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Creative Conundrum / Re: Where I can get puppet sprites?
« on: May 30, 2014, 11:53:24 PM »
I can see TD characters and specially great because the icons are there as well as types images
actually, you'll be needing ExSariel's permission for the TD menu icons...

as for the 1.5/1.8 sprites that AREN'T TD/DDC/UFO (for 1.8), that would be hemoglobin1AC's sprites, which makes sense since he's the one who created the original touhoumon versions in the first place.

I dunno who made the TD/DDC character sprites besides the TD menu sprites, sadly. I know they are out there, though.
Oh okay, I'll ask him via PM for them and then add him to credits. And for TD, HM and DDC characters I'll put "Unknown" but if anyone else know the creator leting me know the name would be a good idea! (Oh yes, I had the idea to "burrow" the TD, HM and DDC sprites from the Doesnt's hack (unless I do deeper research).
By the way I downloaded ALL the sprites for 1.8x hacks but I'm having problems with them, hope I'm not bothering...
Right, I've a problem with them because they don't look as they should be (when trying with "Advanced Pokémon Sprite Editor"), so I went to Gen.3 Hack Suite and it requested 64x64 sprites.
I'm using Photoshop CC for some sprite edition but adapting all the sprites is a veeeery long process and it's hard (I bet there's a shorter method), also I can't replace the types sprites (I'm using NSE 2.0 for that) and I already edited all the types sprites:

Well, the image lost quality when uploaded but lefting that away you can see a few differences between standard 1.8x hacks (FLYING is now AERIAL and "? ? ?" is now UNIDNT (only graphically)).
Oh yes, I have some sprites sheet that can be used in Gen.3 Hack Suite (256x64) but it's a pack with characters from HRtP to GFW and fan characters (the ones used in Touhoumon WL).
I must do deeper research if possible to see if there are sprites, your help is still appreaciated and so thanks from now, by the way I added you for that :).
PD: And thanks for fixing a TYPO error in my past comment, I read bad (lol).

Creative Conundrum / Re: Where I can get puppet sprites?
« on: May 29, 2014, 10:56:05 PM »
Great, so a problem with the moves as I'm reading now, I'll give it a look and see what I can do. The spell card names will be abbreviated (ex.: Nightmare of Heiankyou -> NOHeiankyou), I'm also thinking on change other moves but with other type of names and may be some changes to them... Dark Pulse -> Entangler: Add effect: 30% flinch and very low chances to freeze (~5%) (if you don't know Entangler is an hability of the Dark Beam from Metroid Prime 2, and basically my hack will have some of that game).
About the sprites many thanks for them, I can see TD characters and specially great because the icons are there as well as types images, your research is appreciated so thanks again :D.
I hope I can find HM and DDC sprites for puppets (and their icons...).
Can you make a list of the people that worked on the graphics?.

Creative Conundrum / Re: Where I can get puppet sprites?
« on: May 29, 2014, 04:22:24 PM »
Is there anything you have planned for this hack to stand out from that what Doesnt/Agastya do?
Hmm yes, I thought on do it somewhat different from their hacks but I just need to think more, also I planned to replace faith for the light type (I must decide, because of the plot...).
Also a few moves will be replaced by spell cards (like Touhoumon AW or WL).
Other thing I know right now is that Renko and Mary were used in most of hacks, so I bet two other girls should make a bigger difference...

But now Idk where I can get puppet sprites so I can start replacing, I'll wait for an answer...

Creative Conundrum / Where I can get puppet sprites?
« on: May 29, 2014, 03:08:15 PM »
Hi, long time no entering here, I figured I can't solve the problem of the new type so I'm decided to work on a 1.8x-like hack and after starting the hack process you may want to see a little thing, nothing important but I finally know how to replace types: [Screen]
Basically you may waited more of me but right, I need the puppet sprites so...

How do you get all the puppets sprites? (All characters from HRtP to DDC). This is the question I have now, so once I solve it I'll start the puppet replacement and share a demo, while I wait I'll do other things here and there by the way.

Creative Conundrum / Starting to write the story...
« on: April 14, 2014, 04:47:24 AM »
I figured that I shouldn't fill this section with questions, instead I decided to share the story and some data.
I didn't start with the hack yet due to the hex problems, but I'll ask it somewhere else.
Right, all is in spoilers if you don't want to see something.
I thought about the plot and features of my hack, I decided to name it...
Touhoumon: Dark Gensokyo.

