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Type: Ice/Flying
Ability: Speed Boost/Guts
Hp: 70
Atk: 105
Def: 65
Spatk: 125
Spdef: 30
Spd: 105

Cirno's combination of Speed Boost, 105/125 mixed offensive stats, Ice/Flying STAB, and an absurd coverage move pool give her a pretty nifty niche as one of the most terrifyign late game cleaners in touhoumon shoddy despite her near negative spdef and deathly fear of blade flash. so ya stuff.

All Out Attacker
Cirno @ Thick Fur
Ability: Speed Boost
EVs: 120 Atk/136 Spd/252 SpAtk
Rash nature (+SpAtk,-SpDef)
- Ice Beam
- Nature Power
- Detect/Ice Shard
- Double Edge/Poison Jab/Superpower

Simple set is simple and effective, Ice beam is your main sweeping move, Nature Power picks off bulky waters not named H Eirin (Who still takes 50%) while providing perfect neutral coverage. Superpower wastes specially defensive heart types who try to wall you with bulk. Double Edge+ Ice beam KO's Sariel, D Miko, and BenBen on the switchin while P jab + ice beam takes out the Star forms and DKayuga. Detect and ice shard are just there to give you that +1 speed to start things off. 252 Spatk + Rash + thick fur lets you dent pretty much everything with ice beam and raises nature power's damage to absurd levels while the 136 speed allows you to outpace Adamant base 90's by 1 point before speed boost, and 120 Atk lets you hit as hard as possible on the physical side. I chose rash nature because Cirno's Spdef is so pathetic that she dies to resisted giga drains anyways.

Options: Cirno's coverage pool is absolutely enormous so feel free to slap on w/e your team needs. As for alternate sets you can run both a physical band or Endure Petaya special set on Cirno either one can do work however she's generaly outclassed in those roles by mons such as TAya and SWriggle. But hey if your team needs a fast Ice bander wynaut.

Support: Cirno works best on balanced and semi stall hazard teams as she REALLY wants the full 3 layers of spikes in order to clean effectively. If you actually feel like using her early/mid game you'll want slow baton pass (Ad Alice, the star forms, or Ruukoto work well here) as her bulk is frankly non existent. Plus giving Cirno +1/+2 Spatk is pretty cool

Checks and Counters: As far as counters go very few mons can repeatedly swap into Cirno due to her absurd power, mixed coverage and blazing speed however Louize, Yoshika, H Eirin, Kisume, and Sara can take any hit Cirno throws out and simply KO the little fairy in response (though you'll want to watch out for the nature power if spikes are up with H Eirin). In terms of checks Cirno is much easier to handle. Blade flash in general makes her run for her little fairy life making Mrs PursuitFlash aka Yumeko the perfect offensive and defensive check to Cirno. Additionally Cirno can actually be checked to an extent by simply rapid spinning effectively as again she really needs residual damage to lock in OHKO's on just about every Spdef tank in the game.
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