After READING THE THREAD, do you think Lansat Berry is worth implementing?

Sure, sounds like it could be useful
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Eh, sounds gimmicky, but might as well if it isn't completely useless
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No way in hell, it's still useless
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Author Topic: Lansat Berry  (Read 1938 times)

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Lansat Berry
« on: August 04, 2013, 10:39:31 AM »
This thing.

So, I was randomly checking the Lily Black wiki page, when I suddenly saw that she has a 5% of holding it when caught. Then I look at the berry's wiki page and find out that Agas says it's pointless anyway, because Scope Lens.

You know, there's a reason why it's Lily Black's held item. Sure, the boost it gives is the exact same as Scope Lens', but, unlike Scope Lens' boost, it's passable by Baton Pass, just like Focus Energy; that's also the reason it doesn't stack with Focus Energy, since Lansat is essentially that move put tightly inside a pinch berry.

So if a Lily Black procs it with a set like Subs/Taunt/BPass/Selfdestruct, then passes it to something like Scope Lens Meira, all of Meira's hits will have a whopping 50% chance of critting. That's honestly scary.

Then you'd say, "isn't something like Liechi or Petaya better?", but a crit boost is something that applies to both special and physical attackers, unlike either of those berries. So something like a Lily Black running Liechi wouldn't be limited to passing to a physical attacker on a pinch (well, it *could* pass to a special one anyway, but then the boost'd be wasted). However, that isn't true for Lansat.

I'm using Lily Black for the sake of example, but it's not like that'd be the only mon where it'd be worth using - anything running BPass (and preferrably Substitute) that's not on a dedicated Baton Chain team could run it, really.

Then you'd say "just run Salac", but not everything appreciates a Salac boost that much - choiced priority doesn't give a damn, for example, and nor does it help much if you run paralysis support.

Also, it's not like Meira or Scoped mons'd be the only useful receptors, either: try passing it to a SWriggle running Petaya and Overgrow, for example, and preferrably from a Lily Black - suddenly, SWriggle has 33% crit on her Aeroblast, and if she gets to less than 25% she'll have an Overgrow Petaya Nature Sound to work with that just happens to work as a Gen IV hi-crit move, and even if someone resists it she still has that 33% crit Aeroblast. Yipes.

Yes I just stole Doesnt's SWriggle build

Aeroblast isn't really SWriggle's main move, but that was just for the sake of example: anyway, if you have anything that uses a crit move a lot, then that move will suddenly be upgraded to 33%; that, and if you happen to run two~three mons with crit moves (that's not too uncommon: think of sand teams, or of Aeroblast + Draw the Line), then you're suddenly up for some fun. Even better if you run something Scoped.

Then you'll say: "but the difference from 25% to 33% isn't much". In paper, it isn't. However, in practice, it's not "from 25% to 33%"; it's "from 1/4 to 1/3". If you run Draw the Line or something, then your opponent's aware you crit often, but he's still not too scared of it. However, if you suddenly get a crit boost on top of that, then your opponent is very much likely to just as suddenly get scared of your RNG, and many, many walls can get broken down in one sweep by criticals. That can be huge, you know.

Hence, I'm formally asking Agas to actually implement Lansat in Shoddy, and making this topic a poll/discussion so that there can be some majority pressure in case he's stubborn.

It's not like Lansat is OMGBESTOPTIONEVER for any BPasser - in many cases, running either Liechi or Petaya is probably still recommended - but it's definitely a good option, and it can be far better than both Liechi or Petaya depending on the team running it, either due to the plain passing versatility or due to the team being able to just crit abuse and laugh.

tl;dr: lansat can be bpassed, it's not bestest thing ever but it can be useful, implement it already dammit

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Re: Lansat Berry
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2013, 10:42:54 AM »
The problem with "implement it already dammit" threads is that they imply one of two things: either me actually getting off my fat arse and getting work done, or Agastya actually learning Java/C++.

I think I'll lock this until then. I don't need people raising signs outside my house protesting that I'm never updating the server.
I'm not here.