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Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / December 26th Broadcast
« on: December 23, 2015, 08:24:28 PM »
'Twas the morning after Christmas, and we've learned a few things about YnK (which is currently at ver. 1.009):
  • Youkai Mountain and the Shining Needle Castle are among the new points of interest, with equally new music.
  • The "Battle Frontier" (a.k.a. Gaiden+) is in the Human Village, where you need to fight five opponents in a row before you can bow out...or continue on if that's your thing. The last opponent will most likely have an Extra-styled Puppet. You also win 25 of something. Someone that knows Japanese, please translate.
  • Speed Clownpiece can sweep a team of Extra-styled Puppets, but maybe that's because...
  • Hemo Jajao is bad at competitive play.

Re-Broadcast Link:
Interesting stuff happens around 4:35.

To date, this was Hemo's 10th and final TPDP Broadcast prior to the release of Yume no Kakera. It's an exciting time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen...

Personally, I'd like to see someone make THE team that will outlast the entire Village Frontier, like that one team that someone made in XY for the Battle Chateau...

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / December 5th Broadcast
« on: December 05, 2015, 05:19:29 AM »
It's that time again, ladies and gentlemen.

To date, this is Hemo's 9th Major TPDP Broadcast, and his "second-to-last" broadcast before Comiket 89. I expected him to talk extensively about Hecatia, his (relatively new) waifu, alongside new BGM and a bunch of other stuff Hemo and his team will talk about that I probably didn't understand since I don't speak Japanese. Only one of the things I mentioned didn't happen.

You can view the relatively LQ video here:
Interesting stuff happens around 5:00 and 22:00. There's some new music to listen to between that time if you can stand looking at a still screen, though.

A High Quality version of the new Opening can be seen here:

I agree with Elyk. We should subtitle the OP this time. If there aren't any takers, I'll volunteer to teach myself to typeset for Christmas. It looks like I'll also need to re-design the logo for the DLC, too.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / October 10th Broadcast
« on: October 12, 2015, 12:45:44 AM »
Lots of talking. Not enough action. An hour-long broadcast with about 3 or 4 notable things:
  • Extra Style Debut
  • New Type, with the Type Chart updated to show its resistances and weaknesses, as well as what types resist it and what types are weak to it.
  • Summary Screen now displays EVs alongside the Puppet's actual stats and IVs.
  • Battle showing off Extra Style Puppets and the New Type's strongest moves.

Knowing Hemo (except not really), I believe it's safe to say there are more puppets with the new type and style than what the video showcases. How many there are, I have no idea.

The Video, if you have an hour to spare. I apologize in advance for the video's quality. Youtube forced me to downsize.

ROM Hacks + General Discussion / Vanilla 1.8 Level Curve
« on: May 13, 2015, 05:43:46 PM »
In the spirit of Twitch Plays Touhoumon and the lack of any major level guide for JP 1.8 hacks (and Enhanced), I found on the Japanese wiki a level guide (more like a cheat sheet because in the Japanese version it labeled the Puppet's weaknesses instead of its typing like I did here) and translated it into English. This sheet applies to Enhanced as well as it does to the Japanese version of 1.8. It doesn't apply to the Wind-Electric Patch since the hacker replaced the puppets on here from Misty onwards.

P.S. Regarding the Sealed Club Scenarios, those are part of a patch that, to my knowledge, was never translated into English. It's not in Enhanced either, so feel free to ignore it. I just included it for completionist purposes.

With most of the attention being paid to TPDP and its eventual yet inevitable Translation, it's easy to forget that there are still some hackers that work on Touhou Puppet Play the rom-hack. One version in particular that caught my eye and eventually inspired me to work on Gaiden is the Kaze Denki Bunri patch (風タイプから電気を分離, currently at version 1.892), a Japanese Touhoumon hack that originally started with the separation of the Wind and Electric Types and has come to incorporate battle elements seen in the latest Pokémon games (save for a Fairy-type).

Since I believe that this version will never be translated, I figured I'd at least translate the documentation that the patch comes with, mainly to see what others have done for their games (and in the event someone would like to try the patch and not stumble through Moon Runes as much).

Wind Electric Separation Data ver. 1.892

The Spreadsheet Translation is pretty large; it includes the Moves Table, TM Compatibility, Level-Up / Egg Movesets, the "new" Type Chart, and Puppet Stats (includes Base Stats, Abilities, Evolution Tree, Effort Values, and Held Items). To save you the time of looking, you'll probably notice that the DDC characters are not present outside the Puppet Stats table, mainly because the hacker includes them in a separate text file that I don't feel like translating for the time being (I'll probably include it in a Pastebin later). Should an update occur later on, I'll be sure to include any changes, if any are made.

