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[WIP]Technical Byakuren
« on: August 15, 2013, 09:24:17 AM »
WIP - Lack of proper grammar (Capitalization, incorrectly spelled names), lack of bolding, Shoddy format for sets not used. HEAVY Lack of information on Counters.

Type: Faith/Reason
Ability: Barrier/InnerFocus
Hp: 80

That attack, that bulk, that movepool, that typing @_@. T Byakuren just has Threat written all over her (Well no she has that nifty technicolor scroll but still) Anywho set.

SD/Bulk up Sweeper

(Technical Byakuren) (M) @ Lum (All) Berry
Ability: Magic Barrier
EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Adamant nature (+Atk,-SpAtk)
- Extremespeed
- Sacred Fire
- Swords Dance/Bulk Up
- Zen Headbutt

Usage: Abuse T Byakuren's gratuitous special bulk and myriad resistances to set up a swords dance or a bulk up and then go for a sweep late game. Sacredfire/Espeed/Zen Headbutt give near perfect coverage, missing out on only Layla and Z fairy (Fuck Z fairy) E speed is your main sweeping move Sacredfire/Zen Heatbutt are mainly used to wreck shop on something slower and can be spammed freely any time you find Byakuren in play early game to dish out heavy damage. Keep in mind though that this puppet is 100% a late game sweeper, setting up early game will often end in disaster as many of Byakurens counters are highly offensive puppets that you do NOT want to give free turns.

Support: Spikes, Byakuren needs spikes like no other as she will often barely miss the ohko without them. The more residual damage you can rack up the more likely Byakuren is to sweep. S Yamame makes a great partner for Byakuren's SD set since she can baton pass that nifty tailwind boost to allow Byakuren to outspeed absolutely everything and packs a nifty stab earthquake + Steel fist combination to threaten many of Byakuren's counters away and get the pass off. (continued after counters)

Checks and counters:
I'm going to divvy this up into tailpass and non tailpass for simplicities sake.

Tailpass: Magic stones, Alice, Z fairy, Layla, and Def Hatate can all live 1 hit and ohko Byakuren and Yamame even at +3 attack, while a Modest Speed lilly black can protect for speed boost and put Byakuren into priority range with a stab dark pulse.

Straight up SD/Bulk up:
In addition to being walled by the bulky reason types that plague the tail pass strategy a slow Byakuren can be revenge killed or forced out by a mixed bag of the most frightening offensive puppets in the game, The Remilia and Flandre forms both out speed and OHKO Byakuren and Youki/Youmu can maim even +1/+1 defensive bulk up variants. On the special side Dark Alice can fire off hyper beams and mana bursts all day long and Seiga can grab a free sub on the predicted swap and just go to town on your entire team.

Support 2 Why would you ever run this thing if she has so many counters? Well. Look at Byakurens counters, then back at me, then back at her counters, now look at your type charts, yup every single one of them is weak or neutral to heart and many of them can be hard stopped by the superior maid Yumeko. Additionally many of Byakuren's counters are redundant with each other, so its highly unlikely that you will ever face more than 2 on any given team and with her counters gone and spikes up T Byakuren can destroy teams all on her own.

Options: Byakuren can run bulk investment to try and set up more boosts without too much trouble or use a jolly nature to get the jump on adamant/modest base 100's though I personally prefer to keep as much power on E speed as possible and I just do not enjoy being slower than adamant A suwako. She can also run bulky/fast band sets.
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Re: T Byakuren
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2013, 03:03:10 PM »
Fire Punch can be run on her in order to hit Helper Sakuya and Zombie Fairy, but outside of that, it has little usefulness. Focus Punch hits Steel-Types switching in really hard, while needing prediction, it could be useful.

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Re: [WIP]Technical Byakuren
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2013, 01:40:40 AM »
Prettied things up and make the counters section more obvious