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Battles and Puppet Stats
« on: June 28, 2014, 08:40:58 PM »

So, Hemo did a Broadcast this morning revealing some more game mechanics. For some parts, things are pretty much the same as Pokemon, in that you encounter Wild Puppets in tall grass. Most likely, they will also be encountered while Surfing, Fishing, and in Caves.

There are also "Trainer" battles. They'll engage you if you enter their line of sight or if you talk to them.

Wild Battle BGM: Deaf To All But The Song
Trainer Battle BGM: Old Yuanxian

Battles for the most part follow the Pokemon format: Select an action (Fight, Puppets, Items, and Run)
Fight brings you to a list of Skills to use in battle. For cReimu here, she can use a basic attack or raise her stats. The order of which any Puppet acts depends on their Speed. First side to defeat the other side wins.

Puppets brings up the party list, where you can view stats. If you have more than one Puppet in the Party, you can switch out.

Items is self-explanatory; use an item in battle. Items range from Potions to "Seals" (more like Capture Cards, amirite).

Run is also self-explanatory; escape a wild battle.

The SP in the Skill Box is the PP of the move, or how many times it can be used before it reaches 0. Needless to say, once it reaches 0, it can't be used until it is replenished.

When a battle is won or when a wild Puppet is "captured", all puppets (except for the one you just caught) in the party gain Experience, regardless of whether or not they participated in the battle. Items may also be gained.

To "capture" Puppets, the player needs a Seal (not exactly sure what it is really called). The seal takes a turn to work after use. You'll know if the seal is working when there's a red magic circle surrounding the puppet you're trying to capture. If successful, the battle ends, and you now have a new puppet. The seal can fail, however. To increase your odds of capture, use a seal the turn you're about to defeat the wild Puppet, then defeat it. Like Pokemon, you can't use a Seal once the Puppet faints, and you cannot "capture" another Trainer's Puppet.

PP in this game is another set of Experience Points. You earn them alongside EXP. However, these points are used to either learn new Skills (Moves used in battle) or allocate them to a Puppet's stats to raise your stat(s) of choice. New skills become available after leveling up or earning enough PP / stats, but they are not automatically learned. To add the Skill to a Puppet, look at their Stats and one tab should point to Skills. Learnable skills (i.e. ones not in a Puppet's current moveset) are displayed in a list displaying their name, how much PP is needed to learn the skill, its type, amount of SP, Power, Accuracy, and effect (if applicable).

In cReimu's case, she was able to learn Metal Needle; it's a Steel Type move that costs 10 PP to learn, 15 SP (meaning 15 uses), and has a Base Power of 70 (100 Accuracy). At the same time, skills can be deleted and re-learned, but at the expense of PP. The stronger the Skill, the higher the amount of PP needed to learn it.

In the video, a maximum of 64 PP can be allocated to one particular stat, but only a maximum of 130 PP total can be given to a Puppet. Sound familiar? They sort of function like Effort Values (EVs). I'm not sure if players will be able to redistribute them or be able to raise the maximum PP that can be allocated at any point.

If anything, I'll tidy this up later. Feel free to ask or add anything I may be missing.
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Re: Battles and Puppet Stats
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2014, 03:45:53 AM »
Judging by the screenshots, I may be wrong, but it looks like a large majority of UI text will be handled through images. This will make pushing a UI translation out a little easier, since there's only but so many places you can put images data-wise.
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Re: Battles and Puppet Stats
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2014, 05:58:27 AM »
Thanks for sharing the info.

The PP looks like EVs but instead of having to figure out which pokemon gives which kind you can just place them wherever you want which is really nice.