Update: There are some text files to take note of:
  • General Summary of Changes (Untranslated - If someone could do so, I'd appreciate it):

     0~15 まあまあ 16~25 かなり 26~30 すばらしい 31 さいこう







  • Regarding Eviolite:
    While Eviolite exists in this patch, there are some caveats to take note of:
    • Like in the Pokémon games, it increases the Defense and Sp. Def. of any unevolved Puppets. There are, however, a few exceptions.
    • With the exception of Chibi Kaguya (deliberately exempt) and Chibi Suika (maybe; she wasn't listed), all Chibi puppets (and Kedama) gain Eviolite's effect.
  • Moves Affected by Magic Coat & Magic Bounce:
    Like in the games, Magic Coat and Magic Bounce reflects certain Status Moves, like those that inflict Status Conditions and Lower / Raise Stats:
    • Sing
    • Sleep Powder
    • Hypnosis
    • Lovely Kiss
    • Toxic
    • Poisonpowder
    • Stun Spore
    • Thunder Wave (Does Not Affect Electric-types)
    • Will-O-Wisp
    • Burn Powder
    • Sakuya's World
    • Confuse Ray
    • Sweet Kiss
    • Swagger
    • Growl
    • Tail Whip
    • Leer
    • Sand-Attack
    • Smokescreen
    • Smile
    • Screech
    • Cotton Spore
    • Fake Tears
    • Tickle
    • Heart's Eye
    • Scary Face
    • Leech Seed
    • Block
    • Jamming
    • Attract
    • Disable
    • Yawn
    • Encore
    • Spite
    • Coerce
    • Spikes
    • Foresight
    • Torment
    • Taunt
    • Charming Look
    • Whirlwind

