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Type: Faith/Dark
Ability: Levitate/Pressure
Spd: 95

Pass through walls by leaving holes in them, pass through teams by leaving holes in them. Seiga is evil no matter what set she runs and boy oh boy can she run a mix of em. First of all Dark/Faith is an odd typing, while seiga is weak to beast/steel/reason/faith she resists dark/fire/water/wind/dream/illusion and is immune to earth and ghost meaning she takes less than neutral or no damage from almost half of the moves in the game. Combine that with near perfect coverage in 2 moves and immunity to spikes, and seiga would be more than useable even without her amazing movepool. Speaking of movepool, seiga has been around for quite a while and unlike poor youki she's just gotten cannier with age. Seriously its actually shorter to list the support options she lacks >_< (No reliable healing, cannot burn or freeze, cannot perish trap or phase, cannot baton pass). So ya, sets.

Nasty Sub
Seiga @ Leftovers/Salac Berry
Ability: Levitate
EV's: 252 Spatk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp
Timid nature (+Spd/-Atk)
-Nasty plot
-Extrasensory/Silver Wind
-Hyper Beam/Dark Pulse

Remember the part where seiga takes less than neutral damage from a whopping 8 types? Feel free to set up a sub on any of those get yourself a nasty plot or hit the incoming counter hard Seiga's stab coverage is resisted by only 3 puppets (Lunasa, Helper Lunasa, Layla). After a nasty plot even the mighty D daiyousei can be 2 hit KOed by hyper beam. Leftovers are the mainstay item here as seiga is easily forced out once her sub is gone by several common types and with her natural bulk and resistances she plays a very solid pivot early game however you can run modest + salac if your into the yoloswag and fear no blade flash.

Bulky CM
Seiga @ leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Ev's Hp 216/Spd 136/Spa 156
Nature: Timid (+Spd/-Atk)
-Calm Mind
-Dark Pulse/Hyper Beam
-Silver Wind/Extrasensory

With the given EV's Seiga will outspeed jolly A suwako by 2 points and standard H erin by 1 point along with neutral nature base 90's in general, this set chooses to focus more on seiga's role as a solid offensive pivot than as a late game sweeper while still allowing her to hit really damn hard. At +2 seiga's sub can survive even stupidly strong strong resisted hits such as modest max attack T toyo surf so bulky seiga can be considerably easier to set up than her nasty counterpart against teams that lack dedicated special phasers. Silver wind is preferred over hyper beam as the "strong" stab due to its ability to really mess up potential swap ins being more valuable to slowseiga than the -1 spedef drop.

Seiga @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Ev's: 216 Spd/ 252 Spa/ 32 hp/8 spdef
Nature: Timid
-Hyper Beam/Dark Pulse
-Silver Wind/Extrasensory

Earth, Steel, Miasma. Steel, Dream, Ghost. Fire, Water, Reason. Etc Etc Etc, many coverage combinations in touhoumon have only 1 way to hit Seiga for any real damage, so just scout with a sub and disable that POS then throw a sub up and threaten absolutely everything.Force switches, build up spikes damage, be evil. maxed out special attack hurts thigns, 216 speed outruns fully invested +speed nature base 90's and lets you avoid speed ties with other timid base 95's because sub disable speed ties are the worst speed ties, 32 hp ev's are just there to buff your subs a bit, the 8 points in spdef are just leftovers, do w/e with em

Support: Seiga forces a lot of swapping about with all of her sets with sub disable in particular requiring top level prediction to break down quickly so spikes are always nifty and she really loves wish support. Both a strong steel type and a strong steel resistance can be used in conjunction with Seiga to form a highly effective core. (Oh look an excuse to use Kongarra and star sapphire forms) Due to her lack of recovery the bulky and sub disable sets adore wish supporters and there's always the option of baton passing her something mean.

Options: Seiga's CM and nasty plot sets are somewhat interchangeable and she can drop sub for reflect or better coverage on her bulky set if your really confident that your other 5 can handle her weaknesses. From there seiga has a bit of mew syndrome seriously the skys the limit, everything from dual screens to toxic stalling is useable (though I'm not sure about viable) so feel free to play with it.

Counters: With her sub down Seiga is vulnerable to being revenge killed by almost any physical beast/faith/reason/steel move while blade flash ends any salac berry shenanigans quite quickly. With a sub up dedicated special walls/bulky attackers that can either phase or have 2 moves to break seiga's sub with are a hard stop for any set not at +2 special attack. Konngara, Yoshika, and specially defensive D Mokou can all come in on the sub and whirlwind or force her out while Youki, Chen, and Rikako are examples of solid revenge killers. Layla however is probably Seiga's best counter, she can outspeed Seiga, resist her stab combination, and threaten a stab SE mana burst, Plus she comes with some serious special bulk and synchronize to prevent toxic shenanigans.
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