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Typing: Faith
Ability: Pressure

Shingyoku-o is a bit of an oddball puppet, with a somewhat awkward 100 speed tier and abysmal 80/60/60 bulk much of its utility movepool will never see the light of day. However with the absurdly good faith stab and resistance suit, 120/120 mixed attacking stats, and access to a startling amount of coverage shinkyoku-o takes great pleasure in breaking away from its estranged bulky relatives and murdering their walling ilk with great revengance.

Faith OP (wallbreaker)

Shingyoku-o @ Priest Garb
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 40 Atk/216 Spd/252 SpAtk
Hasty nature (+Spd,-Def)/Naive nature (+Spd,-SpDef)
- Silver Wind
- Thunderbolt
- Poison Jab
- Explosion/Substitute

Shinkyoku-o is frankly terrifying as a wallbreaker, 100 speed may be "slow" compared to some of the blisteringly fast threats out there but its just fast enough to out speed fully invested +speed nature base 95's allowing shingyoku-o to outspeed and obliterate many of the games bulkiest walls. Silver wind is your main stab and it hits like a runaway train loaded with high explosives when boosted by a type item. Thunderbolt picks off Nue and HEirin, 2 of the most annoying miasma's in existence if they attempt to resist shingy's faith stab. P jab snipes specially defensive behemoths Star Sapphire, Dkaguya, and APatchouli and explosion turns your opponents "safe" switchins into smoldering rubble while substitute can allow shingyoku-o to craterize potential revenge killers. Usage is simple, get in on a resisted attack, revenge kill, or slow baton pass and spam faith stab clicking coverage or boom as needed.

Options: Shingyoku can run earthquake or psycho cut to try and snipe miasma's however the damage is frankly underwhelming. Toxic is an option if you just hate bulky reasons however there are far  better users of the move.

Support: Shingy loves spikes, shingy loves spikes so hard you don't even know. Shingyoku-o hates miasma's and reasons, while it can certainly boom all over them with all its hatred its best to actually have a plan B. Thankfully most bulky miasma's are just that, bulky a solid status soak tank such as Sara, or a burn immunity such as Ad Mokou, SFlandre or ASuwako can become a pivotal ally for the little ball of doom. Reasons also give this little baller a hard case of exploding so having a solid reason stop is pretty damn useful. Finally without its nifty sub up shingy if prone to revenge killers, all of them. Have a bulky pivot.

Counters: Not much stands a chance of hard stoppign shingyoku-o without getting its face exploded off. However miasma's such as Physicly defensive Yoshika, Subseed SMedicine, and the lunasa forms can do a pretty excellent job of shutting down shingyoku. Reason types can also do a pretty good job of shutting off shingyoku, Layla in particular fears nothing Shingyoku-o can throw at it while a physically bulky Kaguya can actually survive the imminent explosion with no spikes on the field and recover off most of the damage. Finally spdef BenBen fears nothing from orby. Nothing. If all else fails just revenge the orb with..whatever.
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