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Movesets / Technical Hatate
« on: September 12, 2013, 12:41:40 PM »

Ability: Focus/Trace
Hp: 100

With the banning of Speed Aya from standard play we brave men who play with dolls have been forced to look elsewhere for stupidly good baton passers that can actually serve as threats in their own right. Well look no further! With access Nasty Plot, Agility, and Baton Pass THatate can transform otherwise manageable teammates into unstoppable juggernauts while threatening a sweep all on her lonesome with nearly unresisted coverage and the ability to blast steels into next week with her forms signature Heat Wave.

Set: Show Me Your Moves!
Technical Hatate @ Gothic Dress/Leftovers
Ability: Focus
EVs: 124 Def/252 SpAtk/132 Spd
Modest nature (+SpAtk,-Atk)
-Nasty Plot
-Heat Wave
-Luster Purge

With the given spread THatate will out speed every non boosted puppet in the game after a single agility while actually out damaging her timid vanilla form making her a lethal dual dancer. I chose to sink the leftover EV's into Def over HP to better tank Blade Flash. Luster Purge provides an accurate and powerful STAB with focus while Gothic boosted Heat Wave's can ruin any steel but Konngara, Yorihime, AKomachi, and ASuwako with a single layer of spikes on the field, and at +2 Special attack THatate is simply to hot for the above checks to handle. Fire/Reason also happens to form a nearly unresisted coverage combination missing out on only the Murasa forms. Invested 100/90/90 bulk is simply the cherry on the delicious bird sunday, allowing Thatate to sponge even banded Blade Flash's and Ice Shard's.

Set: SAya Wannabe
Technical Hatate @ Gothic Dress/Leftovers
Ability: Focus
EVs: 124 Def/252 SpAtk/132 Spd
Modest nature (+SpAtk,-Atk)
-Baton Pass
-Heat Wave
-Luster Purge/Nasty Plot

While THatate has to sacrifice either coverage or power to run it, baton pass just cranks up the carnage to a whole new level, allowing THatate to create and maintain momentum like no other while completely bypassing almost all of her checks and counters. As threatening as THatate is, nothing says "Where is your god now" like passing +2 speed, special attack, or both to transform her teammates into unstoppable killing machines.

Options: THatate can run Trace over Focus to get free turns of setup on GateKeeper walls, or she can run roost to better serve as a pivot. However past that her options get pretty niche. She can try to run a bulky Mana Charge set however with weaknesses to 6 widely used offensive types and a disgustingly low base 70 speed tier its somewhat unreliable. Shadow ball can prove useful though as its THatate's best way to actually hit Murasa forms.

Support:THatate thrives on spikes, getting at least 1 layer down is pretty much mandatory. Packing an ASuwako and Murasa hard counter is pretty much mandatory. Past that just have pass targets that resist or immune Ghost,Dark,Heart,Steel,Ice, and Wind if your running it.

Counters:The Murasa forms are literally the only way to hard counter all of THatate's sets, with a resistance to both of her attacking moves, the ability to nail her with super effective ghost moves, and access to haze to ruin B Pass Murasa straight up hard walls THatate. She can also be forced out by powerful attackers with a STAB super effective move, but with a faster than everything Baton Pass this is a shaky way to check her at best as even Banded Blade Flash will rarely hit for more than 60%. Phazing can ruin passes to non Gatekeeper targets but if your wall comes in on a Nasty Plot its probably dead now.

Movesets / Mamizou
« on: August 27, 2013, 07:52:55 AM »

Ability: Focus/Keen Eye
Hp: 100

Mamizou is quite possibly the single randomest puppet in all of Touhoumon. Seriously, the tanuki master of fluffy tails and lewd power can do so many completely contrary yet synergistic things that she can be Tenma level rage inducing despite her 4x weakness to both fire AND flying. Name a supporting role other than physical wall or cleric, Mami does it. Here's the most consistent sets I've found thus far.

Lead the way!
Mamizou @ Lum berry
Ability: Focus
Ev's: 252 Spd/252 Atk/4 Hp
Jolly nature (+Spd,-SpAtk)
-Killing Bite

Lead Mami is one of the most consistent offensive spiker leads in the game, Explosion and Hypnosis along with respectable bulk allow Mami to almost always 2 for 1 allowing you to start at 5 vs 4 while maintaining the ability to set the up the best move in the game (spikes). Killing bite hits ghosts hoping to soak explosion and prevents Youki from hard walling Mami. The ability to bluff belly pass just takes the offensive pressure and momentum generated to a whole new level.

Support: Lead Mami loves to pave the way for HO. Starting 5-4 with spikes is pretty close to ideal for aggro teams. Due to her suicidal nature a spinblocker is pretty mandatory, ASuwako is pretty much spinblock incarnate. Strong flying and fire resists are also pretty nifty, while Mami may be a big boom lead she does have the bulk to come in late game and status/spike or play hand grenade on something annoying, and free swapins are just momentum galore for HO. ASanae/ TToyo/APatchy/Futo all resist fire 4x and are legitimate threats in their own right while steels such as ASuwako/Yumeko/Youki can block flying like its nothing while providing spinblock support.

Smeargle 2.0
Mamizou @ Salac Berry
Ability: Focus
Ev's: 252 Hp/252 Spd/4 Def
Jolly Nature (+Spd,-Spatk)
-Belly Drum
-Baton Pass
-Hypnosis/Taunt/Killing bite

Drumpass Mami can pull 6-0's out of thin air, at +6 attack and +1 speed almost any mon is capable of simply running over entire teams. Usage is simple, Belly Drum up, sub to trigger salac, pass to thing that can abuse it to no end. Hypnosis and taunt let Mami beat phasers while Killing Bite allows her to threaten a minisweep of her own and kill off offensive mons attempting to break her sub and priority her to death. Max HP is for 101 HP substitutes and max speed is for fast Hypnosis.

Support: Just have a physical mon with really good coverage and 279 speed waiting in the wings. Futo and ASuwako resist Mami's weaknesses and can run over teams at +6/+1. Fun times.

Mamizou @ Leftovers
Ability: Focus
Ev's: 252 Hp/252 Spdef/4 Spd
Calm nature (+SpDef,-Atk)
-Stun Spore/Spikes

To give you an idea of how stupid Parashuffle Mamizou is in the sand, Timid AdReisen Poison Bomb has a less than 50% chance of breaking a sub, Modest T Toyo Surf will not break sub, Timid Dark Alice Hyper Beam has less than a 10% chance of breaking sub. Mamizou can even live 252 SpAtk SFlandre Fire Blast from full HP 96% of the time. Neutral or non stab special attacks are just sub bait period, and once Mami is behind a sub she is free to phase the opponents team all she wants to rack up spike damage while firing off focus boosted Hypnosis's and Stun Spores to cripple the opposing team.