    Status Moves not reflected by Magic Coat / Magic Bounce:
    • Haze
    • Transform
    • Mimic
    • Pain Split
    • Sketch
    • Curse
    • Perish Song
    • Psych Up
    • Memento
    • Trick
    • Skill Swap
    • Teeter Dance
    • Recollection
    • Psycho Shift
  • New / Modified Abilities:
    In the order they were presented:
    • Sturdy:
      • OHKO Moves Fail
      • Defense Stat cannot be lowered
    • Immunity:
      • Cannot be Poisoned
      • Negates any damage from Miasma-type moves
    • Volt Absorb:
      • Negates any damage from Electric-type moves and heals 1/4 Max HP if not at Full HP whenever an Electric attack (including Thunder Wave) is used against them
    • Oblivious:
      • Cannot be Infatuated (either by Attract or Cute Charm)
      • Cannot be Taunted
    • Doll Wall:
      • Deals damage equal to 1/8 of the Foe's Max HP whenever an attack makes contact
      • Damage inflicted by Doll Wall increases to 1/4 Max HP when holding a Poké Doll (Unconfirmed)
    • Infectious:
      • Whenever the foe makes contact, they have a 1/3 chance of being Poisoned, Paralyzed, or put to Sleep
    • Trace:
      • Copies the foe's Ability
      • If the foe has Intimidate, the ability is immediately activated
    • Lightningrod:
      • In a Double Battle, redirects all Electric moves from the foe's side to the Puppet with this ability
      • Negates any damage or effects from Electric-type moves and raises the Puppet's Special Attack 1 stage if struck by an Electric attack
    • Poison Body:
      • Whenever the foe makes contact, they have a 1/3 chance of being Badly Poisoned
    • Fire Veil:
      • Cannot be Frozen
      • Negates any damage from Fire-type moves
    • Water Veil:
      • Cannot be Burned
      • Negates any damage from Water-type moves
    • Pickup: Changed the items that can be Picked Up.
      • 15%: Sitrus Berry
      • 10%: Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Rawst Berry, Aspear Berry, and Persim Berry
      • 5%: PP Up, Lum Berry, Rare Candy, and Nugget
      • 1%: PP Max, Max Elixir, Rainbow Shard, Sacred Ash, and Choice Scarf
    • Keen Eye:
      • Accuracy cannot be lowered
      • Ignores the effects of Brightpowder and Evasion boosts from abilities (i.e. Sand Veil); Excludes Evasion boosts from moves like Double Team
    • Cute Charm:
      • Whenever the foe makes contact and is of the opposing gender, they have a 1/3 chance of being Infatuated
      • If the foe is of the opposite gender, damage taken is reduced by 25%
    • Collector:
      • Held items cannot be stolen or knocked off
      • Puppets with this ability cannot use Costumes or Type Gems.
    • Maintenance:
      • 30% Chance of the Puppet curing itself (or its ally in a Double Battle) of a Status Condition
    • Hisouten:
      • Negates the effects of Weather
      • At the end of the turn, Weather returns to normal
    • Inchling:
      • As long as the Puppet is not afflicted by a Status Condition, the foe's Accuracy is lowered to 80%
    • Motor Drive:
      • Negates any damage or effects from Electric-type moves and raises the Puppet's Speed 1 stage if struck by an Electric attack
    • Rivalry:
      • If the foe is the same gender as the Puppet with this ability, damage is increased by 25%
    • Steadfast:
      • If the Puppet with this ability flinches, their Speed increases by 1 stage
    • Snow Cloak:
      • Puppets with this ability are not damaged by Hail
      • In a Hailstorm, the Puppet's Evasion is increased by 20%
    • Unburden:
      • If the Puppet does not have an item, their Speed is doubled
    • Crimson Cloak:
      • Reduces the damage taken from Fire-type attacks by 50%
    • Dark Contract:
      • Doubles the effects of Stat-changing moves
      • Increases damage taken from attacks by 25%
      • When the move Curse is used, the Puppet with this ability is treated as a Ghost-type
    • Iron Fist:
      • Increases the power of Punching Moves by 20%
      • Punching Moves include Comet Punch, Drain Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Mach Punch, Dizzy Punch, Dynamic Punch, Submission, Steel Fist, Focus Punch, Needle Arm, Meteor Mash, and Shadow Punch
    • Poison Heal:
      • Recovers 1/8 Max HP every turn if the Puppet is Poisoned or Badly Poisoned
    • Adaptability:
      • Power of STAB moves increases from 1.5x to 2x
    • Skill Link:
      • Multi-Hitting attacks always hit the maximum amount of times.
    • Sacred Autumn:
      • Cures Status Conditions when the Weather is Sunny
    • Solar Power:
      • Increases Special Attack by 50% when the Weather is Sunny, but the Puppet takes 1/8 Max HP damage every turn
    • Quick Feet:
      • Increases Speed by 50% when the Puppet is afflicted by a Status Condition
      • The Speed Penalty due to Paralysis is ignored
    • Normalize:
      • Unimplemented Ability
      • Any attack used by a Puppet with this ability becomes the Illusion-type
    • Sniper:
      • The Power of Critical Hits is increased to 2.25x
    • Magic Guard:
      • Only takes damage from attacks and damage inflicted by Strange Mist
    • No Guard
      • All attacks from both battlers hit regardless of Accuracy
      • One-Hit KO moves are excluded, as they use a different formula to calculate Accuracy
    • Stall:
      • Reduces the Priority of moves used by this Puppet by 1.
    • Technician:
      • Increases the Power of moves with a Base Power of 60 or less by 50%
    • Hydration:
      • Cannot be afflicted by a Status Condition when it is Raining
      • Neither battlers can Self-Destruct or Explode
    • Mold Breaker:
      • Moves used by this Puppet ignore the effects of the foe's Ability
    • Super Luck:
      • Increases the Critical-Hit Ratio Stage of the Puppet by 2
    • Unaware:
      • Ignores any changes in the foe's Stats
    • Tinted Lens:
      • Doubles the Power of moves that are otherwise "not very effective"
    • Filter:
      • Reduces Damage taken from not very effective moves by 25%
    • Mini-Hakkero:
      • Increases the Damage dealt by Electric-type moves by 50%, but the Puppet receives Recoil damage equal to 1/4 of the Damage dealt
    • Illusion Arm:
      • Illusion and Dark attacks from this Puppet will hit Ghost-type Puppets
    • Storm Drain:
      • In a Double Battle, redirects all Water moves from the foe's side to the Puppet with this ability
      • Negates any damage or effects from Water-type moves and raises the Puppet's Special Attack 1 stage if struck by a Water attack
    • Ice Body:
      • Puppets with this ability are not damaged by Hail
      • In a Hailstorm, the Puppet recovers 1/16 Max HP
    • Autumn Grace:
      • Recovers 1/8 Max HP every turn when the Weather is Sunny
    • Solid Rock:
      • Reduces Damage taken from super effective moves by 25%
    • Snow Warning:
      • Summons a Hailstorm upon switching in; Last for 5 turns
    • Frisk:
      • Identifies the foe's Held Item
    • Reckless:
      • Increases the Power of Recoil moves by 20%
    • Flower Gift:
      • When the Weather is Sunny, the Puppet's Attack and Special Defense are increased by 50%
    • Black Heart: (Needs Clarification)
      • Increases the probability of a Move that inflicts a Status Condition or lowers the foe's Stats (Unconfirmed)
      • If an attack the Puppet uses has an added effect not listed above, that effect is negated, but the Power of the attack is increased by 30%
    • Contrary:
      • Reverses Stat Changes the Puppet receives (e.g. Superpower raises Attack and Defense, while Nasty Plot sharply decreases Special Attack)
    • Defiant:
      • Whenever one of the Puppet's Stats are lowered, their Attack increases by 2 stages
    • Defeatist:
      • When a Puppet with this ability has less than half of their Max HP remaining, their Attack and Special Attack Stats are halved
    • Cursed Body:
      • Whenever the foe makes contact, they have a 1/3 chance of having the last move they used Disabled
    • Friend Guard:
      • Reduces the Damage an Ally takes in a Double Battle by 25%
    • Sacred Aura:
      • This Puppet takes half damage from any attack when at Full HP
    • Toxic Boost:
      • Increases Attack when Poisoned
    • Flare Boost:
      • Increases Special Attack when Burned
    • Harvest:
      • 50% Chance of Recovering a Berry that is used up in Battle (100% Chance when the Weather is Sunny)
    • Telepathy:
      • Avoids damage from Ally Attacks in a Double Battle
    • Moody:
      • At the end of each turn, this Puppet raises one of its Stats by 2 stages but decreases another by 1 stage
    • Air Scroll:
      • Negates Weather Damage
      • Nullifies the effects of Powder Moves (except Cotton Spore)
    • Regenerator:
      • Whenever a Puppet with this ability enters battle, they Recover 25% of their HP
    • Sand Rush:
      • Puppets with this ability are not damaged in a Sandstorm
      • In a Sandstorm, the Puppet's Speed is doubled
    • Wonder Skin:
      • If the foe uses a Status move against a Puppet with this ability, the Accuracy of that move is lowered by 40%
    • Analyze:
      • Increases the Power of an attack by 30% if the Puppet with this ability moves after the opponent
    • Imposter:
      • Transforms into the opponent upon entering battle
    • Infiltrator:
      • Ignores the effects of Reflect and Light Screen when attacking
    • Vampire:
      • If the foe makes contact, their Ability becomes Vampire (unless the foe's ability is Forecast)
      • Has no effect otherwise
    • Yin-Yang Orb:
      • When an opponent is defeated, the Puppet's Attack is raised 1 stage
    • Magic Bounce:
      • Reflects certain Status Moves back to the Opponent
    • Mischief:
      • Increases the Priority of Status Moves by 1
    • Sand Force:
      • Puppets with this ability are not damaged in a Sandstorm
      • In a Sandstorm, the Power of the Puppet's attacks increase by 25%
    • Victory Star:
      • The Power and Accuracy of the Puppet's moves increase by 10%
    • Sunflower:
      • Negates any damage from Nature-type moves and heals 1/4 Max HP if not at Full HP whenever a Nature attack is used against them
    • Yuki-Onna:
      • Negates any damage from Ice-type moves and heals 1/4 Max HP if not at Full HP whenever an Ice attack is used against them
    • Makai Goddess:
      • Negates any damage from Dark-type moves
    • Closed Heart:
      • Negates any damage from Heart-type moves
    • Sunshine:
      • Negates any damage from Fire-type moves and heals 1/4 Max HP if not at Full HP whenever a Fire attack is used against them
      • In Sunny Weather, the Puppet recovers 1/16 Max HP
    • Ice Fairy:
      • Puppets with this ability are not damaged in a Hailstorm
      • In a Hailstorm, the Puppet's Speed is doubled
    • Miracle Song:
      • Increases the Power of Sound Moves by 20%
      • Sound Moves include Roar, Nature Sound, Performance, Binding Voice, Hyper Voice, and Snore
    • Divine Flame:
      • Recovers 1/8 Max HP every turn if the Puppet is Burned
    • Night Daze:
      • Raises the Power of Dark-type moves by 50% when the Puppet has less than 1/3 HP Remaining
    • Aqua Ring:
      • In Rainy Weather, the Puppet recovers 1/8 Max HP
      • In Sunny Weather, the Puppet takes 1/8 Max HP damage
      • Negates any damage from Water-type moves and heals 1/4 Max HP if not at Full HP whenever a Water attack is used against them
    • Ruinous Curse:
      • Upon fainting, the Puppet places a curse on the foe that will make them faint 2 turns later
    • Twisted:
      • The Power of Physical Moves depends on the Puppet's Special Attack
      • The Power of Special Moves depends on the Puppet's Attack
    • Miracle Mallet:
      • Wish takes only one turn to work
      • Increases the number of hits in a Multi-Hitting attack (Minimum 3, Maximum 6)
    • Gale Wings:
      • Increases the Priority of Flying-type Moves by 1
    • Destruction:
      • When the Puppet is not holding an item, the Power of their Physical Moves increases by 50%, but their accuracy is lowered by 20%
    • The World:
      • The effect of Trick Room is applied as long as this Puppet is in battle
      • If Trick Room is used, or if this Ability is Traced, the effects of this ability is nullified
    • Magic Skin:
      • If an attack this Puppet uses is an Illusion move, that move becomes the Reason-type and its Power is increased by 30%
    • Wind Skin:
      • If an attack this Puppet uses is an Illusion move, that move becomes the Wind-type and its Power is increased by 30%
    • Aerilate:
      • If an attack this Puppet uses is an Illusion move, that move becomes the Flying-type and its Power is increased by 30%
    • Holy Skin:
      • If an attack this Puppet uses is an Illusion move, that move becomes the Faith-type and its Power is increased by 30%
    • Beast Skin:
      • If an attack this Puppet uses is an Illusion move, that move becomes the Beast-type and its Power is increased by 30%
    • Blizzard:
      • Puppets with this ability are not damaged in a Hailstorm
      • In a Hailstorm, the Power of the Puppet's attacks increase by 25%
    • Downpour:
      • Increases the Puppet's Attack by 50% when it is Raining
    • Nuclear Fusion:
      • Summons Harsh Sunlight upon entering battle

