a 34% increase in power compared to a Witch Costume Mana Burst, and can be used twice in one sitting while still retaining said power increase. After that, Rikako has done her job, and she can now die with dignity. This may or may not be an attractive option to some who think Rikako needs that little extra push to score an OHKO on something that would otherwise be a 2HKO. Speed Sariel is one example who takes 99~100% from Psycho Boost, notable since she is immune to Spikes. I'm sure there are others, but the point is that Psycho Boost on Rikako is essentially the same thing as the PANIC BUTTON in which you cannot afford to have your opponent survive any longer. Very newb friendly, but do yourself a favor and run a few calcs after the battle if you ever felt the need to press the Panic Boost button.

Other Options
Rikako has Agility in her movepool, but it's very easy to go lights out if you use it improperly as an unexpected paralysis can ruin your day just as quickly as you thought you ruined your opponent's day (Speed Medicine comes to mind). Trick is there too, but there are much more reliable users of the move, and one faster user being Advent Marisa. A Chesto Rest set could work in the last slot on both sets bahahaha the things we think at 1:00 in the morning; good thing I caught that one. No but seriously, that's all. The rest of Rikako's "other options" that haven't been mentioned are too pitiful to consider.

If I were to list every Rikako counter here... well, you get the idea; there are a lot of answers to Rikako, and as a result this is why she's so rarely seen. Special Walls without a weakness in general such as Defense Daiyousei or Advent Alice can sit comfortably in front of Rikako for ages. Rikako lacks Substitute in her movepool, so she's even easier to switch in on. Tojiko takes everything Rikako throws at her and only fears the occasional Ominous Wind-carrying Rikako. Attack Suwako is another option who fears absolutely nothing. And if we're going to be talking about Steels, then Kongaara is a rather underappreciated option, however most Steels in general can easily clip her non-existant wings, especially Youki who gains the added bonus of outspeeding Rikako upon switching in. Mimi-chan can do the same thing that Youki can and switch in on a predicted Razor Wind or unboosted Mana Burst assuming Spikes aren't out, but that's a huge risk, and Mimi is better used as a revenge killer anyway. Should all else fail, Paralyze Rikako at all costs. Like most dangerous sweepers, a Paralyzed Rikako is a dead Rikako.
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