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« on: September 02, 2012, 04:54:58 AM »

Type: Dream/Beast
Abilities: Soundproof or Early Bird
Base Stats:
HP: 90
Atk: 60
Def: 90
Spd: 60
SpAtk: 90
SpDef: 100

Kyouko is by no means a bad Touhoumon. If you've been following Agsatya's blog, you'll have seen that Kyouko has since gained a boost to her defensive stats. Couple that with the fact that Kyouko gets a 1.5x SpDef boost in a Sandstorm, and you've got yourself one nice Bulky Special Attacker. Being part Dream type isn't without its advantages either. While a secondary Dream typing may not seem as defensively appealing as a Heart typing would have been, she now gets a STAB bonus on Hyper Voice, giving her the ability to counter and combat many opposing Heart and Steel types. Unfortunately, Kyouko's defensive potential really suffers when a Sandstorm is not active, so if you aren't pairing her up with a Sand Stream Suika, then there might be another puppet that can fill any role better than Kyouko could. To top this off, Kyouko has no access to reliable recovery, which shortens her life on the battlefield. Despite this, she can sponge hits very well, and dish out some hurt in return.

Calm Mind
-Calm Mind
-Binding Voice
-Hyper Voice
-Signal Beam/Sonicboom
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Bold (+Def,-Atk)
Ability: Soundproof/Early Bird
EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpDef

What sets apart Kyouko from other defensive puppets is her immediate base 90 Special Attack stat, which sits at 216 when uninvested. After a Calm Mind, her Special Attack stat jumps to 324, and her Special Defense stat would reach 355, giving her a defensive total of 384/306/355, and that's without the Sandstorm boost taken into account. From here on out, you pick the appropriate move to devistate your opponent. Binding Voice and Hyper Voice are your obligatory STAB moves, and they take care of the Heart and Ghost types that you will probably be switching in on. The last move depends on how afraid you are of a certain type. Signal Beam scares off a few Dark and Reason types while Sonicboom is there in the case Flyers give you trouble.

Other Options
Kyouko, like Kana, can Perish Trap. She learns Perish Song, Detect, and Jamming, and most of all, has Soundproof to immunize herself to the effects of the song. I do not recommend using a team slot for this strategy, but the possibility is there if you really, really want to try it out.

Kyouko learns Lovely Kiss, which essentially puts the sound-based move Sing right out of the job if you're looking to lull your foes to sleep. Roar can be used in conjunction with Spikes damage, and can surprise many Kyouko counters while forcing them to take damage. Kyouko could also make really good use of Counter, and can score some lucky kills while also adding to the surprise factor of this Stage 2 boss. Kyouko has quite the lovely Special Attacking movepool, but she doesn't have the Speed stat, or even the Special attack stat to compete with just about every other Special sweeper in this game. Heal Bell is a pretty cool move too . . . try it out and see what you think (just don't use Heal Bell with Soundproof, because it won't work). I was also going to put a Toxic Stall set up there, but Helper Nazrin does that much better.

First things first: puppets with Soundproof give Kyouko a really hard time since most of her moves are Sound based. Yumemi can come in entirely for free and set up a Substitute, though she must watch out for the occasional Signal Beam. From here on out, if you have a puppet with Soundproof on your team that doesn't mind taking Signal Beams (+1 or not), then you can skip the rest of this section. Beast types aren't very hard to down due to their weaknesses to the common Flying, Fire, and Water. However, Kyouko has very high defensive stats in the sand, and getting rid of her might prove to be quite the challenge. For starters, Kyouko really hates Flying types, and has to resort to using Sonicboom to deal significant damage to any of them. The Utsuho forms do not fear any of Kyoukos attacks, and they can scare her away with Fire or Flying moves. Attack Reimu can come in and set up a Tailwind, and doesn't mind taking a Sonicboom in the process. A Banded Adamant Attack Remilia just barely OHKOes Kyouko with a STAB Soar, but Remi will die if she comes in on a Sonicboom. Wriggle can come in on the STAB combination and set up a Tailwind just like Attack Reimu. If I keep going, then I'll probably end up listing every Flying type here. Just watch out for Sonicboom. In the department of non-Flying types, Attack and Speed Flandre are very dangerous, and get free admission on either of Kyouko's STAB moves. Hustle is quite the gamble, however, and Signal Beam is a clear OHKO on Attack Flandre after a Calm Mind. If you discover that Kyouko isn't running Signal Beam, then Dark Alice is a death sentence to Kyouko assuming you don't switch in on a Calm Mind in the Sand.
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