Support: Spikes and sand, Suika brings both to the table wish support can let Mami last all game long while flying and fire resists provide much needed team synergy.

Counters: Fast Taunt/encore users with a super effective move shut Mami down hard. Nue, TAya, S Medicine are just a few notable examples. The Koishi forms cancel weather and pack fire moves making them a near perfect counter to the parashuffler set. Past that...good luck.

Options:Mamizou has a lot of potential, Toxic Stall, TrickBand, Bulky Attacker, Fire/Flying Lure, and Dual Screens all seem like viable options so feel free to tailor Mamizou to fit your teams needs.

Movesets / Attack Minoriko
« on: August 24, 2013, 09:23:39 AM »

Type: Earth/Nature
Ability: Chlorophyll/Overgrow
Hp: 85

AMinoriko has pitiful a BST of 480, however she rival's even the beast known as Tenma in terms of efficient stat distribution. With an astounding 135 special attack and a very solid 85/80/80 bulk along with an amazing Earth/Nature typing and fantastic coverage the younger Aki sister can take hits and dish them out all day long. Oh, and 55 base speed is the perfect Agility/Chlorophyll number. Zoom Zip~

Hot Potato!

AMinoriko @ Lum berry/Leftovers/Type Item
Ability: Chlorophyll
Ev's: 252 SpAtk/252 Spd/4 Hp
Modest Nature (+SpAtk,-Atk)
-Sunny Day
-Solarbeam/Nature Power
-Earth Power
-Heat Wave

Have I mentioned how absolutely perfect AMinoriko's stat distribution is? With the given spread she's free to run a modest nature alongside her monstrous special attack with near perfect neutral coverage off her 3 Stab/Sun boosted attacks while out speeding even base 140 fully invested puppets. All while sporting a solid bulk allowing her to easily sponge hits both while setting up and while sweeping away.The newly fixed Solarbeam gives consistent power in the sun while nature power provides a non weather dependent Stab, while Earth Power just hits hard, Heat Wave abuses the fire type boost in the sun and rounds out coverage. Stupidly powerful sweeper is stupidly powerful, even with 4 turn time limit of sunny day many teams cannot weather the assault. (shot)

Who's Toyohime?
AMinoriko @ Leftovers
Ability: Overgrow
Ev's: 252 Hp/252 Def/4 SpAtk
Bold Nature (+Def,-Atk)
-Calm Mind
-Giga Drain
-Earth Power/Substitute
-Heat Wave/Substitute

While not as quick to the punch as her sunny day set AMinoriko can easily abuse her hefty bulk and fantastic typing to set up calm minds with ease. Overgrow boosted Giga Drains provide a very solid recovery option. Ev's are made to maximize bulk on both sides once you set up a calm mind or 2 and 135 SpAtk will hit like a truck even without investment. You can also run sub over Heat wave/Earth Power to better combat status abusers.

Options:Solarbeam is currently broken on shoddy2 however it works just fine on cart! AMinoriko can monoattack with rest talk CM however the loss in coverage is significant. Nasty Plot is nifty however the loss in bulk/coverage isn't really worth it when she already has Calm Mind. Sub 3 attacks/SubSeed/SubStatus can be pretty powerful however they're less consistent options due to 55 base speed.

Support: Wish/Spikes support make both AMinoriko sets quite happy and solid Flying and Ice resistances are a must. Thankfully these are pretty easy requirements to meet, Yumeko, Sakuya, and AdLetty can easily soak flying hits while spiking up while Louize and DLetty can easily soak ice and fire moves aimed her way while providing clerical support. The Rin forms can also play fire sponge and respond in kind with flash fire boosted Flare Blitz/Eruption's

Birds, T Aya and Cirno can easily detect for their speed boost and then fire off powerful Stab SE moves your way to end your fun in the sun while Hatate and Yumemi can easily threaten out CM varients. The Utsuho forms resist everything AMinoriko can throw her way and can force her out while abusing your sun. That said Special walls really do not enjoy dealing with a 135 base NUKE that can pump up her attack, D Kayuga gets special mention though due to her nifty special attack and powerful Ice Beam. Lastly but not leastly Speed/Attack Koishi can ignore AMinoriko's sun with their awesome hats and threaten to put AMinoriko on ice.

If the raw stats don't convince you... use her cause adorable potato is adorable >.< (And she kills Rhetco's waifu's)

Movesets / Luna Child
« on: August 24, 2013, 06:27:53 AM »

Type: Wind/Nature
Ability: Volt Absorb

If I were to chose 2 words to describe Luna Child those words would be "Glass Cannon". With 100 special attack, 130 speed, and a fantastic coverage move pool Luna can pull late game sweeps out of thin air. On the other hand... 65/65/65 Def stats give her the survivability of a peeps marshmallow treat in a microwave. So ya, Set.

Nasty Luna
Luna Child @ Lum Berry/Leftovers/Ninja Outfit/Camouflage
Ability: Volt Absorb
Ev's: 252 SpAtk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp
Timid Nature (+Spd,-Atk)
-Nasty Plot
-Nature Power/Giga Drain
-Poison Bomb/LUNATIC

Luna can come in on a resisted hit or the revenge kill and set up a nasty plot and go to town with her unresisted neutral coverage, 130 base speed means that very few puppets can out speed this frail little fairy while wind/nature typing grants Luna a much neutrality to all forms of priority but ice shard. Poison Bomb picks off Luna's long time treemates Star Sapphire and Sunny Milk along with the ever present D Kayuga while LUNATIC provides better overall super-effective coverage and can seriously dent even the mighty Sariel. Wind/Nature provide surprisingly decent Stab coverage, I prefer Nature Power over Giga Drain for the extra power (It hits a whopping 120 BP on both Sariel and Konngara allowing for a 67% shot at the easy 2 hit KO) since Luna REALLY cannot afford to take even neutral hits, however Giga Drain can provide a buffer against priority when facing offensive teams so its a case of whatever floats your boat I guess.