I've discussed this in another thread on the forum, but you can find the patch here.

General Metagame / Touhoumon Spreadsheet Idea
« on: December 09, 2014, 04:25:32 PM »

So I ran into this recently in the wake of the latest Usage Stats and this topic created by Aphid. It's inspired me to attempt to make a version of Slipperjeans' Pokemon Spreadsheet (link above).

Now I can wager that some of you will say that we pretty much already have all the tools / features the Spreadsheet has:
  • The Type Chart, which is currently on the wiki. It uses symbols there as opposed to the spreadsheet, which represents type effectiveness with numbers (something I prefer, imo).
  • The Touhoudex, also on the wiki.
  • A Damage Calculator (albeit with a couple of bugs here and there), modded by Doesnt.
  • Team Analysis / Synergy, which was made by an Anon and linked by DoctorShanks.
  • Movesets, which is its own sub-category in the Forum. While the forum has sets for Puppets, not every Puppet has one; Some are still without a moveset or remain untested or outclassed to warrant one.
  • A Stat Calculator. Shoddy already has one in the Team Builder.
  • Comprehensive Move List. Although there is a move list on the wiki, each move has their descriptions and effects on their own page instead of being on one page altogether.
  • Comprehensive Ability List. Same explanation as the Move List; they each have descriptions and effects on their own page instead of being listed altogether.
  • TM / HM List. Listed in each Touhoudex entry on the wiki, but not altogether on one list. Also a Pastebin somewhere...
  • List of Natures. Found on any Pokemon site (and in Team Builder).
  • Berries List. Found with the rest of the Held Items on the wiki.

You may have noticed that the spreadsheet doesn't have an Item List (for some reason). Calculations for held items are done in the damage calculator.

Bottom line is, I think there should be a sheet like this for Touhoumon. And I'm willing to work on doing so. I like to have my tools / references all in one place. How about you?

Teambuilding / Meta Gear Solid
« on: October 07, 2014, 02:23:51 AM »
Prior to battling on Shoddy, I've never played competitive Pokémon. However, I knew what certain puppets could do thanks to random surfing on the internet and taking some time to learn. My very first team didn't take into account Clauses or things considered Meta. Not that I didn't know what Metagaming was, I just wasn't a fan of it since it boiled down to merely using what works much more better than others rather than just having fun trying different sets out.

