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Thank you very much :D<

The Boundary of Mugen item or whatever it's called, actually does double the stats of a heart marked puppet. It just doesn't show on the stats screen.

I need to say it again
except you just need for single player.

What is Parsee style?
Defense Parsee? (Popular)

Hard to answer it . . .

She really have good stats and good type for beat some meta puppets

- Balance
- Die quickly against High ATK Stats

- Can Against Pri 1 or Quick Skills
- Can Survire against Hight FoAtk (Example : P Aya , Ex Hina , S Yuugi , Ex lily , etc. . .)
- Can die quickly against S Junko , S Sanae , S Marisa , etc. . . (High SpAtk)

- Opposite at FoDef. . . (Lazy to explain)

I don't agree if you choose both of them and look at your team too

Example...Don't raise all FoDef or SpDef in your team Opponent will choose puppets against your weakness stat

That's all i can help with my silly English.

Someone send request to me ..How to won stage21-30 . .
and i'm busy. I need to finish this quickly

My Puppets

1. S Junko* speed emblem spatk64 speed64
- Ele 95/100
- Dark 95/100 *
- Warped 95/100 *
- Nature 95/100
Item +Power Warped Skill Once time
Ability : Hate Re......

Note : *is useful or important

2. P Aya* foatk emblem  Foatk 64 speed 64
- Wind 25/100 *
- Fight 25/100 *
- Void 80/100 Pri2
- N.Barrier Pri4
Item : Black Chocker
ability : +5Hits

3. P Yamame* spatk emblem spatk64 , speed64
- Raid 40/100 *
- Poi 120/100 *
- Earth 95/100
- Nature 95/100
Item : Diamond +Void power up once time
Ability : Speed *2 when lost item

4. S Nazrin* foatk emblem foatk64 , speed64
-  Dark 65/100 *destroy item
-  Iron 65/100 (I don't like 70/90)
-  Earth 100/100
-  Sound 120/100 *
Item : N/A (I choose + Sound power)
Ability : F.Barrier Breaker

5. P Ringo foatk emblem foatk64 , speed64
- Illu 80/100 Pri 1 *
- Fire 75/100
- Nature 95/100
- Light 95/100
Item : Power up Illu once time
Ability : Entry -1 FoATK

6. EX Kisume  speed emblem foatk64 , speed64
- Dark 65/100 Destroy Item
- Nether : 120/100 *
- Drought(?) opponent got [WEAK] Status
- Boost All ATK , Speed +2 and lost 1 All DEF
Item : N/A
Ability : When Full Hp not dead with 1 hit

There's a lot of random puppeteer right? . . .
Well, where do I begin? . . .

Simple Strategy (omg...)

Focus on nitori first puppet her send maybe this one of fastest puppet i ever seen in this tournament
i think her other puppets not a big deal. alice love counter attack and patchouli use 120 fight skill
first i sacrifice my first puppet or send junko first for lock nitori use steel skill and then
after junko defeat (or you lucky if her attack missed)
i send yamame raid and poison to her. Speed low than her with this combo
but she can't beat yamame with one shot steel skill
and beat patchouli with aya or nazrin

Send Aya use N.Barrier against Raid Meiling first and she will runaway . . . (Or use Ringo)
that's all i can said...just focus on that. . . Remillia so easy to beat her...just Black Chocker

Send Yamame First. . Marisa very high speed but low SpDef
and becareful Aurora combo. If you are lucky. sometime D Star suicide and you got free win but High SpDef

Use Aya N.barrier first Suika will got drunkyard and use fight skill ...i'm not sure she will switch to steel puppet?
or try to blow her with wind if you want

Use nazrin first break her item and use sound skill to her you can get 2 free turn
D alice is little hard for her counter skill and can heal too ..Udonge not a big deal.

I hate CIRNO because that water quick skill , powerful and i'm bad luck too
first.. i cannot send yamame ,nazrin or aya for that... then try to use junko or ringo.
if you are lucky cirno shot missed or you take 2-3 hits and ustuho speed very high be careful.
that's all i can say now

Send aya and n.barrier first or focus on her don't use raid...
and sometime youmu love use n.barrier (For what...) you can get 1 free turn to
switch another puppet or else...oh..and udonge using f barrier and stop you
after you got [stop] she will switch to another puppet (not sure or forgot it)

This is one of hardest puppeteer i ever seen or hardest on stage 21-30
aya is not good choice because kanako high def and sagume anti aya
i'm sorry for no strategy for this's really danm hard or i must need luck to avoid her... it's spend much time

to make this strategy

this s hard one too  maybe i send junko first to beat flandre with high speed and prevent using item but junko faster

than her...  A koishi can give you 2 free turn for f barrier...use nazrin is good idea and send yamame use earth on

nue (don't use raid)