Options: Luna learns Mana charge and sub however...65/65/65 bulk tends to make both pretty bad. Luna does learn twister and can TRY to run this abomination...however no amount of EV tweaking will allow her to be consistent at it v.v.
Offensive Support
Luna Child @ Leftovers
Ability: Volt Absorb
Ev's 252 SpAtk/200 Hp/56 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd,-Atk)
-Nature Power
-Thunderbolt/Heal Bell

With the given EV's Luna can outspeed fully invest +speed base 105's and OKHO's  ASuwako, TToyo, AKiene and the Tenshi forms while gaining OK bulk. however she misses out on the 3 hit KO on full invested Spdef Suika, Restalk DLetty, and Tank TYuka so...meh.

Support: Luna really wants spikes and Luna reeeaaaly wants special walls gone, special wallbreakers such as AUtsuho, APatchy, and DAlice all make solid team mates while potent mixed hitters such as SFlandre, AKayuga, and Shingyoku-O can also clear the way. HEirin also makes a nifty teammate as she covers all of Luna's weaknesses while Luna gains free swap ins off of Volt Absorb.

Counters: Strong Special walls with a super effective or even neutral hit can shut Luna off entirely (D Mokou, Yoshika, Shingyoku-F, Offensive Ad Alice, Eirin, Lily White) while AdReisen, Youki and Mimi-Chan out speed and can OHKO the little Luna. Oh and our dark lord Ruukoto walls her entirely and can give a slow death by toxic. Also ice shard or strong priority can be used to revenge kill the little fairy.

Movesets / Lily White
« on: August 22, 2013, 10:34:04 PM »

Type: Heart
Ability: Spring Charm
Hp: 120
Atk: 50
Spd: 60

Lilly White @ Leftovers
Ability: Spring Charm
Ev's: 80 Hp/252 Def/176 spdef
Nature: Sassy (+Spdef,-Spd)
-Body Slam/Heat Wave

That, Bulk, Son. The combination of an amazing mono-heart defensive typing 120/100/100 bulk and spring charm makes Lily White one of the most obnoxiously difficult walls in the game to break down. With the given EV's and a + SpDef nature Lily can soak all but the most powerful special attacks and roost off the damage like its nothing while spreading para, toxic, and burns around your opponents team, and once you soak up a nifty status effect she becomes a nigh impregnable physical wall. To put things in perspective a statused Lily white with the given spread can stall out even non banded AFlandre and AYuugi superpower hits. That's right, Stab/Hustle super effective 120 base move coming off of 165/170 base attack...cannot bring this monster down with spring charm up. Add in encore support and even powerful setup attackers packing super effective hits are no longer threatening. Body Slam Vs Heat Wave is a matter of checking Dark Alice better or hitting steels.

Options:Obviously Lily can shift her EV's to be fully physical or special or she can run Wish/Detect to provide better team support, however roost is generally better due to Lillys love of status moves. She can also run a Cress Style Rest talk + charge beam set or dual screens + status and recovery. Lilly does learn selfdestruct but....50 attack is 50 attack.

Support: Lily Loves to play lonely pivot for offensive teams with her massive mixed bulk and the momentum generating dynamo known as encore. Yumemi, T Byakuren, Sara, Youki, SYoumu, Ad Mokou, Lyrica, the Lily Black forms, and the Meiling forms can all swap in on encore locked resisted hits and freely set up while the great wall of Lily easily soaks reason, heart, ghost, and dark moves aimed their way.

Counters: While Lily may be a defensive behemoth she has the offensive presence of a wet paper bag. 50/50 Offensive stats make it quite easy to bring in absolutely thermonuclear attackers with either torrent/Blaze/Overgrow enabled or a choice item equipped to break through Lilly with ease ( A Patchy, A Utsuho, Banded A Flandre) while dedicated stall breakers also prey heavily on Lilly's pitiful offensive stats while taunting away her recovery (Nue).

Movesets / Attack Tewi
« on: August 22, 2013, 08:38:51 AM »

Type: Beast
Ability: Natural Cure/Cute Charm
Hp: 80
Atk: 50
Def: 75

ATewi may have a semi awful mono-typing in beast she also comes with a truly fantastic move pool and solid stats allowing her to preform a variety of roles quite nicely. Yes... she is indeed a wascaly wabbit.

Offensive Spinner

ATewi @ Leftovers
Ability: Natural Cure
Ev's: 252 SpAtk/196 Spd/ Hp 60
Nature: Bold (+Def,-Atk)
-Rapid Spin
-Binding Voice
-Ice Beam/Energy Ball/Earth power

A Suwako is the premier spin blocker in touhoumon, the given EV's allow ATewi to outspeed even jolly + speed A Suwako by 1 point allowing for a 2 hit KO with earth power while always living Youki Battle chant. ATewi's modest bulk combined with natural cure + rest allow her to spin and then heal up to full while maintaining a very respectable offensive presence. Earth Power is your go to coverage move to pick off those annoying steels trying to block your spins while Ice beam + Binding voice offer almost perfect neutral coverage missing out on only Yumemi. Energy ball is an option if you really want to OHKO A Suwako, but I ask you, are you feeling lucky punk?

Offensive CM
ATewi @ Leftovers
Ability: Natural Cure
Ev's: 252 SpAtk/252 Spd/4 Hp
Nature: Timid (+Spd,-Atk)
-Calm Mind
-Binding Voice
-Ice Beam
-Rest/ Encore/Signal Beam

Again Binding Voice and Ice Beam provide near perfect coverage, Cm allows you to boost ATewi's already respectable 115 base special attack sky high. Rest can give ATewi multiple chances to set up while Signal Beam hits that annoying Yumemi, and a fast encore can create plenty of free turns for ATewi to boost up.

ATewi @ Salac Berry (Female)
Ability: Cute Charm/Natural Cure
Ev's 252 SpAtk/ 172 Spd/ 84 Hp
Nature: Modest (+SpAtk, - Atk)
-Calm Mind
-Binding Voice
-Ice Beam

The given EV's allow ATewi to out speed even fully invested + speed base 140 puppets after salac berry while Ice Beam and Binding Voice show up yet again to provide solid coverage. Cute charm is really what gives ATewi a special niche as a Sub CMer allowing her to hax a few extra boosts off of a physical attacker in a desperate situation to get the sweep off.

Options: ATewi can run a pretty huge array of sets ranging from dedicated status inducer, to taunt lead, to 3 attacks + rest, to dedicated lure sets to enable an even more powerful sweeper.

