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9v9 Play Mode
« on: April 12, 2014, 07:04:45 PM »
[2:55:34] &Agastya: uhh lets call it
[2:55:37] &Agastya: a late april fools day joke

So 9v9 is now a thing. It's chaotic and messy and wonderful in every way.

Since it was created like 15 minutes before this topic, you can probably guess that we have no clue as to how battles are going to work in this mode. It might be a massive stallfest, or it could be hyper offense all day every day. We honestly don't know.

So yeah come on down to shoddy and we'll all pretend that we actually care about refining an actual, serious metagame.

How to make a 9v9 team:

Making your team support 9 puppets is very easy. All you need to do is open team builder, and then go Edit<Change Team Size<9

Known issues:

  9v9 battles can only be done from find; challenging someone manually will cause an odd glitch where the battle window will only pop up for one fighter. The person who does not get the window will always be the one who accepted the challenge, and they will not be able to join through the Battles tab because the game will think they are already in the battle.
The server will also think it is a "custom" game, and will limit both teams to only 6 puppets.
  9v9 teams can be loaded into standard, but you won't actually be able to battle anyone; the server seems to ignore the fact that you are in find.
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