I can't defeat meira with one shot. so i send aya first use wind skill and Pri 1 attack
junko and yamame is good idea to defeat them

Alice can easy to killed by Warped Skill then i send junko to beat her first
Nazrin use dark to mima or sound to marisa and yamame use raid and poison to them

Add info about E Kosuzu ability
(I don't want to create new topic)

I'm sorry again for my bad English
Well let's see what's i saw in netplay battle on this mode (plus i never play or not fan pokemon before)

- E Murasa and E Udonge Ability Strange Drug combo with poisoned item  , N.Barrier and Barrier Option
is one of most annoying units i ever seen (Except it is grand tournament battle)
- A lot of E Hina, S Junko and another Meta puppets but i saw E hina and S Junko better than other
- I lost many times and lost at score 0-3 many times I'm imagining if i play 6vs6 i will lost 0-6 or 0-5...
- It's hardly to won. when i won it's score like.. 1-0 ..rarely to got score like 2-0 or 3-0
- I must use 2 full speed and good strategy puppets or 1 of 3 must full speed if i don't use it i will lost like that
- Luck is God ...but many time my luck suck as hell ...hard to explain it or i don't want to explain it
- 80% it's pro or intelligent or hardly to find who play as like me.  poor beginner.
- I must open wiki many time many time(Sure why not)
- ...Weather skill suck or not good like terrain skill Genbu
because hardly to advantage and most painful is...when i play Renko full Defensive
i must lost one unit in my team or taking upbeat skill..
 and i never play that team again or playing puppets who can use ability call weather when entering
(Now..E Ran everywhere...)
- Good Belt and Black Chocker is one of key of battle can make me won easily or...make me suffering
- This game is good for single player better than netplay except you playing with close friend or else
- I really need to see junk or puppets who never entry in netplay have full potential in future or balance...
(i'm sure it never gonna happen like i saw on pokemon or other many games )
- JAP TPDP can saw skill detail quickly unlike ENG it appear only stats and..skill name
I can't typing JAP language to finding. That's why JAP player can advantage for this..never mind that's not true problem   
- Please spend much waiting time (Before Start 3 Min and Fight 1:30 min) for ...something or else
because since first time i play or now. Many people using too much time ...and me too
20%- or Expert player can using short of time.  plus no one can blame you playing slowly or everyone ok with that
- Many my puppets in story mode or single player are useless for postgame and netplay I retrain them again and again in HELL
(Except Expert player who end this game or played netplay before)
- I don't need Light type puppets join in my team except P Yumemi and S Marisa

Now..What your experience in Netplay...wanna sharing to other or me?

i can do it
days ago i uninstall this game because i'm silly
before i'm uninstall game i copy this save file ...
See more information at Reply 7 by xMalicious14 in this link
i copy save file to another folder or hard drive and then after finish reinstall
i paste old save file and it work normally

(i'm not good speaking)

that's weird . . . i never saw this.
or you very bad luck? look my video at 0:00 -0:10
it nothing strange happened or you very unlucky...
(i'm bad speaking eng)'s appear after i got Gapmap.

I'm apologize for my laziness or tried to making this now
because i have new business , work or etc plus need more learning ENG language

If someone wanna make or edit this new information. i will allow you can copy all this old and remake or whatever

Thank you everyone for helping and give new reply every reply

and i will update credits and at first reply.   

This is my first time saw something strange.
What is this symbol? Don't tell me it's @ mark. . .

Just look at this paste.

Thank you very much.

I wanna know this forum can make....Content or Quick link in same page or rep?

when viewer click at Aya avatar photo then it send to Aya information.  like that Everyone know about this? 


When viewer click at topic on Contents list. it connect to that topic you chosen.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: New Terrain Effects?
« on: February 04, 2016, 03:28:03 AM »
I'm curious this too.. waiting someone sharing about this. . .

I just checked, those are the exact stats without mark and PP investments for lv 50.
Except HP, while other stats are added 20 from the base stat, HP is added 75 from the base stat.
I hope this will help.

I checked the stats using the base TPDP PuppetDex 1.91

Thanks for advice and sorry..i lack about English skill something i understand and don't understand

I curious about something like...some opponent puppet why speed higher or got first attack more than 182 or 194...
without good belt or..why Psuika is high FoDef and another is low FoDef ...but i'm not ready for ask it.

Excuse me, why are all the puppet base stats are 20 points higher than in wiki, giving them essentially 120 BST?

Hard to explain or i will waiting someone helping give truely details
i think..maybe all puppets is S RANK Stats? so i plus 20 stats that bonus
but i'm waiting who can answer that it S Rank or not or ..puppet users add 130 bonus stats only...
if it not i will fix it quickly...

well..maybe i need all stats back to normal first...

Here I highlighted the most significant items.

Thank you
I can at into this forum right?
If i can i will edit it later (For now i can add picture only)

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