Support: ATewi really needs good team mates to cover for her terribad defensive typing, flash fire and water absorb or just plain resistances to water, fire, and flying are quite nifty and quite needed. As always spikes are useful on the other side of the field to force a few more OHKO's.

Counters: Gonna divvy this up into Spinner VS CM cause it would get annoying otherwise

Offensive Spinner: Konngara can hard block A Tewi's spins all day long and tank anything ATewi can throw at her while A Komachi can force her out with her stupidly powerful aqua jets. Sans that not much can actually STOP A Tewi from spinning without risking instant death. Plus, with her ability to simply rest off damage  your spinblocker will often die in vain, so I'll end the counter list here.

CM Tewi: Beast typing is a horrid defensive typing as long as ATewi doesn't have her nifty sub or a huge amount of Calm Minds under her belt just about any fire, water, or flying attack will force her out, AStar Sapphire gets special mention though as she takes neutral damage at worst from any and all of ATewi's attacks and can almost always kill both the CM and Sub CM sets with priority aqua jet.

Movesets / Speed Yamame
« on: August 22, 2013, 07:22:15 AM »

Type: Earth/Miasma
Ability: Infectious/ Strange Mist
Hp: 70
Atk: 105
Def: 70
SpAtk: 60
Spdef: 70

Yams, Yams Yams Yams, the greatest of root vegetables. With her unique typing and access to perfect neutral coverage, priority, baton pass, and useful setup and status moves this tricky spidery treat is truly delicious.

SYamame @ Lum Berry/Leftovers
Ability: Infectious
Ev's:252 Atk/ 52 Spd/ 200 Hp or 252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp
Nature: Adamant (+ Atk,-Spatk) or Jolly (+Spd,-SpAtk)
-Poison Jab
-Baton Pass/Steel fist

Yams has a somewhat flexible EV spread, at 52 speed adamant she out speeds +speed nature 140's allowing for more bulk however a 252/252 jolly build allows her to play revenge killer opening up more utility so feel free to tailor her to your teams needs. Steel/Miasma/Ground offers perfect neutral coverage giving yams a very real chance at sweeping unprepared teams all on her lonesome while baton pass allows her to give a tailwind to something absolutely devastating and gives SYamame a way to completely bypass many of her counters.

SYamame @ Special Bloomers
Ability: Infectious
Ev's: 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 Hp
Nature: Jolly (+Spd,-Spatk)
-Poison Jab
-Steel Fist/Rock Bullet
-Pursuit/Rock Bullet

I normally just leave choice sets under options however Yams gets special mention due to her access to both rock bullet and pursuit (the most underused move in the game). With the ability to revenge kill large portions of the metagame via raw speed and priority in addition to the ability to trap weakened but still lethal threats Choiced Yams gains a niche all her own.

SYamame has access to many support moves such as spikes, encore, toxic, spider web, taunt, and even the sub+endeavor+priority combo.  However due to her lackluster def stats these roles are better left to her normal and technical forms. Gunk shot is a stronger stab and can Defile Waifu's net a few borderline ohko's however the accuracy drop isnt worth the power unless your just crazy lucky.

As a pure sweeper SYamame really wants spikes and a bit of damage on flyers and dedicated walls to supplement her somewhat mediocre attack stat. As a baton passer spikes are nifty but the main focus should be on viable pass targets that can cover her weaknesses and wreck havoc on opposing teams while not "needing" tailwind to function. T Byakuren, A Suwako, A Remilia and A Kazami are all examples of potent mon's that become absolutely ungodly with a single tailwind.

Counters: Strong physical walls with both a super effective move and phasing can hard counter Yams all day long, D Tenshi, physical Suika, and D Hatate can all come in and force SYamame out regardless of her set. Powerful bulky attackers such as Magic Stones or detect + speed boost abusers can revenge kill a pure tailwind Yams however one baton pass later and suddenly your while team is just gone so beware. She's also weak to both aqua jet and rock bullet and neutral to other forms of priority so that's always an option however the weaken and revenge strat will leave you open to baton pass.

Teambuilding / A Rin Happy Hour
« on: August 16, 2013, 06:59:11 PM »
This team was originally a proof of concept for my H Erin set and ran quite a few pretty fun strats and gimmicks the main one being touhoumons equivalent of a specs kyogre aqua spout, the team seeks to win not with an OMG setup sweeper but with constant offensive pressure and solid synergy between the mons. Figured I'd post it because shai already stole my core QQ everyones seen it already and its a pretty fun team to play with a lot of..."wut?" sets that somehow work consistantly.

Anyways team

T Aya @ Lum Berry
Ability: Speed boost
Ev's: Attack 252/ Speed 252/ Hp 4
Nature: Jolly
-Brave bird
-High Jump Kick

This spot originally belonged to a bulky spinner S Aya but after her well deserved ban I just threw in an offensive T Aya lead, she fills the void left nicely and can antilead like no other with her mix of amazing coverage, attack, speed, and taunt/twister can keep spikes off my side of the field for good. Wish support from D dai can keep her up and running as a threat well into the game so she often plays both offensive spinner lead and endgame cleaner. Boss bird is Boss bird.

Attack Rin @ Gothic Dress
Ability: Flash Fire
Ev's: 252 Spatk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp
Nature: Timid
-Blast Burn
-Binding Voice
-Sunny Day

With all the special fire moves aimed at D dai rin can come in and turn on flash fire and then set up a sunny day, at which point eruption 2 hit KO's even bulky quad resists. Encore + 160 Spdef lets D dai soak even stab flamethrower from most things and set up the encore allowing for easy setup. Even minus the gimmic setup A rin can still do work with a decent speed tier and normal stab eruptions. Clean OHKOing a fully invested Ad alice yoshika or D kayuga is just pure fun.

Defense Daiyousei @ Leftovers
Ability: Natural Cure
Ev's: 252 SpDef/252 Hp/ 4 Def
Nature: Calm
-Leach Seed
-T wave

I give you....taunt bait. That said this little fairy can live all but the most powerful super effective hits, to give you an idea of how TANK this is A patchy fire blast does 93% max with no boosting item and neutral special hits not coming from mistress outfit D alice cannot come close to out DDing even unprotected wish. D dai is the special side of this teams wall core, and with all of her weaknesses covered by immunities she can provide amazing support by keeping the entire team healthy and spreading para everywhere.

