What do you think about the new forum layout?

It's great! Looks much better.
6 (54.5%)
Pretty good, I guess.
2 (18.2%)
Eh, can't really see the difference, but it's okay.
2 (18.2%)
It's... kind of bad. The old one is better.
0 (0%)
Agastya, you're go, home drunk.
1 (9.1%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Author Topic: New forum layout  (Read 1477 times)

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New forum layout
« on: August 04, 2013, 01:09:01 AM »
Just a simple poll to see what the users think about the new forum layout. I voted on "it's great!" myself, this feels much better even when it's such a simple change.

Posted on off-topic because it wouldn't really fit in anywhere else.

, drunk go Agastya, home you're

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