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Defense Daiyousei
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Defense Daiyousei
Type: Nature/Wind
Abilities: Serene Grace/Natural Cure
Base Stats:
HP: 80
Attack: 40
Defense: 70
Speed: 50
Special Attack: 80
Special Defense: 160

Daiyousei is one of the most effective special walls in the game simply because of her excellent typing and massive special defense stat. While she lacks a perfectly reliable recovery move, she does get Wish, which means that she can also support her teammates if need be. Defense Daiyousei's typing makes her only weak to Fire, Miasma, and Ice type moves. While Fire moves are uncommon, the same cannot be said for Miasma and Ice type moves, so be wary of this when building a team with Daiyousei on it. Daiyousei is also fairly slow - there are some very fast tanks in the game, and unfortunately, Defense Daiyousei is not one of them. She does get a bit of utility in the form of Thunder Wave, so that helps her out a lot. All in all, Defense Daiyousei is a very viable option for a special tank as long as you have a method of dealing with her weaknesses.

As for her ability, you should always pick Natural Cure, as you likely won't be using attack moves with bonus effects anyway; leave Serene Grace to Attack Daiyousei. Natural Cure allows her to remove annoying statuses such as burn or Toxic, and switch back in cleanly. As Toxic is extremely effective against tanks, Natural Cure is easily your best bet.

Special Tank
-Giga Drain
-Thunder Wave/Encore
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Calm (+SpDef, -Atk)
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 HP/252 SpDef/4 SpAtk

You see that big threatening special sweeper wanting to ruin your day? Switch Defense Daiyousei in and let her do her thing. Wish is important since it's Daiyousei's recovery move and, as stated earlier, can also give health to her teammates. Daiyousei also benefits from STAB Giga Drain, granting her extra survivability. Detect allows you to Wish and then gain health without any fear of opposition. Aeroblast is also a fine option if you want to utilize Daiyousei's second STAB, but Detect is usually a better option. Running Aeroblast over Giga Drain is a bad idea since Earth types will be able to walk all over you. Anyway, Daiyousei's last move is usually Thunder Wave or Encore. Either option will undoubtedly enrage your opponent, as Thunder Wave neuters any fast non-Earth sweeper and Encore locks your opponent into one move, and locking them into the wrong move may cost them a few valuable turns or force them to switch.

Other options for Daiyousei include Leech Seed and Smile. Smile can be used as your opponent switches out to their physical sweeper, and it shuts them down if used correctly. Leech Seed, much like Encore and Thunder Wave, is an excellent annoyance move that should definitely be considered. While Selfdestruct is funny, it won't do much as Daiyousei has this pitiful base 40 attack stat. Other fairies make bigger explosions, so use those instead if you like exploding fairies.

Counters: Defense Daiyousei has a few. Advent Mokou is a good example of a physical sweeper that packs a super effective STAB move that will likely KO Daiyousei. Speed Yamame is another great example, as it takes a Giga Drain for neutral damage, and usually packs STAB Poison Jab. Said Poison Jab, coming from a Jolly Speed Yamame, will do around 306-360 damage, which won't OHKO Daiyousei, but will severely maim her. Mimi-chan will also be able to switch in onto a Giga Drain and force her out, since Mimi-chan's STAB Flare Blitz hits like a train. Basically, anything faster than Daiyousei with a super effective STAB physical attack will probably kill it.
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