Yumeko @ Special Bloomers
Ability: Guard Armor
Ev's: 252 Hp/ 252 Atk/ 4 Def
Nature: Adamant
-Blade Flash

Ok, So keeping your spikes on a banded thing in generally a terrible idea, however 3rdgen pursuit will not lock you into a move if the opponent swaps out so its not horrible + i didn't have room for spikes on anything else. The superior maid picks off annoying D alices and trapkills otherwise annoying things while providing a much needed bulky steel typing. Superpower is just here to wreck youki's who get cocky.

Helper Eirin @ leftovers
Ability: Natural Cure
Ev's: 252 Def/236 Spd/22 SpAtk
Nature: Bold
-Aqua Shower
-Burn Powder
-Poison Bomb

Same set that I posted in the moveset forum, will completely destroy teams when coupled with D dai and teammates who at the time offered key immunities and coverage to remove all of H erin's counters. The given EV's outrun 90 neutral or 80 + speed natures and aqua shower/burn powder/poison bomb destroy every swapin while erin herself is free to swap in and out at her leisure. Hell with nat cure you cant even status this thing.

Technical Toyohime @ leftovers
Ability: Own Tempo
Ev's: 252 Spatk/ 168 Spd/ 90 Hp
Nature: Modest
-Earth Power
-Mana Burst
-Calm Mind

Standard speed creep T toyo is standard and is still one of the greatest carries in touhoumon, with her bulk and huge specattack and a spread made to outspeed base 80's with a single point of investment T toyo is capable of picking up any slack left by the death of a teamate and running with it.

Team overview: This core, will own your soul if you do not come prepared. H erin and D dai provide solid pivots for the rest of the team covering their weaknesses and the rest of the team can easily swap in on things that would threaten the core. Every mon on the team can threaten swapins and require no turns of setup to be very legitimate threats. However giving any puppet on the team a free turn is near suicide, with a turn of setup T aya can remove hazards and become faster than everything with amazing coverage, A rin can kill absolutely anything, D dai can become practically immortal on the special side with both leach seed and wish healing while spreading para, yumeko...can get up spikes (it sounds lame but spikes = best move in the game damit), H erin can demolish every swapin and T toyo can Cm up and live up to her reputation as one of the most dangerous mons not in ubers.

How to counter the team: Bring a stupidly powerful wallbreaker that does not require setup and make good plays around it, once H erin or D dai go down the team is incredibly vulnerable to a sweep with only T toyo to soak hits. This team also has a very hard time against unconventional strats such as baton pass, sub disable, or even perish trapping. A patchy and sub disable/nasty plot seiga can both open up this team like its nothing. Once something IS set up the team is really forced to sac something, S yamame in particular can threaten both parts of the core with an OHKO and can simply baton pass out of T toyo while yumemi behind a sub is NOT something this team wants to deal with.

Stealing Improving the team: A rin and yumeko are both running somewhat subpar sets so feel free to change/replace them, D dai is probably strictly worse than D kayuga but I'm paranoid about miasma and T toyo can probably roll 3 attack whirlwind to help vs setup sweepers.

Movesets / Seiga
« on: August 16, 2013, 03:46:48 PM »

Type: Faith/Dark
Ability: Levitate/Pressure
Spd: 95

Pass through walls by leaving holes in them, pass through teams by leaving holes in them. Seiga is evil no matter what set she runs and boy oh boy can she run a mix of em. First of all Dark/Faith is an odd typing, while seiga is weak to beast/steel/reason/faith she resists dark/fire/water/wind/dream/illusion and is immune to earth and ghost meaning she takes less than neutral or no damage from almost half of the moves in the game. Combine that with near perfect coverage in 2 moves and immunity to spikes, and seiga would be more than useable even without her amazing movepool. Speaking of movepool, seiga has been around for quite a while and unlike poor youki she's just gotten cannier with age. Seriously its actually shorter to list the support options she lacks >_< (No reliable healing, cannot burn or freeze, cannot perish trap or phase, cannot baton pass). So ya, sets.

Nasty Sub
Seiga @ Leftovers/Salac Berry
Ability: Levitate
EV's: 252 Spatk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp
Timid nature (+Spd/-Atk)
-Nasty plot
-Extrasensory/Silver Wind
-Hyper Beam/Dark Pulse

Remember the part where seiga takes less than neutral damage from a whopping 8 types? Feel free to set up a sub on any of those get yourself a nasty plot or hit the incoming counter hard Seiga's stab coverage is resisted by only 3 puppets (Lunasa, Helper Lunasa, Layla). After a nasty plot even the mighty D daiyousei can be 2 hit KOed by hyper beam. Leftovers are the mainstay item here as seiga is easily forced out once her sub is gone by several common types and with her natural bulk and resistances she plays a very solid pivot early game however you can run modest + salac if your into the yoloswag and fear no blade flash.

Bulky CM
Seiga @ leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Ev's Hp 216/Spd 136/Spa 156
Nature: Timid (+Spd/-Atk)
-Calm Mind
-Dark Pulse/Hyper Beam
-Silver Wind/Extrasensory

With the given EV's Seiga will outspeed jolly A suwako by 2 points and standard H erin by 1 point along with neutral nature base 90's in general, this set chooses to focus more on seiga's role as a solid offensive pivot than as a late game sweeper while still allowing her to hit really damn hard. At +2 seiga's sub can survive even stupidly strong strong resisted hits such as modest max attack T toyo surf so bulky seiga can be considerably easier to set up than her nasty counterpart against teams that lack dedicated special phasers. Silver wind is preferred over hyper beam as the "strong" stab due to its ability to really mess up potential swap ins being more valuable to slowseiga than the -1 spedef drop.

Seiga @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Ev's: 216 Spd/ 252 Spa/ 32 hp/8 spdef
Nature: Timid
-Hyper Beam/Dark Pulse
-Silver Wind/Extrasensory

Earth, Steel, Miasma. Steel, Dream, Ghost. Fire, Water, Reason. Etc Etc Etc, many coverage combinations in touhoumon have only 1 way to hit Seiga for any real damage, so just scout with a sub and disable that POS then throw a sub up and threaten absolutely everything.Force switches, build up spikes damage, be evil. maxed out special attack hurts thigns, 216 speed outruns fully invested +speed nature base 90's and lets you avoid speed ties with other timid base 95's because sub disable speed ties are the worst speed ties, 32 hp ev's are just there to buff your subs a bit, the 8 points in spdef are just leftovers, do w/e with em

Support: Seiga forces a lot of swapping about with all of her sets with sub disable in particular requiring top level prediction to break down quickly so spikes are always nifty and she really loves wish support. Both a strong steel type and a strong steel resistance can be used in conjunction with Seiga to form a highly effective core. (Oh look an excuse to use Kongarra and star sapphire forms) Due to her lack of recovery the bulky and sub disable sets adore wish supporters and there's always the option of baton passing her something mean.

