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[WIP]Advent Cirno
« on: September 05, 2016, 09:01:16 AM »

Advent Baka Cirno
Atk: 125
Def: 95
Sp.Atk: 50
Sp.Def: 75
Spd: 105

I was looking for some movesets to use in Puppet Play, and then i found AdCirno. Ice/Steel weak against Dream, Earth and a 4x from Fire, with good 125atk and 105spd bases, a poor 75spec. def base but with a fine 80/95 hp and def bulk, AdCirno isn't just a lovely ice fairy with a sword thing, she also can cause damage but of course, she still needs support from her teammates, and she got some flaws that you need to keep in mind, anyway, with that bases i just checked her moverpool and saw Tailwind and well, that's it.

Item: Lum Berry/Thick Fur/Maid Costume
Ability: Advent
Nature: Adamant/ Jolly
Evs:4hp, 252atk, 252 spe
-Ice Ball
-Braver/Blade Flash

Set Details:
A Adamant nature is preferred since she can outspeed pretty much anything at +1 Tailwind if the opponet is at +0 (even jolly 252spd Mimi-Chan with a 140 base). The ice stab is Ice Ball, no Ice Punch since Ice Ball haves 90 base power and Ice Punch only got 75, her other stab is Braver, high damage but with a flaw, accuracy, an 80 acc base move, since i prefer Braver, if you think it's too risky and want some priority move on AdCirno just run Blade Flash instead, but it certainly do not hit harder as Braver, she also got Waterfall wich covers her weakness against Earth and Fire, about her last move it's all about Tailwind, the heart of this set that gives her +1 at Atk and Spd. With that set you can outspeed AReimu and OHKO SaltyPits even if she is running Jolly and you Adamant (both at +0/equal speed boosted stat), but keep in mind that you cannot take a Hi Jump Kick.

Other Options
The options aren't too much, and aren't too good. She could run a Swords Dance set but it would be bad to face a faster Fire, Dream or Earth-type, it could run Thunder Punch to deal with Water types, but it isn't worth it, Ice Shard as a priority stab, she also got Superpower and Poison Jab but, again, it isn't worth it.

Team Support
Cirno likes puppets that resists Dream-type stabs, since she do not gets a coverage against it. She also (like every puppet) enjoys a Spikes support. I personally think that Akyuu's Sleep Powder or Sakuya's World with Focus would be a nice help to set up, but it could be too risky, it's just an idea tho. It's always good to eliminate your counters, keep in mind that AdCirno is a bit fragile before setup, so always try to remove your checks and counters. You could also try using a Hail, it isn't too common but since AdCirno doesn't gets hit by hail it could provide a fine extra damage.

If you are not running a Lum Berry be extremely careful with puppets who haves Will o Wisp (Rin,Shingyoku-F). Dream-type puppets and Water-type tanks, AdCirno doesn't have coverage to Dream and haves a 2x weakness against it, and since you are not running Thunder Punch you could not do much against an defensive Water-type puppet. Faster Fire/Earth types before the setup.

~~You need to keep in mind that if AdCirno is at +0 she is very easy to outspeed and beat, but if you combine she with the right support puppets and do your setup, you can crush your enemies, remember Cirno is the strongest~~
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Re: [WIP]Advent Cirno
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2016, 02:42:36 AM »
she also got Superpower and Poison Jab but, again, it isn't worth it
<-- These two really beg to differ with poison jab not being worth it, as both of them wall the suggest set pretty hard without it.
With poison jab, however, you stand a fair chance at beating these two.
+1 252 Atk AdCirno Poison Jab vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def DKaguya: 460-544 (91.26 - 107.93%) -- 50% chance to OHKO
+1 252 Atk AdCirno Poison Jab vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def HStarSapphire: 324-384 (84.37 - 100%) -- 6.25% chance to OHKO
Considering how threatning these two are, poison jab a very worthy alternative to waterfall, which can still deal with rin pretty well, which is nice since she counters you pretty hard without waterfall:
252 Atk AdCirno Waterfall vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Rin: 408-484 (106.25 - 126.04%) -- guaranteed OHKO
-1 252 Atk AdCirno Waterfall vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Rin: 272-324 (70.83 - 84.37%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (will still KO if you are burned by will-O-wisp)
Picking between the two is generally a matter of which one your team can handle better, but both have their uses.

As for team support, having fire resists is super helpful since the x4 weakness she has tends to attract a lot of them, especially ones with high defenses like DMokou and kisume. Speaking of kisume, a wind or nature type to deal with water types is also nice, since a lot of them of them wall AdCirno's STAB options and quite a few carry a resistance to miasma (murasa and chiyuri come to mind)
Namazu in particular seems like a nice choice for a teammate, as it takes little damage from fire type moves and outright heals off water moves, punishing a lot of AdCirno's common counters.

Sorry if it's not the best advice, since I haven't fought a 1.8 battle in a long time, but hope that helps out a bit.

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Re: [WIP]Advent Cirno
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2016, 10:37:58 PM »
Yeah, Poison Jab is very worthy of being slashed with Waterfall on her, as even outside of the common water/nature puppets it gives a decent chance of beating other waters.

AdCirno's bulk is actually pretty reasonable, so if you're running adamant nature you can take some evs out of speed and throw them into hp, as she's going to outspeed unboosted puppets at +1 with 132 speed evs. Dumping like 80-120 evs into hp is an option if you're confident in getting your Tailwind up. Swimsuit is a nice item option to use with Waterfall in order to really assure kos on 252hp/252def Rins, but it's really unimpressive in non-Rin scenarios so it's only barely worth noting.

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Re: [WIP]Advent Cirno
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2016, 05:03:30 PM »
Meh.. I guess poison jab was wrongly despised by me, now i kinda recognize poison jab's values.. and that thing about the 4x weakness to fire.. perhaps it could be used as a bait to switch in a flash fire user or something else that could set up easily..