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« on: June 16, 2012, 10:07:43 PM »
Note: This is now a WIP. Way back then, I didn't know that Energy Ball was a viable option, probably because of its lame accuracy.

Type: Reason/Ice
Abilities: Soundproof
Base Stats:
HP: 85
Atk: 80
Def: 70
Spd: 120
SpAtk: 125
SpDef: 80

This is Yumemi. A first look at her Base stats reveals that she is indeed a fast and powerful Special Sweeper. Even with Set-up moves absent from her movepool, she packs all of the tools required to make an impact on the opposing team. Yumemi also has a wonderful ability in the form of Soundproof, giving her immunities to some dangerous moves; Sonicboom, Perish Song, and Performance are a few notable examples of moves that would otherwise give Yumemi some unwanted troubles. However, like every other puppet in this game, she does have her fair share of weaknesses. Reason and Ice typing, while terrific offensively, is absolutely dreadful defensively, allowing many puppets to come in on a resisted move and harass her arguably most fatal weakness: Steel. A Steel type weakness makes her especially vulnerable to Blade Flash, common users of this move include Attack Komachi, Yumeko, and Momiji, the former of which makes fun of Yumemi's STAB combination. Her average 85/70/80 defenses don't really help much to sponge hits either. Despite these minor shortcomings easily solved with proper team mates, Yumemi has proven time and again to be a dangerous top tier, quick and easy to use Special Sweeper. Underestimate this final boss from the Outside World at your own Peril.

Substitute + 3 Attacks
-Mana Burst/Luster Purge
-Ice Beam
-Energy Ball/Fire Blast/Signal Beam/Ominous Wind
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Timid (+Spe,-Atk)
Ability: Soundproof
EVs: 4 HP/252 Spe/252 SpAtk

The idea is, like with most other sweepers, is to bring her in on one of her in on something that doesn't really threaten her (good luck with that) or alternatively on the Revenge Kill, set up a Substitute on a predicted switch, then attack with what will likely dish out the most damage. Substitute temporarily covers for her abysmal defensive typing, and allows for work to be safely done with her near perfect neutral coverage. As mentioned in the Overview, Reason and Ice is a fantastic offensive STAB combination, resisted only by a handful of puppets. Mana Burst and Ice Beam are reliable choices, but you can run Luster Purge if you feel good about the 80 Accuracy. I recommend you stay away from Blizzard, since I personally don't want to have to play dice with any attack lower than 80 accuracy. The last attack is up to preference, and possibly which will be more useful for the team. Most will run Energy Ball for its superb coverage versus Steels and Hearts; two types that actually threaten Yumemi. Some will run Fire Blast to take care of incoming Steels, and grants a little more SE coverage on many puppets, including one notable puppet that will otherwise resist Yumemi's STAB combination: Sakuya. A Fire Blast from Yumemi inflicts a minimum of 309 damage to Sakuya, which always OHKOs assuming Sakuya hasn't invested in HP. TSakuya is OHKOed a good majority of the time, further guaranteed by Spikes Damage, and HSakuya is brought to her knees at best. Signal Beam is pretty cool if you don't like Dark Types getting all up in your grill. Ominous Wind does slightly more damage when used Super effectively, and has a haxxy chance to raise all of your stats by 1 stage. A good excuse to use Ominous Wind is if you were paranoid of Murasa, god forbid.

I'm glad you asked; there are many things capable of sponging Yumemi's assaults. There is a very small handful of puppets that resist the Reason/Ice combination, and those puppets are Attack Komachi, the Sakuya forms, and more importantly, the Murasa forms. Murasa is a full stop to any Yumemi without Ominous Wind, and even then, it's not going to 2HKO Defense Murasa. Sakuya is not fast enough to take on Yumemi, and risks having its life ended by any of the moves in the 4th slot, so it's very dangerous. Attack Komachi resists the combination as well. Fearing only Fire Blast from Yumemi (which is a safe 2HKO), she can easily come in on the STAB moves, and proceed to OHKO Yumemi with Drawn Line, or 2HKO with Blade Flash. It should be noted that Attack Komachi falls just short of OHKOing Yumemi with Blade Flash after Substitute Damage, or by the same token, 3 layers of Spikes damage. Things like Youki, Advent Reisen, or Lyrica (with Shadow Ball) can come in on a predicted Mana Burst and scare Yumemi away, however Youki needs to be wary of Fire Blast, especially if Yumemi is behind her cozy Substitute. Speed Youmu can do the same thing that Youki can, however, she will have to gamble on the Speed Tie. In the department of Revenge Killing, Yumemi is just one of many puppets on Mimi-chan's hit list; if Yumemi isn't behind a Substitute, Mimi-chan will skyrocket itself into Yumemi's face with a Super Effective Flare Blitz. A Modest Speed Lily Black can play a game of "Defend or Counter" with Yumemi, but requires top-level prediction, and also assumes Yumemi isn't already behind a Substitute. I'm sure there are many Special Walls that are capable of giving Yumemi a rough time, but they should be pretty straightforward (Defense Daiyousei and Advent Alice are still noteworthy).
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