Author Topic: How I can add a new type and replace actual types for my hack?  (Read 1095 times)

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Right, I think this may be the last question so I won't bother you with a lot of them.

This is one of the highest doubts I have, the other things to replace and add seems to be too easy (I'm editing text with A-Text and it's pretty easy to use :)).

My doubt is about adding the new type for my hack (light), modify W/R (weakness & resistances) and replace all the original types (Normal, Fight, Poison, ...) by the 1.8x PP types (Illusn., Dream, Miasma, ...).

  • How do you add a new puppet type?: Hmm, I'm asking it again but I got confused about Hex usage and edition (tell me what I need to replace there, Hex edition is something hard to deal with), consider I want to add only the light-type :3.
  • Replace actual types?: My hack will be a 1.8x gen PP and if this need Hex knowledge explain me what I need to replace.
  • When I should apply the type split patch?: I believe I need to apply it after replacing types, or before replacing types and adding the new one?.
Oh yes, I use HxD as my hex editor. If I reach to edit credits I'll put you there!.