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Movesets / Re: Speed Flandre
« on: May 23, 2017, 12:41:57 AM »
Okay so I want to make it clear the above post is a spambot post that is being intentionally preserved, so we all know that the robot uprising is not going to happen in our lifetimes.

Off-topic / Re: real funposting hours
« on: December 04, 2016, 07:59:56 PM »

Metagame Discussion / Re: Is Power Yukari Broken as a starter in YnK?
« on: October 13, 2016, 10:26:07 PM »
She's a Regigigas clone still, albeit with some buffs.

Unlike Gigas, she has access to Rest (but not Sleep Talk) and Force Shield (basically Protect with restrictions). Furthermore, if she waits out 5 turns naturally, her ability changes from Placid to Serious, which raises her SAtk and Speed at the end of every turn as if it were a better Speed Boost. (This does not happen if she acquires Mummy/Infectious.)

Like Gigas, she still has some crippling weaknesses; powerful attackers can just beat her up in the first 5 turns, Phase Inversion can thwart her even after Placid is gone, and phasing will send her back to the bench and force her to wait on her timer again. At least she's worth it if your opponent lets you wait the 5 turns though.

Metagame Discussion / Power Yumemi
« on: August 02, 2016, 03:46:44 PM »
been using this girl, figure she deserves an analysis since she does a lot of work and i've seen plenty of other people use her

Type: Water/Light
Abilities: Unwavering Heart (absorbs Illusion moves to clear status) and Aggressive (raises FAtk or SAtk on entry)
Wiki page:
90 HP
55 FAtk
80 FDef
130 SAtk
75 SDef
90 Speed

Set: Super Soaker
Ability: Unwavering Heart
Mark: Black
EVs: 64 Satk/64 Speed/2 HP
Item: Good Earrings/Sapphire Hairpin
- Aqua Cannon
- Cold Rain
- Lightning Speed
- Inferno/Star Flare/Gravity Blast/Phase Inversion/Upbeat

Usage is incredibly straight-forward: team her with momentum users to get her in on something slower at full HP and click Aqua Cannon. It's Water Spout; 150 BP STAB from full HP with specs rivals Kyogre's power. Cold Rain is there to use if rocks are up, Lightning Speed lets you pivot out of and punish super-fat natures and water absorb things. Inferno is preferred in the last slot for coverage against Nature; Light STAB is unhelpful for coverage and Star Flare is pitifully weak. Gravity Blast can be used to hit...something? Phase Inversion is preferred for non-Choice sets due to sheer utility.

Other options include Aggressive, aka Download, aka another potential +50% to damage that is usually overkill in my experience when Unwavering Heart eases teambuilding much more. You could probably get a lot of kills with a Scarf Download set but you're also prone to becoming set-up fodder at inopportune times, and most things with balanced defenses will creep SDef to deny you a good boost (the only other Download puppet is the Utsuho form with 60 speed).

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: New Terrain Effects?
« on: February 04, 2016, 05:47:30 AM »
Sunshower is a weather that switches FDef and SDef and triggers a handful of abilities (mostly crummy besides PMokou's x2 speed in sunshower one). Extra Ran is the only auto-inducer, though Speed Renko can manually and permanently set it.

Kouryuu is a terrain that prevents hold items from doing anything and triggers a couple unremarkable abilities that I don't remember the names and users of. It can only be set manually.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: Human Village Tournament
« on: January 29, 2016, 05:10:54 PM »
The streak absolutely matters. Every fifth opponent (except battle five itself) is fixed, and after every 10 wins the game starts drawing opponents from a different pool.

You also get rewards for certain benchmarks: the most relevant is at 30 wins where you get a Hakurei Amulet (basically another Native Grace).


we still have acid rain

The archive with all of the classes *is* the .JAR; it is both an archive and a format Java can run. That said, getting Java to actually run it is often annoying and depends on your system and Java installation.

You might be able to get it to run by making a .bat file composed of "java -jar ShoddyBattleClient2.jar" is Java is in your path.

This looks very nice for the base game, but if I understand its functions correctly it is sadly rendered obsolete for the expansion.

That said, if SUWAKO bans the west again it'll become very nice, and I've heard discussion on IRC about pre-emptively moving away from SUWAKO and focusing on 6v6.