Options: Seiga's CM and nasty plot sets are somewhat interchangeable and she can drop sub for reflect or better coverage on her bulky set if your really confident that your other 5 can handle her weaknesses. From there seiga has a bit of mew syndrome seriously the skys the limit, everything from dual screens to toxic stalling is useable (though I'm not sure about viable) so feel free to play with it.

Counters: With her sub down Seiga is vulnerable to being revenge killed by almost any physical beast/faith/reason/steel move while blade flash ends any salac berry shenanigans quite quickly. With a sub up dedicated special walls/bulky attackers that can either phase or have 2 moves to break seiga's sub with are a hard stop for any set not at +2 special attack. Konngara, Yoshika, and specially defensive D Mokou can all come in on the sub and whirlwind or force her out while Youki, Chen, and Rikako are examples of solid revenge killers. Layla however is probably Seiga's best counter, she can outspeed Seiga, resist her stab combination, and threaten a stab SE mana burst, Plus she comes with some serious special bulk and synchronize to prevent toxic shenanigans.

Movesets / [WIP]Technical Byakuren
« on: August 15, 2013, 09:24:17 AM »
WIP - Lack of proper grammar (Capitalization, incorrectly spelled names), lack of bolding, Shoddy format for sets not used. HEAVY Lack of information on Counters.

Type: Faith/Reason
Ability: Barrier/InnerFocus
Hp: 80

That attack, that bulk, that movepool, that typing @_@. T Byakuren just has Threat written all over her (Well no she has that nifty technicolor scroll but still) Anywho set.

SD/Bulk up Sweeper

(Technical Byakuren) (M) @ Lum (All) Berry
Ability: Magic Barrier
EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Adamant nature (+Atk,-SpAtk)
- Extremespeed
- Sacred Fire
- Swords Dance/Bulk Up
- Zen Headbutt

Usage: Abuse T Byakuren's gratuitous special bulk and myriad resistances to set up a swords dance or a bulk up and then go for a sweep late game. Sacredfire/Espeed/Zen Headbutt give near perfect coverage, missing out on only Layla and Z fairy (Fuck Z fairy) E speed is your main sweeping move Sacredfire/Zen Heatbutt are mainly used to wreck shop on something slower and can be spammed freely any time you find Byakuren in play early game to dish out heavy damage. Keep in mind though that this puppet is 100% a late game sweeper, setting up early game will often end in disaster as many of Byakurens counters are highly offensive puppets that you do NOT want to give free turns.

Support: Spikes, Byakuren needs spikes like no other as she will often barely miss the ohko without them. The more residual damage you can rack up the more likely Byakuren is to sweep. S Yamame makes a great partner for Byakuren's SD set since she can baton pass that nifty tailwind boost to allow Byakuren to outspeed absolutely everything and packs a nifty stab earthquake + Steel fist combination to threaten many of Byakuren's counters away and get the pass off. (continued after counters)

Checks and counters:
I'm going to divvy this up into tailpass and non tailpass for simplicities sake.

Tailpass: Magic stones, Alice, Z fairy, Layla, and Def Hatate can all live 1 hit and ohko Byakuren and Yamame even at +3 attack, while a Modest Speed lilly black can protect for speed boost and put Byakuren into priority range with a stab dark pulse.

Straight up SD/Bulk up:
In addition to being walled by the bulky reason types that plague the tail pass strategy a slow Byakuren can be revenge killed or forced out by a mixed bag of the most frightening offensive puppets in the game, The Remilia and Flandre forms both out speed and OHKO Byakuren and Youki/Youmu can maim even +1/+1 defensive bulk up variants. On the special side Dark Alice can fire off hyper beams and mana bursts all day long and Seiga can grab a free sub on the predicted swap and just go to town on your entire team.

Support 2 Why would you ever run this thing if she has so many counters? Well. Look at Byakurens counters, then back at me, then back at her counters, now look at your type charts, yup every single one of them is weak or neutral to heart and many of them can be hard stopped by the superior maid Yumeko. Additionally many of Byakuren's counters are redundant with each other, so its highly unlikely that you will ever face more than 2 on any given team and with her counters gone and spikes up T Byakuren can destroy teams all on her own.

Options: Byakuren can run bulk investment to try and set up more boosts without too much trouble or use a jolly nature to get the jump on adamant/modest base 100's though I personally prefer to keep as much power on E speed as possible and I just do not enjoy being slower than adamant A suwako. She can also run bulky/fast band sets.

Movesets / Attack Reimu
« on: August 14, 2013, 10:22:30 AM »

Type: Dream/Flying
Ability: Hakurei Miko

Oh look, 120 attack, 90 speed *checks movepool* Yup...tailwind. ^_^


Attack Reimu @ Lum Berry
Ability: Hakurei Miko
Ev's: 252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 hp
Nature: Adamant (+Atk/-SpAtk)
-High Jump Kick
-Outrage/rock bullet/taunt

Dream/flying is an amazing stab combination resisted only by wind/dark (Elis) wind/reason (Marisa) and wind/flying (Aya forms) outrage at +1 adamant allows Reimu to combat the many physically bulky dream types who loooove to run steel coverage and allows her to take on defensive Aya "well enough", rock bullet removes Elis/Marisa from the picture with a bit of spikes damage and picks off pesky blade flash users. Taunt can let you set up to insane levels on phasers/status inducers while running a type boosting item to bypass the need for coverage altogether. The given Ev's out speed + nature base 140 mons and 120 adamant +1 hits stupidly hard. Plus she has solid natural bulk so she can consistently tank 1 blade flash or ice shard and continue sweeping. Oh and flying Stab + Immunity to intimidate = physical sweeper that Rin cannot wall.

 Rock bullet set Potent physical walls can normally sponge 1 hit even after spikes and phase Reimu out, thunder wave her, or OHKO her. Also T aya.

Outrage Set Banded Blade flash will do roughly 76.39 - 90.06%% to Reimu so prior damage is needed to kill. D kanako, D Tenshi, and Yoshika can still phase her out somewhat easily.

Taunt set Reimu's surefire counters are almost all physical walls making taunt a legit option however, D Ichirin, D Tenshi, magic stones and Kikuri can all live a hit and kill off Reimu with ease if she's dumb enough try and taunt them..

