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HP:           80
Atk:          50
Def:          95
SpA:          120
SpD:          115
Spe:          80

Abilities: {Sand Veil; Guard Armor}

Behold Tenma. Aka God.

I really shouldn't have to explain why this tori in particular is so dangerously powerful and too high skill, but I'll do my best to fortify your opinion of this mighty beast. (For the sake of argument, though, I'm just going to assume that Tenma is female.)

Tenma can perform literally every single orthodox role in the metagame (except for physical sweeper) through a combination of her amazing base stat total and stat spread, large and diverse movepool, and an exclusive typing shared only by one other touhoumon.

For all sets, either Ability is fine. Sand Veil is obviously more useful if Sandstorm(Read: Suika) is relevant, otherwise Guard Armor is very good as increased Critical Ratio moves are no less than common and with a staggering chance of 25% to proc a critical hit. However, you may want to consider using Guard Armor over Sand Veil even in Sandstorm on any set that utilizes Mana Charge aka Calm Mind.

Standard Support:
Item: Leftovers/Lum Berry
Nature: Calm/Bold
EVs: 248 HP/252 SpD/8 Spe
-Thunder Wave/Spikes/Reflect/Light Screen
-Air Slash/Twister/Gale/Ancientpower

The sheer amount of options available to Tenma speaks for itself. A standard set composed of Whirlwind/Roost/Thunder Wave/Air Slash tends to find the most utility, though this does not detract from the viability of any of her other moves. The item choice between Leftovers and Lum Berry is fairly standard and not an exception for Tenma, go with Lum Berry if status is a problem for you and you are not running Substitute, else go with Leftovers.

Whirlwind is simply a useful tool for a variety of situations, phazing away setup sweepers that you cannot directly harm and hopefully causing entry hazard damage, or used in conjunction with Thunder Wave to spread paralysis to the opposing team. Roost is there to heal off damage sustained over time, increasing Tenma's longevity as your opponent despairs in anguish in the face of Tenma. In the last slot, Air Slash is a good STAB option with a handy 30% flinch rate that, when used against a paralyzed opponent, can cause them to be unable to move for about half of its turns. However, Gale is also an option if your team is in dire need of priority moves and Ancientpower is Tenma's strongest move in terms of damage output on a neutral hit with also a 20% chance to raise Tenma's weaker defense stat, though base 95 is by no means bad. If none of these moves suit your needs, Tenma has a huge attack movepool with extensive coverage consisting of but not limited to Tri-attack, Mana Burst, Silver Wind/Extrasensory, Sonicboom, Heat Wave, and Shadow Ball.

As Tenma is immune to Spikes damage, she can be a great user of Twister in the event that your team requires someone to clear entry hazards on your side of the field. Symmetrically, as if it weren't enough, since Tenma is immune to Twister as well, she can run Spikes herself, preferrably over Thunder Wave if you wish for Tenma to be your spiker of choice. Substitute can be used over Roost if you expect the opponent to be throwing status moves at you, though Roost is often more reliable. Either of Reflect, Light Screen, or another attack can be used as well if your team doesn't prioritize Thunder Wave or Spikes.

By virtue of her semi-unique dual Flying/Earth typing, Tenma is immune to both Earth and Wind as well as resistant to Fire, Beast, Dream, and Miasma while being weak to Steel, Water, and Ice. Due to this, she can also function as a physical wall utilizing the defensive advantages of her typing. In this case, it would be preferrable to invest some EVs from SpD to Def and if necessary, change the nature to Bold.

Mana Charge Tenma:
Item: Leftovers/Lum Berry
Nature: Modest
EVs: 248 HP/252 SpA/8 Spe
-Mana Charge
-Air Slash

Sub CM. This set is simple yet deadly. Come in on an advantageous matchup and set up with either Substitute or Mana Charge, then simply sweep with the most suitable attack. Substitute allows for scouting the opponent's reaction and, if an immediate threat poses itself, Tenma can simply hit it hard with either of its STABs off of its sick base 120 SpA and/or wait for a better opportunity to set up and sweep, when the most bothersome opponents have been eliminated. Roost is an alternative to Substitute if Toxic or super effective physical attacks from faster opponents are not relevant. Ancientpower and Air Slash are your STAB moves of choice, with Ancientpower providing a 20% chance to boost your Def and Air Slash providing a 30% chance to cause your opponent to flinch. (Both are pretty useful.)

