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Fan-made hacks / Re: Touhoumon Blue - Zeph's Edited Version
« Last post by Blue on February 03, 2020, 01:05:50 AM »
Not dead, just been dealing with a ton of stuff. Turns out nearly killing someone results in a ton of legal nonsense that the movies don't tell you about. Working on hack again.

Okay...40 hours later, here are some things to report:

I think the Undersea Cave is missing some maps: Looking in AdvanceMap and there's some maps present, they WERE present in older versions, but they're not here and appear to be the only location of DCRumia.

Also, the waterfall in Undersea Cave crashes unless I use it from the menu,

I cannot find DCRemilia or DCYuuka on any map.

The floor of the ghost tower where you fight your rival has Sweet Scent encounters, but nothing of value...?

I kinda miss Pyonta from the old versions; Now we're back down to like three bug families.

The maps were removed because I didn't like them, the waterfall stuff will be fixed in next release, how dare you imply Mima has no value, I agree about pyonta he'll probably be added back in first DLC patch.

Question about the EV-less mode, do the evolution requirements for the ATK/DEF evolutions change or is Margatroid pretty much impossible to obtain via evolution outside of some really trashy IV rolls?

EDIT: Interacting with any waterfall (with the Waterfall HM usable) brings up a glitched shop menu which either immediately fades to black indefinitely or opens a shop that sells an absurd amount of Sake with some random items peppered in (Various Orbs, Scarfs, and dummy ???????? items). Using Waterfall manually via the menu works as normal.

Margatroid pretty much requires a defense down or attack up nature.
If ZUN is supposed to have any dialogue post-E4, it's broken.

Also, can't find Kosuzu anywhere, but I found her item.

Dang it, did I break ZUN again? He'll be fixed in the next version.
ROM Hacks + General Discussion / Quick question
« Last post by Marisakirsami on January 21, 2020, 11:15:39 AM »
How do I access johto in puppet play enhanced?
Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / What is this
« Last post by Dedede_Cultist on January 11, 2020, 06:17:36 PM »
I've been playing this game for a little bit and I've beat it twice, but this is the first time this has popped up. I haven't played the game for a bit, and when I was downloading some YouTube videos to iTunes, the icons for the game were replaced with some placeholder thing and now it won't start. What does the error say and how do I fix it?
Shoddy Touhoumon Info/Discussion / Re: Shoddy Touhoumon 2 [Status: Up]
« Last post by Mille on October 23, 2019, 05:50:13 PM »
We're back!
Shoddy Touhoumon Info/Discussion / Re: Shoddy Touhoumon 2 [Status: Down]
« Last post by Mille on October 19, 2019, 03:42:42 PM »
Server's temporarily down. No ETA on when it'll be back up, but it's temporary downtime.
ROM Hacks + General Discussion / Re: Kedama and egg moves
« Last post by Ketsuban on October 18, 2019, 03:14:33 AM »
Four years isn't too long to wait for an answer, right?

I looked into this and the short answer is: probably. See, there's a function in Emerald whose purpose is to determine the species of an egg from its parents. As part of that process, it checks for the case of breeding a Ditto with a male, and puts Ditto in the mother slot... but it specifically looks for Ditto, not anything in the Ditto egg group. If Kedama is in Ditto's slot or the references to Ditto's species number in this function have been changed to Kedama's, then it won't be considered for passing down egg moves later on. Given Touhoumon Purple dates to the time before decomps were available for ROM hacking, the simplest thing to do is to leave Kedama in Ditto's slot, so I'm expecting that Kedama works the same as Ditto and your plans of an Attack Keine with Head Smash are thwarted.
Fan-made hacks / Re: [WIP] Touhoumon Death Waltz (Kaizo Touhoumon)
« Last post by Mille on September 10, 2019, 10:09:44 PM »
Stomp's Paralysis chance wasn't actually removed. This has been fixed.
Fan-made hacks / Re: [WIP] Touhoumon Death Waltz (Kaizo Touhoumon)
« Last post by Mille on September 10, 2019, 07:18:43 AM »
One final update for now. Thanks to some help from Doesnt, critical hits can no longer occur.
Fan-made hacks / Re: [WIP] Competently Bad Touhoumon (Kaizo Touhoumon)
« Last post by Mille on September 10, 2019, 06:14:24 AM »
Very hectic first day.

Some changes have been made. Some for clarity, some to reduce RNG.

Of note is that there was a sign in Pewter City that was a leftover from YEAH!20. It was inaccurate, so it has been edited. An extra helpful sign has been added as well.

E: I just remembered something else I needed to do. Another update incoming.
E2: Done.
Fan-made hacks / [WIP] Touhoumon Death Waltz (Kaizo Touhoumon)
« Last post by Mille on September 09, 2019, 07:01:15 AM »
Due to the game's format, anything that transpires in battles in this game is a spoiler. Please discuss any and all gameplay contents in spoiler tags.

A long time ago, I started a "hard" Touhoumon 1.8 hack. It was very flawed, and I didn't like it enough to continue it.

This game was called "Touhoumon YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and it died a mostly irrelevant death, having only been played by a few friends. I'd mention it to other people that never learned about it and bring it up maybe once a year, and laugh when they got to a certain point.

Today, I'm here to pick it back up.

Relevant gameplay changes are documented in move descriptions or in the included README file.

Other details are currently very vague on purpose.
Similarly to YEAH!20, this release goes to Brock. I'm releasing something this short to see if this is better than the nonsense that was YEAH!20.

All feedback is welcome.

I will offer no hints.

- Critical hits no longer occur.

9/9/2019, part 3:
- Changed some text in Pewter City to clean up leftover "this road is closed" stuff from YEAH!20's initial demo release, adding two useful hints instead.
- Minor changes to Route 3.

- Edited a trainer.

- Replaced Chibi Nazrin's Pickup with Collector.

- Thundershock and Stomp no longer have a chance to inflict Paralysis.
- Wrap now has 100% accuracy.

- Items like Rare Candy should no longer be usable. (Very spartan implementation.)

9/9/2019, part 2:
Edited a trainer.

Brock demo release.
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