Unnamed dev here, I just ignore it and deal with it unless the mon is under-performing relative to its peers in battle, in which case I replace it.

If it's egregiously bad in the desired stats I might just catch another one but I usually won't bother.

Movesets / Re: Yuki
« on: January 23, 2016, 03:51:21 AM »
I pretty much always run Naive instead of Hasty since it keeps your bulk against most priority intact. It's fairly minor for Yuki so run Hasty if you want.

Movesets / Re: Yuki
« on: January 22, 2016, 07:09:56 AM »
Shingyoku-F and Sariel laugh off every single attack thrown at them, and each can use Yuki to set up Calm Minds.

Yuki @ Gothic Outfit (Fire)
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 4 Atk/252 Spd/252 SpAtk
Naive nature (+Spd,-SpDef)
- Eruption
- Fire Blast
- Heat Claw
- Substitute/Sunny Day

Fire+Beast still has trouble with some stuff (Tenma) but this piece of tech lets you horribly violate Faith-types, especially new counter Benben who otherwise just absorbs Shadow Ball. Blaze Fire Blast is also a big deal in its own right, hitting harder than full HP Eruption with a fair deal of consistency thanks to Substitute.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Re: Clownpiece and the Hell Fairies
« on: January 11, 2016, 04:24:25 AM »
It is entirely possible to solo the first level 95 fairy with at least one of the following:

Speed Gengetsu@Art of Combat with Thunder Cut/Ephemeral/Evil-Crushing Arrow/Earth Sign, or some Extra Reimu set that a friend of mine uses. Both of these have the advantage of not beng reliant on multi-hit. I also had an Extra Satori set that could do it, but it required using a charm to survive Gigantic, and was a lot slower due to Protean message spam. You need to be base 125 Speed or higher to have a chance at being optimal due to the Speed Remilia, and being level 100 helps a lot too for obvious reasons.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / new abilities
« on: January 09, 2016, 06:12:47 AM »
someone else gets to put these on the wiki + fact check me

歪なる秘 / Corrupt Spirit: Boosts the power of Warped-type skills in a pinch.
同調 / In Sync: When hit by a Warped-type skill, nullifies damage and cures status conditions.
歪極之型 / Twisted Form: Converts Void-type skills to Warped-type.

北方の地脈 / Northern Expanse: During Genbu, Speed is halved.
南方の地脈 / Southern Expanse: During Suzaku, recovers a little health at the end of each turn (ignoring Suzaku's effect).
西方の地脈 / Western Expanse: During Byakko, 100% accurate skills are 20% stronger. Never-miss skills are 50% stronger.
東方の地脈 / Eastern Expanse: During Seiryuu, STAB moves are more powerful. (by 33%. yes, it's worse adaptability.)
中央の地脈 / Central Expanse: During Kouryuu, your skills ignore the effect of your opponent's ability.
玄帝之水 / Black Lord's Water: During Genbu, Water-type skills are 50% stronger.
赤帝之火 / Red Lord's Fire: During Suzaku, Fire-type skills are 50% stronger.
白帝之金 / White Lord's Metal: During Byakko, Steel-type skills are 50% stronger.
蒼帝之木 / Azure Lord's Tree: During Seiryuu, Nature-type skills are 50% stronger.
黄帝之土 / Yellow Lord's Earth: During Kouryuu, Earth-type skills are 50% stronger.

先手必勝 / Instant Win: On the first turn when sent out, Speed is increased by 50%.
ファーストアタック / First Attack: If you attack first, your attack is 20% stronger.
見極め / Ascertainment: The foe's Ability does not boost their damage.
収束戦略 / Focused Plan: If you miss, your Accuracy increases.
極限 / On the Edge: When at exactly 1 HP, your Speed triples and your attacks are 30% stronger.
無効化 / Invalidation: On entry, removes the foe's ability.
プライド / Pride: SpAtk increases by 50% when afflicted with a status condition, and is unaffected by Fear.
直感 / Intuition: Blocks increased priority skills.
フラットスピード / Flat Speed: Lowers increased priority skills to +0 for both sides.
苦手意識 / Disadvantaged: Lowers the power of non-STAB skills for both parties.
早口宣言 / Fast Talker: Two-turn skills may be used in one turn.
フルパワー / Full Power: Skills are 20% stronger, but the puppet loses 10% of its health when attacking.
波状攻撃 / Two of a Kind: Skills only do 60% of normal damage, but are used twice.
相性反転 / Affinity Twist: The weaknesses and resistances of both parties are inverted.

