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Type: Fire
Ability: Natural Cure/Flame Body
Hp: 120
Atk: 120
Def: 80
Spatk: 80
Spdef: 70

So the first thing you may notice about Mokou (aside from her swag pants and the copious amounts of fire she apparently keeps in her pockets) is that she has that oh so wonderful combination of 120 hp and 120 atk STAB flare blitz. Her utility doesn't end at simply spamming fiery death tackles though, mono fire typing grants nifty resistances to steel, nature, and fire along with the holy grail of physical attackers, burn immunity! In addition to this Natural cure allows Mokou to soak pretty much any status for your team. All this combined with 120/80/70 bulk, Wilo Wisp, reliable recovery in Recover and Restcure, a nifty boosting move in Bulk Up and a surprisingly fast 90 base speed tier make Mokou one hell of an offensive pivot and bulky attacker. Anywho Sets.

The Fat and the Furious
Mokou @ Leftovers
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 Atk/192 Spd/64 SpDef
Jolly nature (+Spd,-SpAtk)
- Bulk Up
- Recover
- Earthquake
- Flare Blitz

Standard Bulk Up Mokou. Usage is simple, come in on a status move or a weak/resisted hit and proceed to either set up, pivot out, or simply blast away. With jolly 192 Spd she outpaces fully invested neutral nature base 95's (HEirin, D Alice, AFlandre) and 252 atk lets her hit shockingly hard after a single bulk up, 64 Spdef simply buffs her weaker defensive stat though you can dump into hp or def if you really like. It may be tempting to swap flare blitz out for the weaker but non recoil inducing Blaze Kick however the loss in damage is extremely noticeable. Fire/earth coverage hits everything but non grounded faith types for at least neutral damage and recover is recover. Bulk up is bulk up and lets you boost on stuff. Natural cure lets you win against any number of annoying walls such as Yoshika and Lily White so while flame body has that haxy burn chance its almost always better to keep the pseudo status immunity.

Spicy Bloomers
Mokou (M) @ Special Bloomers
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd,-SpAtk)
- Earthquake
- Flare Blitz
- Pursuit
- Rest

Having a bulky band user with pseudo status immunity, utility in Pursuit, and longevity in restcure. Plus the whole third gen pursuit not locking you into a choiced move if the opponent swaps out allows for some truly fun tricks like pursuiting your opponents special wall and then resting off the damage before you swap out.

Options:If your running speed pass or para support Mokou can run adamant 252 speed for maximum imbalanced wall breaking.  Mokou can also choce to run a gothic outfit on either set to boost her power without the need to choice lock. She can also run a bulky 2 attacks recover WoW set to play pure pivot. Past that her tiny move pool rears its ugly head as her coverage options are both limited and frankly useless.

Support: Bulky water and earth resists are obviously a necessity when running AdMokou. Thankfully the star forms and DKayuga exist meaning that you can form a pretty nifty core out of Mokou, nature/water, steel. Spike support is nice and base 90 speed is perfect for picking up a +1 speed boost!

Checks and Counters:Seiga, Genja, Reimu and Tenma resist, immune, or simply dont care about all of Mokous moves and can proceed to set up on her face. Likewise HStar Sapphire, TToyohime and physically defensive DKayuga can avoid the 2 hit KO with ease as long as spikes are off the field and ohko with powerful water moves after recoil on Mokou. Hard hitting Physical earths such as ATenshi can also either force Mokou out or revenge her with rock Bullet. In terms of AdMokou's checks, Fast and powerful attackers such as SKomachi and AKeine can revenge kill Mokou but are either crippled or deaded by Flare blitz on the switchin. However defensive checks to Mokou such as D Tenshi can force her out can be worn down rather quickly by spikes + flare blitz damage and can actually be set up on with bulk up if their not packing phasing.
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