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« on: December 06, 2014, 07:37:08 AM »
  <<<< Click the Shou and you'll get the fortune of knowledge!

Type: Faith/Wind

Ability(s): Inner Focus or Lightning Rod

HP: 80
ATK: 70
DEF: 120
SP.ATK: 120
SP.DEF: 90
SPE: 60

Hello and meet Shou Toramaru, the avatar of the Bishamonten. She has a nifty bulk of 80/120/90 That can allow her shrug off most physical attacks and some unstabbed special attacks. Her Faith/Wind typing allows her naturally resist disgusting birds like Aya's Soar and TAya's Brave Bird as well as banded AdMokou Flare Blitz no problem. She also takes Banded Youki Battle Chants when properly EV'd, which is honestly a very impressive thing. Her 120 Sp.Atk allows to hit many things pretty hard, combine that with Faith/Wind stab, there aren't too many things that resist her by pure typing. With all this in mind, Shou is a pretty good puppet.

Set: Like a Champ (Bulky Special Attacker)
Shou @ Leftovers (HP)/Lum Berry (All)/Priest Garb (Faith)/Ninja Costume (Wind)
Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: HP 80/DEF 92/SP.ATK 252/SPE 84 or HP 176/DEF 216/SPA 116
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Calm Mind
- Thunderbolt/Mana Burst/Heat Wave
- Silver Wind/Extrasensory
- Energy Ball/Heat Wave/Mana Burst/Energy Light/Gale

This is the set I most often use with Shou. The point of this set is tank physical hits like a champ, and eventually get enough stacks of cm until you can laugh at adreisen trying to hit you with witch costume luster purge.  The speed investment is for outspeeding uninvested base 70s and 60s. Gotta speed creep. You need T-bolt to pick off flying types, Heirins and APatchys. It's also your stab obviously. Silver Wind or Extrasensory are a preference. Though I personally prefer Silver Wind; her 60 base speed won't allow her to take much advantage of extrasensory, and a chance of lowering speed really comes in handy. Coverage depends on your team's needs and what you really don't like. You can take Energy Ball for Konngaras and robot maids, Energy Light for Toyos. Mana Burst for pure miasmas, DMiko. Heat Wave for Sakuya, Medicine, Kaguya, cheeky beasts, and Mamizou. Gale for picking off low targets.

Secondly, the main haul of this set is the fact she can take TAya's brave birds and banded youki battle chants like a champ. Here's an example.
+1 252+ Atk Airline Uniform Aya Soar vs. 76 HP / 96+ Def Shou: 81-96 (25.31 - 30%) -- possible 4HKO
252+ Atk Special Bloomers TAya Brave Bird vs. 76 HP / 96+ Def Shou: 105-125 (32.81 - 39.06%) -- 8.57% chance to 3HKO (BANDED)
252 Atk Special Bloomers Youki Battle Chant vs. 76 HP / 96+ Def Shou: 178-211 (56.25 - 66.56%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

While the Youki example may not look that good, but for a puppet not pouring everything into its defense and HP, she takes the hit pretty well. This is a base 135 Atk banded puppet with 100 BP stab. Though, 85 ACC isn't that reliable :^). The second EV spread would allow her tank with a 22% chance of 2HKO. (Meaning there's 22% chance of a 2HKO happening) So are scared of banded youkis or things that hit as hard as him like ARemi? Go 176 HP/216 DEF/116 SPA.

Third, At +1 Shou can be pretty dangerous. Here's some examples:
+1 252 SpA Shou Silver Wind vs. 252 HP / 100+ SpD Sariel: 350-414 (96.15 - 113.73%) -- 75% chance to OHKO <<<< This is some really serious mumbojumbo.
+1 252 SpA Shou Heat Wave vs. 252 HP / 72+ SpD Konngara: 204-242 (53.12 - 63.02%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
This is mixed wall Konngara but this is still some serious mumbojumbo.
+1 252 SpA Shou Mana Burst vs. 252 HP / 252 SpD Yoshika: 220-260 (45.45 - 53.71%) -- 41.02% chance to 2HKO
And Yoshika is setup fooder for Shou unless she has roar.

Just a few examples but my god, is Shou powerful.