ノーマルボーナス / Normal Bonus: boosts the power of Void-type skills by 40%
ファイアボーナス / Flame Bonus: boosts the power of Fire-type skills by 40%
アクアボーナス / Aqua Bonus: boosts the power of Water-type skills by 40%
リーフボーナス / Leaf Bonus: boosts the power of Nature-type skills by 40%
グランドボーナス / Ground Bonus: boosts the power of Earth-type skills by 40%
メタルボーナス / Metal Bonus: boosts the power of Steel-type skills by 40%
ウィンドボーナス / Gust Bonus: boosts the power of Wind-type skills by 40%
スパークボーナス / Spark Bonus: boosts the power of Electric-type skills by 40%
ライトボーナス / Bright Bonus: boosts the power of Light-type skills by 40%
ダークボーナス / Shade Bonus: boosts the power of Dark-type skills by 40%
ソウルボーナス / Soul Bonus: boosts the power of Nether-type skills by 40%
ポイズンボーナス / Venom Bonus: boosts the power of Poison-type skills by 40%
オーラボーナス / Aura Bonus: boosts the power of Fighting-type skills by 40%
ファンタズムボーナス / Phantasm Bonus: boosts the power of Illusion-type skills by 40%
サウンドボーナス / Music Bonus: boosts the power of Sound-type skills by 40%
ワープボーナス / Twisted Bonus: boosts the power of Warped-type skills by 40%

活性化 / Invigorative: If hit by a skill the puppet is immune to, FoAtk increases.
受け流し / Deflective: If hit by a skill the puppet is immune to, FoDef increases.
テンションアップ / Stimulative: If hit by a skill the puppet is immune to, SpAtk increases.
スルー / Evasive: If hit by a skill the puppet is immune to, SpDef increases.
お調子者 / Impulsive: If hit by a skill the puppet is immune to, Speed increases.
迎撃体勢 / Counter Stance: Hurts the opponent when hit by a BU-type skill.
リフレクトガード / Reflect Guard: Hurts the opponent when hit by an EN-type skill.
怪天虹 / Mysterious Rainbow: FoAtk increases by 30% during Sunshower.
天照雨 / Fox's Wedding: Speed doubles during Sunshower.
天の祝言 / Divine Festival: Status conditions are cured at the end of every turn during Sunshower.

結壊戦 / Disjointed Blow: Super-effective skills are 40% stronger.

徹底拘束 / Restraint: The opponent cannot escape using skills (ex. Changeling just does damage; they switch out manually).
ビブロフィリア / Bibliophilia: When holding a youma book, a stat is doubled and the puppet changes type to match the book.
警戒心 / Wariness: Blocks skills with less than 50 BP.
チェンジシフト / Change Shift: Changes to Attack mode when using attacking skills. Using Nature Barrier reverts the puppet to Defense mode.
逆転作用 / Reverse Function: Inverts the oppponent's stat changes (as Contrary).
ドリームワールド / Dream World: Stopped opponents take damage every turn.
三相一体 / Three Bodies: Changes form depending on whether the move used is a Status, Focus, or Spread move.
毒の迷路 / Poison Labyrinth: Only Poison-type foes can escape.
超回復 / Overcompensate: Draining moves absorb 30% more HP.
嫌がらせ / Harrassment: If the opponent's stats change, mimics the stat changes.
気質発現「天気雨」 / Supine: Changes the weather to Sunshower when entering battle.
喪心舞 / Mindless Dance: 2-3 turn skills do not lock you in or confuse you, but only have 90% of their normal power.
本気 / Serious: The puppet's SpAtk and Speed increase at the end of every turn.

Translation project / Re: Yume no Kakera Translation
« on: January 06, 2016, 03:09:04 PM »
I actually think the team will appreciate the stat pages when they realize those have changed; thanks.

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