And then I got fed up with losing...

To date, this has been my most successful team. I have mostly DoctorShanks to thank for half of the movesets I use, Joshcja and Agastya for the other half. If you ever see this team, know that I'm in a pretty bad mood and that I'm not a good loser.

And with that out of the way, I Present: Team Meta Gear Solid

Name: Red Death (Chen)
Nature: Jolly (+ Speed / - Sp. Atk)
Ability: Limber
EVs: 252 SPD / 252 ATK / 6 HP
Item: Special Bloomers
  • Double-Edge
  • Metal Claw
  • Soar
  • Rock Bullet
Summary: Hyper Offensive Lead and Revenge Killer. Kills most non-bulky puppets with banded STAB Double-Edge. In my experience, it killed 3 before succumbing to recoil. Metal Claw deals with birds and potentially raises Attack, while Soar deals with Natures and other Beasts. Rock Bullet destroys ICBM, and serves as last-ditch effort to outspeed the handful of puppets that speed-tie / outspeed Chen. 130 Speed is difficult to outperform otherwise.

Thanks to low bulk and recoil, it's easy to kill. Spikes rapidly shortens its lifespan. Priority attacks like Aqua Jet and Gale also take care of it. Lastly, Double-Edge is powerful, but predictable. It's not hard to switch to something that'll resist it.

Name: Lemegeton (Defense Patchouli)
Nature: Relaxed (+ Defense / - Speed)
Ability: Guard Armor
EVs: 129 DEF / 252 Sp. Atk / 129 Sp. Def
Item: Leftovers
  • Aromatherapy
  • Toxic
  • Earth Power
  • Thunderbolt
Summary: Defensive Pivot and Status Cleric. Aromatherapy cures any status ailment the team has. Earth Power and Thunderbolt are STAB moves, which makes her my primary answer to birds and Steel Types. Guard Armor ensures no crit hax ensue. Toxic is for anything she can't kill or force out easily.

Water moves can easily drown her, especially if said water user is either form of Toyohime. She also can't do a thing in the face of Tenma, other than try to Toxic Stall. Sadly, Leftovers is her only form of recovery.

Name: Voldemort Mk. II (Sariel)
Nature: Timid (+ Speed / - Attack)
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 200 HP / 240 SPD / 70 Sp. Atk
Item: Leftovers
  • Calm Mind
  • Dark Pulse
  • Extrasensory
  • Recover
Summary: Fast Sariel with extra general bulk. Also my secondary Defensive Pivot. Calm Mind raises its Special Stats, making it nigh impossible to kill with a special attacker. Recover heals off any futile damage. Dark Pulse and Extrasensory are STAB moves, both of which can cause flinching. I could've used Hyper Beam and Silver Wind, but I like muh accuracy.

Most Steel, Beast, and Reason types can put a dent into this Angel of Death with enough Attack and Speed. While she can heal off Burn, Leech Seed, and Regular Poison, Toxic will prove fatal. Taunt also renders her useless, especially when paired with Detect.

Name: Cruiser Wing (Rikako)
Nature: Timid (+ Speed / - Attack)
Ability: Insomnia
EVs: 252 SPD / 252 Sp. Atk / 4 HP
Item: Lum Berry
  • Mana Burst
  • Thunderbolt
  • Sonicboom
  • Ominous Wind
Summary: Secondary Revenge Killer. Mainly used for Coverage. STAB Mana Burst puts a dent in most things, while Thunderbolt and Sonicboom kills birds and most Ice Types not named Yumemi. Ominous Wind hurts Ghosts and occasionally raises all stats, but should probably be replaced with Priority STAB Gale to counter Salac users.

As fast and powerful as Rikako is, this glass cannon can be disarmed by Blade Flash users and Specially bulky pivots. Ruukoto and Lily White can wall her to oblivion.

Name: Arondight (Goliath)
Nature: Jolly (+ Speed / - Sp. Atk)
Ability: Maintenance
EVs: 248 ATK / 34 Sp. Def / 228 SPD
Item: Leftovers
  • Braver
  • Earthquake
  • Superpower
  • Tailwind
Summary: My risky answer to Heart Types and birds DPatchy can't take care of. Its main function is to hopefully get off a Tailwind and sweep. Braver is pretty destructive, but 80 Accuracy limits its usefulness. Earthquake and Superpower demolishes other Steels. Statuses can hinder it, but Maintenance can cure them without Aromatherapy.

Faster Steel-types, Fire-types, and Heart-types (and most Special Attackers) can blow this doll to smithereens. Maintenance can also screw it over by not activating at all.

Name: Oro Jackson (Youki)
Nature: Jolly (+ Speed / - Sp. Atk)
Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: 252 ATK / 252 SPD / 4 HP
Item: Special Bloomers
  • Draw The Line
  • Heart Break
  • Poison Jab
  • Shadow Hit
Summary: The sole male of the team. He wrecks shop most of the time with Banded STABs, which have a decent crit chance. Poison Jab makes Youki my sole counter to Defense Kaguya.

Like Chen, while he's banded, it makes it easier to switch into something that resists the move he's locked into. Rock Bullet and Fire Types make short work of him, especially thanks to his abysmal bulk. Statuses don't do him any favors, either. At least he can't be flinched.

I may revise this team at some point, but I'll thank you in advance for reading and pointing out any other gaping holes.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / October 4th Broadcast
« on: October 04, 2014, 07:45:50 PM »
It's been a while since there's been any news or development on Touhou Puppet Dance Performance. Let's have some!