Now the story before you ask about the name :3
Some time ago Gensokyo was peaceful as always, but momentarily in the sky some sort of dark patterns appeared. Later, someone discovered that a dimensional area that our very known girls called "Dark Gensokyo" appeared, so they took with Yukari in order to request to the Ghostly Club girls of the outside world help once again.
About puppets origin, it's still unknown but it's said that someone is creating them in Dark Gensokyo and bringing them to Gensokyo, turning again from spell system to puppet battles.

The story may be not a great thing yet but things in Kanto will change as well as I progress on it the plot will be more complete....
I talked previously about features but I want to re-organize them and tell you what's different...
  • Starters: I figured that it may be boring put sanae, alice and reisen as selectable so in this time I decided to put Koishi, Nue and Flandre in their place.
  • Music changes: I intend to add the original TH songs instead of vocal remixes, because it seems to be harder than I know...
  • 1.8x types and split system: You know, I think...
  • Light-type: A extra type, important in the game's plot, explanation about it on the next spoiler.
  • Thinking about bonus evolutions: If you played A. Sanae games you may saw some half dressed BNs, in this hack I'll may try to design some sprites if possible to characters based on some arts I saw, not all puppets will have these special evolutions though.

About the Light-type
My hack will relate an incident of a war of dark & light but since the faith is not enough for the puppets to deal with the darkness our heroes decided to implement light-type to them, which resulted pretty effective, it also is weak against sinister power (dark), thing that the heroes didn't foresee.
It's holy power designed to fight and keep out D.G. puppets and invasors. But there's a major problem, the habitants of D.G. created ultimate puppet that are able to manipulate light, now they use them as an alternate way to be protected by their own magic.

The light-type holds the following weaknesses and resistances:
W: Dark, Ghost, (Dream?).
R: Faith, Reason, Miasma.

Finally, moves...
Not all of them will be replaced with a whole bunch of spell cards, only a few...
Moves expl. and card examples...
    More or less like PP Emerald: P = Power | A = Accuracy | PP = Power Points | R/ = Ranged | M/ = Melee | SC/ = Stat. Changes | C/ = Conditional move, "Fake Out" will be (R/C) as an example. | SP/ = Causes a status problem/ailment | O/ = Misc. moves used for strategy like detect and HealPrayer...
    • Fantasy S. (Light) - "R/Attacks with holy sphered to deal damage." P: 100 - A: 85 - PP:5
    • Demarcation (Dark) - "R/Rumia's spell used to deal average DMG." P: 85 - A: 90 - PP:10
    • PoaHP (Nature) - "R/Koishi's spell that works at once, allowing user to avoid attacks." P: 160 - A:75 - PP:1 - Cloaking effect works for two or three turns enabling the user to avoid attacks, cannot be used again in battle even if you recharge PP.
    • Master SPK - "R/A wide and tremendous power that decreases Sp.Atk or Speed." P 150 - A:90 - PP:5.
That's enough of info guys, I still want of help so if you're interested on help me please comment...[/list]

Oh good, but the vocal part for the songs is a problem as I saw, long time ago I read that you need to do some sort of adjustment but obviously using extra programs.
It may be hard but possible, hope you success.

Ugh yes, you're right, various Touhoumon hacks has the puppets in diferent orders, but some of them had the puppets ordered alphabetically and so, it's a hard work that I need to try, too.
I was doing research and I found a tool for changing puppets types, for me it may help me to minimize the problems of which Pokémon will be replaced by a puppet: (find for "".
Now that I'm checking the program it looks pretty easy to use, it changes PKMN sprites, stats, types and more things (egg moves and all the other ways to learn moves). Also there's a bigger problem, I don't know how to replace the traditional types by the new ones (dream, miasma, wind, etc.), I need to solve that.

Right, I think this may be the last question so I won't bother you with a lot of them.

This is one of the highest doubts I have, the other things to replace and add seems to be too easy (I'm editing text with A-Text and it's pretty easy to use :)).

My doubt is about adding the new type for my hack (light), modify W/R (weakness & resistances) and replace all the original types (Normal, Fight, Poison, ...) by the 1.8x PP types (Illusn., Dream, Miasma, ...).

  • How do you add a new puppet type?: Hmm, I'm asking it again but I got confused about Hex usage and edition (tell me what I need to replace there, Hex edition is something hard to deal with), consider I want to add only the light-type :3.
  • Replace actual types?: My hack will be a 1.8x gen PP and if this need Hex knowledge explain me what I need to replace.
  • When I should apply the type split patch?: I believe I need to apply it after replacing types, or before replacing types and adding the new one?.
Oh yes, I use HxD as my hex editor. If I reach to edit credits I'll put you there!.

Hohoho I still have to learn about this, I think the hack may help me to stand :3. Oh, a question, did you have luck with the sprites? (I'm a noob at this, I need to practise at spriting).
Remember that you can count with me as a tester, so I'll look and tell you for errors.