. Speed Lilly black can play the protect or boost game and ohko with stab dark pulse if she wins but its just a tad risky.

Support: Spikes turn so many close 2 hit KO's into OHKO's for Reimu and she really wants damage on her counters Sub/Disable Seiga, Subseed SMedicine and other annoyance mons can force switches and traditional phasing can...phase things in order to rack up passive damage quickly and many of A Reimu's otherwise surefire counters have no reliable recovery so status is also nifty. All of this amounts to A Reimu playing a very nice cleanup for both aggressive and balanced/stall teams.

Options: Like most strong physical attackers A Reimu can run a pretty decent band set, 4 attacks band or 3 attacks sleep talk band are both pretty nifty . As always a type item/lefties can be run over coverage in conjunction with taunt for more raw power.

Movesets / Attack Remilia
« on: August 13, 2013, 08:16:22 AM »

Typing: Dark/Flying
Abilities: Keen Eye/Pressure

4x dream resistance, immunity to ghost and earth, amazing offensive stats and near perfect coverage in 2 moves. Attack Remilia is just insanely good at punching holes in teams and can even clean up late game once those pesky blade flash users are out of the way. Seriously, think staraptor with Zam stats and no rock weakness. Then make it better. Thats how good remi is.


Attack Remilia @ Special Bloomers
Ability: Keen eye
Ev's: 252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp
Nature Jolly (+Spd/-SpAtk)
-Fire punch

Soar/Thrash is an amazing stab combination resisted by a mere handful of puppets all of whom are hit neutrally by superpower so I got a bit lazy with the last moveslot, fire punch hits Yumeko slightly harder than superpower on the switch but honestly you can run whatever here. Usage is simple, swap in on one of Remilia's myriad resistances or immunities and fire off hay-maker blows until the opposing defensive core just cant take it anymore. Legit hole puncher is legit

Counters: Yumeko, and Rika are easily Remilia's best counters as they can soak any hit Remilia has and threaten her out with a nasty 4x effective steel move, Ghosts can come in on thrash and blade flash will always kill Remilia making her a breeze to revenge or force out.

Support: Due to her hit and run nature Remilia wants a solid core to retreat into. Spikes are always useful as all of Remilias counters lack reliable recovery and para support can further limit her counters. Furthermore Remilia can pick up a baton passed tailwind or swords dance boost on a non choice set after your opponents blade flasher dies and sweep.

Options: You can lose the band and run a type item/lum + roost, or  taunt, in the last spot to swap moves around and gain utility, Lum+ taunt makes a legit antilead, roost,taunt can wall break like nobody's business and thanks to her "ok" 90 special attack Remilia has the option of going mixed on her last move to maim her few counters on swap in. I would post these as separate sets (or add them to the main set) but that would get super redundant or super confusing very quickly as your only changing 1 or 2 moves and possibly using a hasty nature over jolly.

Note: Attack Remilia's alternate sets are by no means bad or suboptimal (unless its nasty plot A remi, then yes it sucks) choice is simply the set with the most raw power.

Movesets / Attack Patchouli
« on: August 12, 2013, 08:30:47 AM »

Type: Fire/Water
Ability's: Blaze/Torrent

That special attack, that special bulk, that kickass sprite. Add on a nifty fire/water typing and 2 relevant abilities and you have one HELL of a bulky attacker. Oh noes 50/60 physical bulk! Who... cares... absolutely nothing wants to swap in on something this nuclear.

Set: Blow shit up

(Attack Patchouli) (M) @ Leftovers/Chesto Berry/Swimsuit/Gothic Dress
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 86 HP/172 Spd/252 SpAtk
Modest nature (+SpAtk,-Atk)
- Fire Blast/Flamethrower
- Hydro Pump
- Mana Burst
- Aromatherapy/Rest/wilo wisp/mana charge

Usage is simple, swap in on non super effective special attack and murder the HELL out of something. With the given EV's patchy hits as hard as possible while out speeding base 80's with up to 2 points of speed creep and out speeding 168 ev T Toyohime by 1 to ensure the OHKO while in torrent range or the 2 hit KO on swapin. I prefer torrent over blaze because water is generally a better attacking type and you'll normally be using the 100% accurate flamethrower as the weaker stab. Mana burst covers faith types and aromatherapy provides team support, and is generally the best use of your 4th moveslot. Rest lets patchy stick around longer to do even more nuking and can allow for slightly more torrent/blaze abuse. Wilo wisp/Reflect can neuter physical threats on the swap however they're very niche moves because as we'll soon see almost nothing wants to actually come in on patchy. Mana charge is overkill, super massive overkill, but if can put in work at times.

To give an idea of A Patchys power, enjoy some numbers, no type item no torrent/blaze.

Fire blast Vs Fully invested Konngara, 294-348 (76.56 - 90.62%)
Fire blast Vs Fully invested D dai, 258-306 (70.87 - 84.06%)
Fire Blast VS Fully invested D kayuga, 181-214 (35.91 - 42.46%)
Fire Blast VS Fully invested Star S, 160-189 (41.66 - 49.21%)
Fire Blast VS Fully Invested Ruukoto,204-240 (67.1 - 78.94%)
Hydro Pump VS Fully Invested Suika, 320-378 (72.07 - 85.13%)
Hydro Pump VS Fully Invested Ad Alice, 135-160 (41.66 - 49.38%)
Hydro Pump VS Fully Invested Ad Meiling, 169-201 (46.42 - 55.21%)
Mana Burst VS Fully Invested Yoshika, 182-216 (37.6 - 44.62%)
Mana Burst VS Fully Invested Sariel, 144-170 (39.56 - 46.7%)
Mana Burst VS Fully Invested Shingyoku-F, 124-148 (34.06 - 40.65%)

Before we go into counters you may wonder why almost none of these walls are on the list. Torrent/Blaze + hold item is why. Torrent boosted hydro pump with a swimsuit vs 252 Hp/ 252+ Spdef Yoshika 288-339 (59.5 - 70.04%).

Namazu, Sariel, BenBen and the Murasa forms are capable of swapping in on APatchy and tanking hits through either sheer bulk or resistances multiple times. Past that counters get shaky at best, Futo and DSuwako can live even a torrent/blaze range hydro pump/fire blast and force patchy out with the prospect of a physical onslaught, though neither of them will want to do so more than once and swapping in on a mana burst will decimate them AStar Sapphire can play the same game on swap in but its really damn risky. Honestly your best bet is to just let something die to get damage on patchy and then send in a pursuit trapper. Banded Yumeko with speed investment can come in on the revenge kill with a bit of prior damage on patchy and deal 177-208 damage (62.76 - 73.75%) to patchy with pursuit even if patch stays in. Banded SYamame and Banded AKiene can trap as well.