So this morning, Hemo presented a few interesting tidbits about what players have to look forward to, including the following:
  • A tour of what appears to be the Forest of Magic
  • Changing a Doll's Ability
  • Changing a Doll's "Style"
  • A type of Reincarnation System (they called it the "Tensei System", or something like that)
  • Wi-Fi Battles
As always, more details are in the videos:
Which of these features are YOU looking forward to?

As of November 16th, no new matches have occurred. I'm calling this Dead in the Water. Hopefully, we can try again in the New Year or after Touhou Puppet Dance Performance gets translated.

Details of what WAS the 2nd draft are in the spoiler.

So I felt inspired to post this in light of Shoddy's mildly successful first draft.

Draft Explanation:
If you don't know what a draft is, drafting involves building a team using a limited amount of Puppets at your disposal, then competing with that team against other draft teams. It's basically a tournament where a player selects from a Pool of Puppets. Of course, if one player selects a puppet, another player cannot select the same puppet and must go with a different one. The order of which players get to pick is randomized, and the draft goes on until every player has a full roster (anywhere from 10 to 15 puppets). The draft picks occur only once, so if you miss it, you'll have to wait until the next draft.
After all players have a roster, they must build teams to fight against other teams. Of course, since the team limit is 6 in standard matches, opponents can use any of the 10-15 puppets in their roster. Counter-teaming is optional, but recommended.
The tournament is a Round Robin, which means every contestant has to face off against every other contestant at least once in a match of best 2-out-of-3. Once the Round Robin is over, the 4 best contestants (i.e. The four that win the most matches) face off in the finals.
The reward is, more or less, bragging rights.
The previous draft was limited to all puppets used in Standard Play (nothing banned, like Speed Aya). This time, however, the plan is to have players use Underused, or UU puppets only. Puppets that are considered Underused can be found here:
(All Puppets NOT Bolded are considered UU. Ubers, like Sendai and the X Puppets, obviously do not count.)

I made a visual guide for those that don't like reading through walls of text to find out what is considered OU/UU. To that end, any puppet that is NOT in the chart can be drafted (used for the tournament).
As of September 24th, 11:30 PM EDT, the draft has concluded. A list of this tournament's draft picks can be found here:

Not mandatory, but feel free to post a log for any of the matches you fight in.

It should go without saying, but all standard battle rules apply (i.e. Evasion Clause, Species Clause, etc.). Sand Veil is also banned, so don't try it.
Obligatory Team Name Post: SoulfulLex reporting in as The Chentastics.

Tournament Bracket can be found here:

UPDATE: Anyone who drops out of the draft will have their remaining matches marked as ties, since they were technically never played...[inspoiler]nor do I think it's fair to mark up undue victories. Sue me.[/inspoiler]

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / August 9th Broadcast
« on: August 09, 2014, 07:39:53 PM »
It's that time again, boys and girls.

This morning's broadcast was the most comprehensive to date; Hemoglobin_A1C (presumably) played a portion of the trial he'll be releasing next Saturday at Comiket 86. Rather than summarize things this time around, I figure people should watch the broadcast instead.

View the broadcast here:

Just like last time, the broadcast was split into two segments, both a half-hour each. There's also a Pre-Show I recorded, but unless you understand Japanese, there's not much to see.

Technically, this was the third broadcast regarding Gensou Ningyo Enbu. The first broadcast is also a part of the playlist I linked to this post. The second broadcast was never recorded (Nicovideo broadcasts are archived for 7 days after the live session, then erased / rendered inaccessible), but it was summed up by the developer's Twitter blog (, as well as yours truly (

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Battles and Puppet Stats
« on: June 28, 2014, 08:40:58 PM »

So, Hemo did a Broadcast this morning revealing some more game mechanics. For some parts, things are pretty much the same as Pokemon, in that you encounter Wild Puppets in tall grass. Most likely, they will also be encountered while Surfing, Fishing, and in Caves.

There are also "Trainer" battles. They'll engage you if you enter their line of sight or if you talk to them.

Wild Battle BGM: Deaf To All But The Song
Trainer Battle BGM: Old Yuanxian

Battles for the most part follow the Pokemon format: Select an action (Fight, Puppets, Items, and Run)
Fight brings you to a list of Skills to use in battle. For cReimu here, she can use a basic attack or raise her stats. The order of which any Puppet acts depends on their Speed. First side to defeat the other side wins.

Puppets brings up the party list, where you can view stats. If you have more than one Puppet in the Party, you can switch out.

Items is self-explanatory; use an item in battle. Items range from Potions to "Seals" (more like Capture Cards, amirite).

Run is also self-explanatory; escape a wild battle.

The SP in the Skill Box is the PP of the move, or how many times it can be used before it reaches 0. Needless to say, once it reaches 0, it can't be used until it is replenished.

When a battle is won or when a wild Puppet is "captured", all puppets (except for the one you just caught) in the party gain Experience, regardless of whether or not they participated in the battle. Items may also be gained.

To "capture" Puppets, the player needs a Seal (not exactly sure what it is really called). The seal takes a turn to work after use. You'll know if the seal is working when there's a red magic circle surrounding the puppet you're trying to capture. If successful, the battle ends, and you now have a new puppet. The seal can fail, however. To increase your odds of capture, use a seal the turn you're about to defeat the wild Puppet, then defeat it. Like Pokemon, you can't use a Seal once the Puppet faints, and you cannot "capture" another Trainer's Puppet.

