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Metagame and teambuilding / Power Mystia
« Last post by SG-Sanae on Today at 09:03:54 AM »
Power Mystia@Onyx Hairpin
Green Mark
Ability: Up Tempo
61 Speed/64 SpAtk/5 HP

-Brave Song
-Infinite Scales
-Spinning Air
-Chrome Ray

A very greedy attacker which can snowball out of control. After one Brave Song and Up Tempo, you'll outspeed everything but Speed Aya and your Infinite Scales will hit 80 BP which keeps growing as you build up speed. Spinning Air is your secondary STAB and hits opposing Sound-Types while Chrome Ray deals with Wind-Types.
Metagame and teambuilding / Speed Aya
« Last post by SG-Sanae on Today at 07:29:56 AM »
Speed Aya@Food Rations
Green Mark
Ability: Free Will
64 HP/32 FoDef/34 Speed

-Foehn Winds
-Stealth Trap/Forest Therapy

A versatile supporter with solid bulk, reliable recovery and a lot of speed. The given spread lets you move first against every unboosted puppet except other Speed Aya. Foehn Winds is for STAB (Flying Frenzy is a replacement if Recoil is a concern, but it's problematic with uninvested base 80 FoAtk), Perch lets you restore HP and Changeling is a momentum tool.

Alternatives: Smash Spin, Mirage and Confine are other useful moves to put in the fourth slot and a spread of 64 HP/42 FoDef/24 Speed gives more bulk and only gets outspeed by Green Mark Speed Marisa.
Creative Conundrum / Re: Creating Sprites for New Shard Formes
« Last post by Spyro on Today at 12:26:42 AM »
I know this topic is dead as hell but I felt since I made a sprite for the first time in like 2 years it'd be worth sharing. This is a front sprite of Tsubakura Enraku from the Len'en Project

Creative Conundrum / Re: Creating a Touhoumon Game! Touhou Puppet Play: Unlimited
« Last post by SoulfulLex on August 25, 2018, 02:17:25 PM »
Hi there.

As someone who once worked on a game myself, I'd like to ask how far along are you in terms of overall game design. It really does help that you've planned everything up to the end (including postgame), or at the very least have an outline of how things will go, especially if you plan to have chapters.

In another life, I discussed this at length with another user on here, but it bears repeating here. I'll omit some points for the sake of brevity

I think everything said here and here, even though they apply to ROM Hacks, also applies here.

As someone who's also worked with RPG Maker XP (as well as someone who initially used Derx's Touhoumon Essentials as a base until I realized I needed to cut out unnecessary resources and make it strictly a Touhoumon game and not just have the original Pokemon sit in a corner to pretend that they don't exist), I've learned quite a bit from working on my current project.

  • How long is the game going to be? Is there a post-game or an extra challenge at the end? What will want to make the player come back or replay the game when it's over?
  • Before you continue to go ahead on working on the game, ask yourself how much work you're prepared to do in the event you don't get the people you need (scripting isn't easy) and make sure you have the whole story outlined from start to finish and not a cluster of plots just thrown together like Another World (the original Gensokyo Scenario was never finished).
  • Most important: Have fun making the game. If it stops being fun to work on or play, come back to it later or figure out why it wasn't fun for you and resolve it. It's alright if you never come back to it (unless it really bothers you).
  • 2nd most important: Don't be afraid to accept criticism or hear out people that may nitpick (read: bash session) your game at some point. As I've learned the hard way, at times it's justified.

That's all I've got. Good luck!

To be honest, I was going to wait until someone else replied, but I'm genuinely interested in seeing if you can pull it off. It also helps to have a constant line of communication or updates on the project. Otherwise, you may find yourself and others losing interest in the game and moving on to something else. There's also the fact that most people here seemed to have moved on to TPDP or waiting for the translation to come out.

I don't say all this to discourage you, but to have you keep all this in mind when you work on the game.
Creative Conundrum / Creating a Touhoumon Game! Touhou Puppet Play: Unlimited
« Last post by ShinyRaichu94 on August 21, 2018, 03:21:29 AM »
I'm creating a Touhoumon 1.8 Game! It's called "Touhou Puppet Play: Unlimited"!

It's a challenging Touhoumon Game made by RPG Maker XP.