Other Options
Shou has this great move called Agility. So with this, you could go full Speed and Sp.Atk offensive Shou set and make people cry with your modest silver wind and extrasensory. Modest Shou with full invested speed at +2 spd is 438 speed, that's faster than +speed 140 base puppets. So you can make Mimi-chan your female dog then. Shou also has access to Rest and T-Wave so you could possibly run a set with T-wave or a rest-cm set. Her base 70 Atk isn't too bad, and she gets Sword Dance so you could do some funny stuff with that. She can learn D-Edge, E-quake, T-punch, Ice punch, and Vital Throw among other things. If you really hate Benben, you can always run D-Edge.

Team Support
While Shou has a nifty 80/90 special bulk, she isn't good at tanking special attacks. A good specially defense heart type would work wonders. And as Shou is part faith/wind, she weak to to the dreaded Earth moves and Beast moves, so have a bird with you, or something that resists Earth and Beast like a nature type. Mugetsu is a fine partner for Shou sp.defensive wise, resisting reason and well, special attacks very well. Kaguya, DKaguya, and DYuyuko are also good partners for mixed bulk. And if you want a partner that resists all of Shou's weaknesses, there's AdMystia. Shou really hates spikes thanks to her lack of recovery. Try to have a spinner on your team and don't let them die. Speaking of lack of recovery, a wish or heal bell support would be good too. AdAlice, TLunaChild and HMystia are ones that comes to mind.

I'm gonna try this in a new format. Just gonna try this in an easier to read fashion.

Hard Counters: Tenma
Tenma can switch in on a +1 Silver Wind and proceed to OHKO her back with Ancientpower without taking much damage. She's faster than Shou, great special bulk, can easily resist her non-stabs and is immune to T-bolt.
Soft(er) Counters: Yamame, Kaguya, DKaguya, DHatate, Bulky beasts
Yamame is immune to T-bolt and is resistant to your faith STABs. She's similar to Tenma, except she can't quite OHKO Shou with EQ unless she's offensive/banded and is weak to Mana Burst. Kaguya resists both stabs and will literally not be hurt at all, even by Heat Wave. DKaguya while not being resistant can easily take the hits. All three of these puppets have one thing in common: They likely carry Toxic; Shou does not want to be badly poisoned. DHatate and Bulky beasts can switch in on a silver wind or e-sensory then proceed to maul her. Though, beasts must be beware of Heat Wave and a +1 silver wind, and DHatate must be beware of T-bolt.
Hard Checks: ATewi, Hatate, ATenshi, ASuika, etc.
These puppets will probably OHKO Shou if they get their hits on her. ATenshi and ASuika will destroy Shou with their wallbreaking Earthquakes; ATewi has binding voice and Hatate has focus luster purges. Any puppet that does a similar job should be just as dangerous. Examples such as Rikako, Yumemi, AKaguya and the like.
Soft Checks: APatchy, Offensive HEirin
With her monstrosity of 160 SpA, she can Shou's day very bad. However, as Shou likely carries T-bolt she must be careful. Shou can also resist both of her stabs. If APatchy makes a wrong move however, T-bolt to the face. If HEirin is offensive and packs Mana Burst, she also holds the possibility of beating Shou 1v1, though you'd need to have a good read. If you read bad, T-bolt or Mana Burst to the face. Beware, her TBolts won't OHKO her, and well, it'll put her in blaze/torrent range, so its pretty skill orientated, but still very much in APatchy's favor.

So that's Shou everyone, this is my first moveset and I hope it isn't too long :J.
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Re: Shou
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2014, 03:21:53 PM »
Good man that explosion. Really solid first go at setposting.

A few notes:

Its good practice to lnk the set to its wiki page.
Why the speed invest? Such explain many wonder. Also a note on why your current spreads are slightly better than raw hp dumping for taking physical damage,
Should bring up the wonders of DKags in counters and probably list a beast or 2 that can actually swap into silver wind
Mention of cleric support making her really annoying would be nifty too

On a stylistic note: grammar/repetition of things make this a less smooth read than it could be at places, but the information is still easily accessible so that's no big deal, and god knows I cant throw stones over bad flow/grammar in setposts x.x. So an edit to that would be nice ascetically but its not required.
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Re: Shou
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2014, 05:42:32 PM »
Thank you Josh. I was doing this at midnight so I was kind of off. I shall take to editing.

Also Josh, the wiki is right in the picture.
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Re: Shou
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uuuh im smrt xD

Also for the counters section. I tend to go in order from hard counters to soft checks because it just seems like a more accessible way to put the information together. A hard counter being a mon that can always swap in and force this out, a soft counter swapping in and forcing it out depending on moveset or battlefield conditions, a hard check always winning 1v1, and a soft check conditionally winning 1v1.
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