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Touhoumon Cirno
« on: April 16, 2014, 05:34:49 PM »
I figured it would be a good idea to put this here, so here goes.

I've been working on a touhoumon hack for a few years now; Touhoumon Cirno.

It's basically just Touhoumon on Ruby and it's been a while since I made any progress. However, recently I picked the rom back up and actually did something worth sharing so I figured, maybe someone would want to play it.

Here it is,
It's version 1.1 and goes all the way to the end of the game.

Some notes about the game;
It's 1.5 styled
Features Cirno, Meiling and Sanae as the starters
It's Ruby but with touhous
Double battles
Gym Leaders that have full teams for once
Team Magma
Hopefully not a terrible level curve (this remains largely untested)
It's fun (also largely untested)
Cirno is not actually a promient figurehead in the story (because I'm terrible at scripting)

And that's about it. I hope you enjoy!