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Type: Faith/Dark
Ability: Pressure/Magic Barrier
Hp: 80
Atk: 70
Def: 70
SpAtk: 120
SpDef: 140
Spd: 80

Yes your reading this right, 80/70/140bulk with 120 special attack, dark/faith STAB, and a solid base 80 speed tier. Angel of death is angel of death x.x.

Set: CM Until you Crit (Offensive CM)
Sariel (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 200 HP/240 Spd/68 SpAtk
Timid nature (+Spd,-Atk)
- Calm Mind
- Recover
- Dark Pulse/Charminglook
- Silver Wind/Extrasensory

Sariel is quite simply the best calm mind user in the game bar none. With 240 speed timid she outruns fully invested neutral nature base 90's allowing her to simply blast away many would be revenge killers or simply pick out a nifty +1 speed boost from somewhere and outrun absolutely everything. With 200 HP she is capable of pressure stalling out silly things like timid Yumemi luster purge or timid Dark Alice Mana burst's while living blade flashes with ease. Calm mind is the crux of the set boosting Sariel's godly 140 base special defense into the heavens while beefing up her nifty 120 base special attack. Recover works well with pressure and provides reliable recovery allowing Sariel to capitalize on her beefy bulk and myriad resistances to stall out powerful but low PP attacks and even play special wall to an extent while ensuring that Sariel will always triumph in calm mind wars barring an unfortunate crit. Dark pulse and silver wind give Sariel the dreaded and nearly unresisted dark/faith dual stab combination. Its worth noting that Sariel can sacrifice her dark STAB to go monoattacking charminglook allowing her to dodge both phasing and status from dedicated special walls.

Set: That Almost Stung!
Sariel (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP/52 Spd/104 SpAtk/100 SpDef
Calm nature (+SpDef,-Atk)
- Dark Pulse/Charminglook
- Extrasensory/Silver Wind
- Recover
- Whirlwind/Twister/Calm Mind

Dark/Faith typing is a fantastic specially defensive typing resisting dark, dream, water, fire, wind, and illusion while packing a nifty ghost immunity allowing Sariel to wall a large portion of the games special attackers. The given EV's allow Sariel to come in on anything special not named Luster Purge and simply recover off the damage. Dark/Faith dual stab is still amazing and recover is recover. The last moveslot depends on your teams needs, whirlwind is nifty phazing to stop fast setup sweepers, charming look allows Sariel to stallbreak other walls while avoiding status while still shutting down slow calm minders and twister can keep your side of the field spike free. The 52 speed EV's are just my personal preference as they put Sariel into a range where a +2 speed pass will allow her to outrun the entire unboosted metagame while allowing her to outrun the many many speed creepers in the game.

Sariel cannot take strong physical hits so a physical wall is obviously needed to complete any core utilizing her Helper Star Sapphire packs a nifty resistance to beast and steel and a steel of your own can round things out with both a reason resistances and a miasma immunity of your own. Sariel also loves both +1 and +2 speed boosts so she can provide solid support for and benefit from the games many offensive baton passers. Finally as a bulky wall/attacker thing Sariel suffers greatly from spikes and status so cleric support and spin support (If she's not packing twister) are both greatly appreciated

You can drop the speed and Spatk investment on Sariels bulky wall set in order to buff Sariels physical bulk with a 252 hp/156 def/100 spdef calm spread which allows her to live things like 252 atk mimi-chan double edge or avoid the 2 hit Ko from mistress AFlan thrash and banded AdMokou flare blitz allowing her to better abuse her nifty defensive typing however by doing so you sacrifice much of Sariels offensive presence. Past that you can run Icy Wind to hit Z Fairy or Light screen to tank ...fuck if I know she isn't even OHKO'd by Modest Dark Alice Luster Purge. Adding more Spdef on top of that just seems like overkill. Adding coverage seems like overkill.

Counters: Is it special? Its not a counter. No really 252+ SpA Dark-Alice Luster Purge vs. +1 252 HP / 252+ SpD Sariel: 174-206 (47.8 - 56.59%) -- 35.16% chance to 2HKO. You are not killing this with special attacks. Physical beast/Steel/Reason/Faith attackers can scare Sariel out however they're easily ruined by a silver wind on the switch unless they're packing some mad special bulk. Konngara is fittingly Sariels best counter, High special def and STAB steel moves off of a nasty base attack can and will force Sariel out every time. Likewise Suika, Mamizou, TByakuren, and the Aki Sisters can easily manage Sariel. Toxic stalling is also an option if you've found out Sariel isn't packing charminglook. Oh and Z Fairy i guess. (Die in a fire Z Fairy)
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