PP in this game is another set of Experience Points. You earn them alongside EXP. However, these points are used to either learn new Skills (Moves used in battle) or allocate them to a Puppet's stats to raise your stat(s) of choice. New skills become available after leveling up or earning enough PP / stats, but they are not automatically learned. To add the Skill to a Puppet, look at their Stats and one tab should point to Skills. Learnable skills (i.e. ones not in a Puppet's current moveset) are displayed in a list displaying their name, how much PP is needed to learn the skill, its type, amount of SP, Power, Accuracy, and effect (if applicable).

In cReimu's case, she was able to learn Metal Needle; it's a Steel Type move that costs 10 PP to learn, 15 SP (meaning 15 uses), and has a Base Power of 70 (100 Accuracy). At the same time, skills can be deleted and re-learned, but at the expense of PP. The stronger the Skill, the higher the amount of PP needed to learn it.

In the video, a maximum of 64 PP can be allocated to one particular stat, but only a maximum of 130 PP total can be given to a Puppet. Sound familiar? They sort of function like Effort Values (EVs). I'm not sure if players will be able to redistribute them or be able to raise the maximum PP that can be allocated at any point.

If anything, I'll tidy this up later. Feel free to ask or add anything I may be missing.

So I was bored and decided to make an Effort Value Table for 1.8-based Touhoumon games. To be specific, this table reflects the EVs present in Agastya's Purple 1.8, as well as Doesnt's hack.

If you don't know what Effort Values are, they're what makes a huge difference in how easy or difficult you can make the game for yourself. Read up on Effort Values Here:

Update is in latest post.

As all of you may or may not know, Nicovideo has a Streaming Broadcast function that users may make use of to broadcast whatever said broadcaster may be doing. However, free users are only allowed to watch live and "during the moment the event is going on". Premium Members (paid users) are allowed to view recent broadcasts up to a week. I mention this because the developer of Touhou Puppet Dance Performance, Hemoglobin_A1C, mainly streams videos of development instead of making videos. I think this locks out interested persons, to a degree, from seeing any of the actual work going on.

As a Premium member of Nicovideo, I figured I'd make this thread to show off some of the artwork, progress, and/or game mechanics that Hemoglobin_A1C may broadcast on his Nicovideo channel. Up until now, I've posted some of the links on the Shoddy Server, but I've organized some of those pictures (screen captures) into a gallery, and then some:

The Gallery can be updated at any given time, so check often. The Gallery is no longer being updated, as I no longer have a Premium Membership on Nicovideo.

Of course, if anyone else has pictures of the game's development they want to share, post away.

Fan-made hacks / Touhoumon Gaiden [Milestone 1.331]
« on: April 20, 2014, 02:34:45 AM »
Note: This project has been abandoned, meaning no new updates are to be expected.

"What if Touhoumon existed in Generation 5 of Pokémon?"

Touhoumon Gaiden is an experiment, one that aims to answer the question above. It is a 1.8-based game made in Pokémon Essentials and the result of nearly a year's worth of hypothesizing and a little inspiration. Put another way, I'm the loser that decided to go ahead and make a Touhoumon fangame with my own spin of how I think it would fit into Pokémon's Gen 5 rather than keep talking about it.

At the time of writing this, the game is still a Work-In-Progress. "Milestone" is just a term I use in place of "Demo" or "Alpha / Beta / Gamma". However, I hope that it won't deter you from trying it out or from sharing your opinions.

~ Story ~
What story? If you're talking about the plot of the game, it's basically Pokémon Gold and Silver with Touhoumon and some maps inspired by Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Anyone that has played either should know the story, but in case you don't, you travel the region of Johto and raise a team of capable 'mons all the while beating Gyms and keeping Team Rocket out of the news, ultimately becoming strong enough to face the Elite Four and become the Champion. It's that simple.

Oh, and there are some changes to the general script for flavor, but if you've played Pokémon Gold or Silver, you know the story.

~ Gameplay ~
As I've mentioned above, Touhoumon Gaiden is a 1.8-based Touhoumon Game with the intent of bringing it to Generation 5's mechanics. The base of the game, Pokémon Essentials, already has Generation 5 mechanics programmed within. Touhoumon 1.8 at its core, however, and with the exception of the Physical / Special move split and some moves named after moves present in later Generations, is still Gen 3. I decided to take a few liberties in addition to the above:
  • All Touhou Project characters up until Hopeless Masquerade, along with some unofficial characters, are in-game.
  • More than 300 new moves, along with moves present in Generation 5, to make use of. Some puppets have had their movesets changed to make use of them.
  • 49 new TMs.
  • 1.8's Wind-Type has reverted to Electric.
  • A new Wind-Type exists. For reference, it is super-effective against Fire, Flying, and Miasma-types, and is weak against Nature and Ice-types.
  • New Puppets and shard evolutions.
  • Shard evolutions now learn moves at any point rather than at the level their Chibi form naturally evolves at (i.e. cKeine naturally evolves at Level 32. If she was evolved into AKeine, she normally won't learn any level-up moves until after Level 32 unless the Move Relearner teaches her any. This game rectifies that issue).
  • A toggle-able and completely optional Challenge Mode, making the game as hard as you want it to be (Not fully implemented).
  • Gym Leader rematches prior to taking on the Elite Four.
  • Features some added areas present in Heart Gold / Soul Silver, including Routes 47, 48, and the Safari Zone.

