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Attack Lily Black
« on: August 15, 2013, 06:57:43 PM »

Attack Lily Black
Type- Dark
Ability: Guts
Base Stats: 70 HP, 130 Attack, 70 Defense, 40 Special Attack, 60 Special Defense, 110 Speed

Swords Dance
Item: Mistress Outfit/Bridal Gown
Ability: Guts
Nature: Jolly (+Speed, -SpAtk)
EVs: 4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed
- Giga Impact/Outrage
- Extremespeed
- Swords Dance
- Double-Edge/Steel Wing

This set is rather straight-forward, as Attack Lily Black doesn't have very much to play with. Go with Giga Impact or Outrage for STAB, depending on preference- Giga Impact has higher BP and misses less often, but will cause ALB to kill herself if she does miss or hits a Ghost. Heart Break exists but isn't worth using due to its mediocre BP. Extremespeed gives you priority, which is very helpful when combined with Swords Dance for cleaning injured teams. Double-Edge rounds out the set by preventing Ghosts from walling you- Steel Wing is an option if opposing Darks are a bigger problem, but it has disappointing BP.

Attack Lily Black's strength lies in her ability to fill many roles- she serves as a status absorber, a sweeper, and a wall-breaker with one set. She is not the best at any of these however- if you just want one of these roles filled, consider a cleric, Attack Remilia, or Attack Flandre for them, respectively. She also suffers from mediocre bulk, which means she won't have many chances to execute her jobs- Double-Edge's recoil and the burn damage she'll hopefully be taking compound this.

Other Options

You can choose to forego Swords Dance and hold a Choice Band instead- this is viable but requires very skilled predictions as most of her moves have immunities. She also has a wide physical movepool, but most of it isn't very good. Waterfall is an option but is only really good for picking on Rin (who is a target to come in on anyway to absorb Wisp). Substitute exists but isn't that great since you don't want it to block status. Psycho Cut, Heart Break, Selfdestruct, and Facade can be used if you like being walled by Ghosts. Shadow Hit gives you another option to hit Ghosts, and works better against most Yuyuko forms than Double-Edge, but has underwhelming power otherwise and leaves you walled cold by Mima. Rapid Spin could be used in a pinch but there are much more reliable users of it. Rage is inferior to Swords Dance unless you're running a hit and run Band set (and unfortunately doesn't work on Shoddy).

Attack Lily Black's status movepool mostly consists of moves that are outclassed on her by Outrage. Don't use her special attacks.

Team Support

Attack Lily Black serves better as support herself for teams that dislike status. Things that bait Burn are ideal- clerics are not. Having allies that can handle Ghosts (especially Youki) makes her life much easier.

Checks and Counters

Youki and Speed Youmu shut down any set hard if they can get in without taking Double-Edge. Darks in general are annoying if not carrying Steel Wing. Strong STAB Blade Flash users can cut her down, but have to be wary of a potentially boosted Extremespeed. If she's using Giga Impact, Detect can be lethal- as is switching a Ghost in.
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