It'll contain:
  • A new type! Fairy-Type! (And no, Fairy-Types will not be immune against Faith-Types!)
  • A New Form for Cirno!
  • Custom Shinies!
  • Field Effects! Like Pokemon Reborn and Rejuvenation!
  • Side Quests for getting Items or Puppets!
  • 16 Gyms!
  • Shadow Puppets!
  • More Puppets! These New Puppets are going to be from Touhou 14.5: Urban Legend in Limbo and any of the later games.
  • Chapters!

A few years ago, there is a region called the Lomert Region. This region is where different kinds of Puppets live. As time flies, new Puppets will appear in Lomert. Until one day, a human named Cleo wanted to create a Puppet League for the region, the Lomert League. The Lomert League is for Trainers all over the world who wanted to compete. The goal for the Lomert League is to battle Gym Leaders and win. If one beats all 16 Gym Leaders, they must go to the Puppet League, battle the Elite 4 and the Champion so they'll become the next Lomert League Champion.

However, things will not go easy today. An Evil Gang, called Team Carnage, wants to destroy the Lomert Region and claim it as their territory. While their doing their main plan, they made a machine to mutate certain Puppets and use them as their main tools for destroying Lomert. Not only that, they also made another machine to turn Puppets into Shadow Puppets.

It's up to you to stop Team Carnage, save the Region and become Champion!

So, got any questions/comments for the game?
Metagame and teambuilding / Extra Rika
« Last post by super753 on August 10, 2018, 01:55:28 AM »
Extra Rika
Warped Steel

Tanky Focused Wallbreaker
Move 1: Supernatural Border
Move 2: Strenuous Stance
Move 3: Trickster
Move 4: Hammer Bash/Impact Rebellion

Item: Straw Doll/Food Rations
Ability: Mode Shift
Mark: Red

64HP/64FAtk/2FDef or SDef
if possible e rank in speed for Impact Rebellion

Extra Rika is basically Aegislash. Supernatural Border is for her gimmick of mode swapping. Mostly this set is set up Swords Dances Strenuous Dances then sweep with Shadow Sneak Trickster, but for fast priority users you should be able to tank a hit in your defensive mode then nuke them with a Gyro Ball Impact Rebellion. With a base of 140 def, you should invest in hp for more tankiness. Usage of this puppet is Strenuous Dance (times 1-3 depending on the situation) > Trickster sweep. At any point, if you know the opponent has priority Supernatural Border then Impact Rebellion.
Metagame and teambuilding / Defense Clownpiece
« Last post by super753 on July 24, 2018, 04:26:32 PM »
Defense Clownpiece
Fire Light

Move 1: Purgatory Flicker
Move 2: Luminous Flux
Move 3: Full Metal Crash
Move 4: Foehn Winds (Smash Spin)

Item: Straw Doll
Ability: Recoil Offset
Mark: Red

2 in SDef or Spd

(Not the fastest puppet with base 80 speed so I decided to invest in bulk)

My line of thinking is: Puppet has Recoil Offset > Puppet gets 4 Recoil moves > I use those Recoil moves

Foehn Winds could be swapped out for Smash Spin for hazard control if that is a problem for your team.

I wouldn't swap out Purgatory Flicker or Luminous Flux as those are your STABS

I wouldn't swap out Full Metal Crash as it is 150BP instead of the usual 120BP for recoil moves.
Undertood. Thank you very much.
Metagame and teambuilding / First puppet set on Shard of Dreams (Defense Sagume)
« Last post by super753 on July 05, 2018, 08:11:06 AM »
With the translation patch of Shard of Dreams coming soon. I thought I should post sets I founded useful on my playthroughs. First up Sagume. I going to model this post after Smogon set.

Defense Sagume
Electric Poison

Defensive Wall
Move 1: Mysterious Liquid
Move 2: Charge Thief
Move 3: Miasma
Move 4: Continue/Love or Pain/Lightning Speed/Magic Barrier

Item: Jar of Poison
Ability: Ascertainment
Mark: White/Blue

Blue: 64HP/16FDef/2SAtk/48SDef
White: 64HP/48FDef/2SAtk/16SDef
(Assuming IV are all S)
(Don't worry about it too much if you're doing a story playthrough I basically made the defenses equal to just for it to look nice)
(Note: You could get an equal amount of HP/SDef/FDef at 100 if you go the same as the values above but one less HP all three stats should be 353 if you're into that. Again I did this with IVs of S with all three stats so your value may be slightly different because of that)

This puppet was a great anchor on my team with only one weakness in earth. Sagume was the wall my frail sweepers could hide behind.

I will improve the layout and description as I go

Also, should I post more set via a reply on this thread or make new ones?
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