As for why you may not want to play this game:

  • There is no Speed-Up button. Speed button is present as of Milestone 1.33
  • To reflect the changes in movesets, ALMOST ALL PUPPETS have had their stat spread changed.
  • Some Puppets have had their abilities switched with ones present in Generation 5 (i.e. Nazrin getting Super Luck instead of Sand Veil).
  • Ten Desires cast is NOT based on Shoddy / Emerald 1.8.
  • As of 1.331, the game uses the Black and White Experience Formula.
  • This game is NOT finished. (Milestone 1.331 currently goes up to Ecruteak City)
  • As of Milestone 1.331, only AKeine, Mimi-chan, and Ruukoto exist as Shard Evolutions. The remaining cast needs to have their movesets created.
  • Challenge Mode at this time is only limited to the first time Gym Leaders are challenged.
  • Games made in Pokémon Essentials can only be played on a computer.

~ Screenshots ~

Let's take a stroll.

Oh hey, a rival.

Do you feel lucky?

Oh hey, one of the new Puppets.

Oh hey, a Wild Battle.

Oh hey, powered up berries (good thing Incinerate and Unnerve exist now).

Oh hey, a rematch against Falkner (and failing at it).

Yes they are.

Nice postcard, bro.

The world is not so kind.

A Full Gallery of Screenshots can be found here:
As a sidenote, you can take your own in-game screenshots by pressing F8.

~ Known Bugs ~
Of course, no Work-In-Progress is without its bugs.

Major Bugs (Ones that will crash the game):
  • Headbutt: When using Headbutt from the Menu as opposed to interacting with a Headbutt Tree on the map, it will crash the game. As far as I know, this is a Pokémon Essentials error, meaning that I have no real way of fixing it.

Minor Bugs (Not game-threatening, but unpleasant to look at):
  • The Fairy-Catching Contest does not allow any contest puppets to be captured. Because of this, it has been disabled until further notice.

~ Downloads ~
1. Download the Game: Milestone 1.331 as of July 4th, 2014
Fixed a map error where it stops the player at Route 29.

2. Download the Audio Folder.
There is also a Minimalist Edition (Audio - Minimalist.7z) that is slightly smaller and only includes the tracks used in-game.
You will need a program like 7-zip to extract the folder.

If, for some reason, Mediafire is down, or if you cannot otherwise download from the main link, I've uploaded the files to:
Mega Mirror:
ByteShot Mirror:Once again, pick one of the Audio Files to download, not both.

3. View the Gaiden Type Chart.

3A. An Alternative Type Chart was made by Elyk.

4. View the In-Game Locations Table.

5. View the Moves Table. Includes a TM List and Moves that were deleted / replaced. Note that this is valid as of Milestone 2, but should reflect most of the moves found in Milestone 1.331.

6. View Gaiden's Puppet Statistics. This spreadsheet displays the Puppet roster, their typings, stat spread, their main abilities (Hidden Abilities are not shown here), their Effort Value Yields, and their Held Items. If you'd rather not be spoiled, don't view this. Bonus points if anyone can determine where the stat spreads come from. This is also valid as of Milestone 2.

Before starting the game, make sure you extract the Audio Folder into the Game Folder (where the Readme is located). I cannot stress this enough.

[inspoiler]Fun Fact: The game itself can be played without the audio pack.[/inspoiler]

~ Obligatory Credits Section ~
Pokémon (c) Game Freak and Nintendo

Pokémon Essentials was made by Poccil and Flameguru, and is currently maintained by Maruno.
Controls Option and Show Species Intro Scripts for Essentials made by -FL-

Title Screen Song (Theme of Eastern Story) (c) ZUN

Touhoumon in general (Sprites included) made by Hemoglobin_A1C

Game Tracks were composed by the makers of Touhoumon 1.8, Pokémon Vega, Pokémon Golden Sun (Ealgrete), and Pokémon Liquid Crystal (Linkandzelda)

Many of the new moves were based on moves found in The Pokémon Factory. Some of the moves I elected to adopt are not fully functional and have thus been benched to be fixed in a later Milestone.

All other resources are credited to their respective owners.

Special thanks to DerxwnaKapsyla for the initial development of Touhoumon Essentials and subsequent inspiration, as well as the Shoddy Forum for ideas here and there.

And lastly, you the player, for taking the time to try a Touhoumon game with an updated perspective.

EDIT: Personal Webpage
I made a(nother) thing for people to access the game's info online for whatever reason. Don't expect it to have anything useful for a long time, as it will be a while before I learn how Altervista works. You can ditch the Wikia link if you've bookmarked it.

ROM Hacks + General Discussion / Additional Versions
« on: May 24, 2013, 10:03:46 PM »
Hello. I hope there aren't any rules against talking about the Japanese patches, but there's a couple of things I'd like to bring up.

For those of you who played Aichiya Sanae's 1.8 Enhanced, you've read that much of the content in the game comes from the unofficial patches, translated and all. Up until last night, I couldn't find any of them anywhere. I know they were listed on the japanese wiki, but (for obvious reasons) there wasn't even any hint as to where someone could find them (if there are links, can someone show them to me?).

Then, a breakthrough happened. I realize that these are unofficial patches, but I found them as a collection, featuring Johto, Music Patches, Maps, scripts, and even other versions (Scarlet, Sazanka, etc.) Would anyone be interested in trying them out? I know the games themselves are in Japanese and you'd need the wiki to see which moves are which, but I think that for anyone looking to see what other Touhoumon versions there are, it's worth a look.

By the way, all of the files are IPS, and I believe most of the patches require Official 1.812 to be patched first before doing anything else.

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