As with the Support set, Tenma has a huge auxiliary movepool from which it can choose a coverage move in lieu of Air Slash, Ancientpower or Substitute. Very few touhoumons(Read: Aya) resist Tenma's destructive dual STAB combination, however, it is viable to run another attacking move to hit certain touhoumons super effectively and also that neither Air Slash nor AncientPower have perfect accuracy. Options include but are not limited to Sonicboom, which nails Aya and other Flying-types minus Utsuho for super effective damage as well as many Dark-types along with Silver Wind/Extrasensory, or Tri-Attack or Mana Burst, which can be used to hit different Reason-types for super effective damage though do note that a STAB Ancientpower hits as hard as a super effective Mana Burst and more than a super effective Tri-Attack, at the cost of accuracy.

A more offensive EV spread of 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe with either a Modest or Timid nature is completely fine and preferred over the listed spread in many situations, as outspeeding the opponent as well as gaining a potential 30% chance to flinch with Air Slash is no laughing matter. In this case, its possible to ignore Substitute and go for a completely offensive Mana Charge set with 3 attacks. Though, you might also want to consider Lum Berry if this is the case.

Salac Berry is also viable with a preferred EV spread of 12 HP/244 SpA/252 Spe with a Timid nature if Substitute is not forgone.

Agility Tenma:
Item: Lum Berry/Leftovers/Petaya Berry/Any Type Boosting item
Nature: Modest/Timid
EVs: 248 HP/252 SpA/8 Spe
-Air Slash
-Sonicboom/Mana Burst/Roost

With one turn of setup, even at naked speed, Agility boosts Tenma's speed to such that Tenma outspeeds the rest of the touhoumons at +0. As with the Mana Charge set, a more offensive EV spread of 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe with either a Modest or Timid nature is very useful as well if you cannot afford to find many situations to set up Agility and need to punch a hole in some opposing touhoumon.

Though this set lacks the raw power of the aforementioned, one should not underestimate the power of God, as +0 Ancientpower off her base 120 SpA will hit very hard, even KOing certain opponents regardless of Spikes damage or not (and some after Spikes damage, of course.) Air Slash compliments Ancientpower nicely and hits Beast and Nature-types who resist Ancientpower, along with giving a 30% flinch rate that will often be helpful with Tenma's blazing post-Agility speed.

On the last slot, either a coverage move from Tenma's vast collection of moves or Roost is preferable. Roost will keep Tenma alive and giving her more chances to set up while a coverage move can be used to compensate for the lack of direct power by hitting foes super effectively.

For item choice, again, Lum Berry is preferred here to avoid status although do note that Tenma is immune to Thunder Wave and neither Poison nor Burn reduces Tenma's damage output per turn. However, she can still be paralyzed by other means though and incapacitated by Sleep or Freeze. Leftovers is still an item to consider however, if you dont expect to need to deal with status or increase Tenma's already strong damage. Petaya Berry is especially useful if you have eliminated the opposing team's priority users and have managed to proc the +1 SpA bonus.

Other Stuff:
Tenma can RestTalk but its generally not a very strong option and other mons easily outclass her in that regard. I would list counters and whatnot but that mostly converges to watching out for super effective moves, in particular, physical, aimed at Tenma. Unforunately, Tenma can do little to stop a boosted tailwind/swords dance sweeper capable of using STAB Steel, Water, or Ice moves aside from picking off weakened ones with Gale. Steel is very common as an attacking type though not so much Water and Ice, though both are still relevant. Ancientpower hits very hard and can easily KO Steels on the switch. It's unfortunate that Tenma doesn't have Earth Power, but that would be too broken anyways and you should be satisfied that you are already playing with God.
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