Support: A patchy is a big ole hole punching nuke, she likes spikes and really wants a really solid physical core to swap into but sans that its just swap in and blow holes in teams. Ghost typing on the team is helpful to deal with the little vampires that could (A flan is not fun to deal with and can get a free swapin off of patchy). Youki and SYoumu both love aromatherapy support and Lyrica brings spikes to the table, while AMurasa can help overload special cores while bringing a respectable physical bulk with her, and...rain boosted hydro pump is rain boosted hydro pump.

Movesets / Speed Komachi
« on: August 12, 2013, 07:19:44 AM »

Type: Water
Abilities: Swift swim/Own tempo
Hp: 85

110 base attack and 115 base speed may seem awkward when S Komachi's main stab only has 80 BP but don't let that fool you, Speed Komachi is criminally underused and is an exceptionally powerful mon. Water is one of the better attacking types in the game (Holy shit its a physical sweeper that rin doesn't wall) and has the advantage of resisting or taking neutral damage from other priority abusers, add that to a movepool of aqua jet (makes a +2 komachi surprisingly hard to revenge kill with a layer or 2 of spikes up) a huge support movepool including baton pass, slack off, swords dance, and substitute along with swift swim to surprise steal sweeps and you have one well stacked mon (shot).

SD Sweeper

(Speed Komachi) (M) @ Lum (All) Berry
Ability: Swift Swim
EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd,- SpAtk)
- Aqua Jet
- Shadow Hit/Draw The Line/Ice Punch
- Swords Dance
- Waterfall

Simple set is simple, get a SD up with Bulky waters and natures removed or weakened and go to town, waterfall can 2 hit KO even mixed wall Yoshika after 2 layers of spikes and aqua jet picks off the frail revenge killers out for your blood ohkoing many of them straight up and ohkoing all of them with 3 layers of spikes up. Shadow hit is weak but offered near perfect neutral coverage resisted by only dark/faith and dark/nature while draw line vs ice punch is a choice of walled by nature or walled by faith, I prefer draw line but meh.

Set: Fast Pass

(Speed Komachi) (M) @ Lum (All) Berry
Ability: Swift Swim
EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Adamant nature (+Atk,-SpAtk)

- Baton Pass
- Swords Dance
- Waterfall
- Aqua Jet/Taunt/Draw Line

This Komachi set aims to set up a SD and then murderkill the opposing revenge killer/phaser before passing out. Adamant still outruns + speed fully invested base 100's and has some serious wallbreaking power. Waterfall lets you beat every popular roar/whirlwind user 1 on 1 and aqua jet at adamant +2 will ohko faster revenge killers after 2 or 3 layers of spikes.

Counters: Both Sweeper Komachi and Baton Pass Komachi are walled to hell and back by physically bulky natures and faiths, HStar Sapphire, TSanae and Kasen can all straight up ruin SKomachi's day. S Yorihime, S wriggle, Luna Child, and A Kazami can all come in, resist aqua jet and OHKO Komachi before she can baton pass out as well.

Support: With as many counters as whe has you may ask why I consider this mon even semi viable. Well... S Komachi's counters all have 1 very important thing in common, without exception they are all commonly used to try and sponge powerful water hits, enter A Patchy who can remove all of Komachi's counters simply by existing. S Komachi and Patchy both love spikes so wynaut run em Mamizou and Speed medicine are 2 of the best spikers in the game and further help eliminate Komachi's counters. As the cherry on this synergy sundae quite a few steel and earth types lure in bulky waters and natures + they spinblock and loooove SD's (Attack Suwako).

Options: Komachi can run the own tempo shadow dance combo but if your opponent is packing a dark type then you risk losing half your team (seiga is evil) so I'm personally against it. On the bright side Komachi can run a bulkier set with slack off in a dedicated baton pass team thanks to Lilly blacks passes speed boosts. With priority and a decent movepool komachi can also run a solid band set and with taunt, WoW and slack off/painsplit she can stallbreak or antilead quite nicely.

Movesets / Attack Sanae
« on: August 10, 2013, 08:05:06 PM »

Type: Water/Faith
Ability: Serene Grace
Hp: 80
Atk: 70
Def: 80
SpAtk: 130
Spd: 90

Set: Anti lead

(Attack Sanae) (M) @ Lum Berry
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 6 HP/252 Spd/252 SpAtk
Timid nature (+Spd,-Atk)
- Aqua Shower
- Extrasensory
- Taunt
- Thunder Wave

Usage: Everyone loves to lead with their spiker for some reason, so taunt that POS and then murder its face off with aqua shower off 130 base special attack or para flinch it out of existence. Lum is for faster status leads. Works well on aggressive teams and is pretty unfun to swap into thanks to water/faith being a really nasty typing + status and...aqua shower off 130 base special attack.

Why would I use this over x puppet? Attack Sanae is one of the few puppets in all of touhoumon that can stop bulky sub lum leads such as Suika or flat out TANK leads such as D Tenshi/D Kanako from spiking and she is quite possibly the best possible counter to Kotohime and Mugetsu in the lead spot. Sakuya forms are straight OHKOed by aqua shower and vanilla Aya can be completely shut off by taunt>T wave>Taunt>Paraflinch spam. She can also OHKO common explosion leads not named Mimi-Chan or Mamizou.

Counters: Spiking Mamizou and Speed Medicine can out speed and out status A Sanae or simply kill her outright while taking minimal damage from her stab combination while abusing lum themselves.

Support: Just run a defensive core that can tank faster antileads. Wish support can keep her hp nice and high to boost up her aqua showers late game and aromatherapy or a sleep absorber can mitigate the damage medicine and mamizou and  can cause. Insomnia users like Reisen and Rikako or rest talkers like Sara can come in on the obvious status and suppress spikes with offensive pressure.

Options: Sanae can run a CM set however due to base 90 speed, lack of a sub, and lack of reliable speed boosting she isn't going to be sweeping anytime soon and dedicated status abuse sets are pretty easily shut down. Sanae can run a decent lefties wallbreaker set... but its pretty much this set with lefties and surf. Wish/Detect/Aqua Shower/Move has potential cause 80/80/80 bulk and nice typing.

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