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Speed Youmu
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Speed Youmu
Type: Ghost/Steel
Abilities: Inner Focus/Early Bird
Base Stats:
HP: 85
Attack: 105
Defense: 90
Speed: 120
Special Attack: 70
Special Defense: 60

Youmu's speed form doesn't hit quite as hard as her standard form, having only 105 base attack instead of a more menacing 120, but she is loads faster. This speed makes her a powerful revenge killer. Also, she potentially has the capacity to tear through enemy teams if she ever gets a Swords Dance up. One of her other strong points is that she has access to STAB Shadow Dance, which is essentially a Ghost-type Outrage-like move. Defensively, her 85/90/60 defenses mean that she can probably take a couple neutrally effective physical moves, but likely can't stand a single special attack. In addition to this, Speed Youmu, and her other forms as well, are weak to one of the most common attacking types - Earth. Don't let this stop you from using her, though, but just know what her biggest weaknesses are, so that you can act accordingly.

Her ability is a bit of a toss-up: it's between either Early Bird, which allows Speed Youmu to wake up from sleep status quickly, and Inner Focus, which prevents flinching. Inner Focus probably isn't a bad choice as there are a few puppets that outspeed Youmu and have flinching moves, and it stops Fake Out from possibly ruining your day. However, there is some worth in using Early Bird, as sleep is generally very annoying. Really, both flinch and sleep aren't terribly common, and Speed Youmu's ability probably comes down to personal preference.

Swords Dance Revenge Killer
-Swords Dance
-Draw The Line/Battle Chant
-Shadow Dance/Shadow Hit
-High Jump Kick/Night Slash/Poison Jab/Blade Flash
Item: Leftovers/Lum Berry
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpAtk)/Jolly (+Spd, -SpAtk)
Ability: Inner Focus/Early Bird
EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 HP

The premise behind this set is simple: wait until one of your puppets faints, switch in Youmu, Swords Dance up, and go to town. You can also switch into a not-very-effective physical attack if you so desire. A Jolly nature will allow you to tie your speed with other pesky base 120 speed puppets such as Attack Remilia. Swords Dance is basically the bread-and-butter of this set, allowing a Jolly Speed Youmu's attack to jump up to 618. Draw The Line and Shadow Dance are both very good STAB moves. You can run Battle Chant over Draw The Line if you feel good about the 85% accuracy, and you can run Shadow Hit over Shadow Dance if you're really scared of the confusion or being locked into one move. The last move is up to preference and is dependent on what the rest of your team can do. High Jump Kick is something that Youmu gets that Youki doesn't, so it's worth abusing. Night Slash and Poison Jab are for coverage and Blade Flash is for when you really, really need a priority move on Youmu.

Counters: pretty much anything faster than Youmu with a super effective special move, and Mimi-chan. The missile has access to Earth AND Fire moves, in addition to outspeeding Youmu. Youmu should also take great care around things that have access to Rock Bullet.
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