Creative Conundrum / Re: Starting to hack, needing some help
« on: April 05, 2014, 12:47:31 AM »
Have you planned the matchups of the Light type already?
Hmm, if you're asking about puppets and moves of such tipe yes.
Luna, Star and Sunny will earn light-type once evolve to normal form, as well I think Reimu will be another light one.
About moves I don't know the spells of these fairies but I heard they manipulate light (for that reason they earn this type) so yeah, a few more moves:
Fantasy S (Light) "R/Reimu's traditional spell with good damage. Attacks all enemies." Power: 90 - ACC: 80 - PP:5
Energy Light (It was NATURE but now LIGHT) "R/Holy magic that attacks one foe. 20%D/Sp.Def." Power: 80 - ACC: 100 - PP:15
From now I've these ideas and puppets with said type, also I thought about W/R (weakness & resistances), these are:
Weakness: Dark, Ghost. (As well light attacks are SE (super effective) against dark and ghosts).
Resistances: Faith, Reason, Heart.
Light moves deals more damage to: Dark, Ghost, Miasma, (may be DREAM).
And now I'm out of ideas but everyone is free to suggest something.
About progress I didn't start yet because of the problem with adding new type (I'm novice at HEX).

If curious I also thought a few more spells:
PoaHP (stands for Philosophy of a Hated Person, I wanted to add this but a lot of limit on use for avoid repeated use on it, nature-type may fit with it) "R/Koishi's spell that cloak the user by one turn. Works at once in every turn." P:180 A:90 PP:1 (just for avoiding spell abuse, you may think two times before use).
Superego (Heart) "R/Heart-shaped bullets attacks all enemies, 15%/I" I=Infatuation - P: 90 A:70 PP:5
Other typical move is LUNATIC (it may fit better thinking on its GFX as DREAM) "R/Attacks with the ultimate danmaku 5%/ID" ID = Instant Death (if appliable) - P: 120 A:80 PP:5
MasterSPK (Wind, Marisa and Yuuka may be the unique puppets capable of using this) "R/Attacks with a huge laser that lows SPEED by 2 stages." P:150 A:90 PP:5

Oh, good luck! I'll be looking fordward on your project, only another thing to remember (I think it's important but you can start with it later): be sure to replace ALL pokémon references with the correct terms and refs. to puppets, it's a thing in some hacks that's still not fixed but it's a minimal detail that should be fixed.
That's all!.

im not really one for signature moves
for now i'm just placing 120-130 bp moves onto puppets on their movesets

i also plan on creating an entirely new region with an added one before/after you beat the game.
i also want a plot as well to work out. here's one that i have right now:

"Quite a while ago, a young girl named Arle Nadja wanted something to play with.
So, she created dolls in the image of her, and her three best friends,
Rulue, Schezo, and Amitie.
Her friends saw these dolls, and asked for more and more dolls to be created.
When Arle finally finished her collection of dolls, she infused them with a magic power that brought these strange dolls to life.
She released them into the world, and they spread like wildfire.
The world was overpopulated with these "dolls".
A few months later, an anonymous person created a capsule called a "Puppet Orb".
That person created stronger versions of these Orbs that would effectively capture Puppets that wouldn't stay put in the original "Puppet Orb".
Soon, those "Puppet Orbs" reached the shelves, and people used them to befriend and battle with these Puppets.
The overpopulation crisis then stopped, and the average wild Puppet population reduced.

Now, it's up to the player to find out the mysteries of these Puppets."
Hmm, it may be at your decision, you can pick a small number of powerful moves or a higher number, in the PP of A. Sanae there are at least 10 useful signature moves once the puppet evolves to normal form (and more if they evolve to another form (A/D/T/S/H) like Jamming, Sky Attack, Eruption, Ominous Wind, etc.
Add many as you desire but not a lot (more or less than 10 or 8 should be enough), selecting more than 4 moves that makes the player confused to select 4 of them for the puppet. You can add a few powerful, some related to status problems (will-o-wisp, thunder wave), stat. lowering (screech, tail whip, growl) or any move you find worthy.
Also good work with the plot! and... it's decided that you'll hack FR?.

Creative Conundrum / Re: Starting to hack, needing some help
« on: April 03, 2014, 12:30:15 AM »
I need to thank you again but more doubts about the tutorial you sent cames, specially related to hex edition...
I was at least 3 hours editing the sprites so accurate (this is not the problem) so following the tutorial I did this on paint, it's a zoom-in screen (I also saved it in PNG and BMP (16color, 256color and 24bit) if this helps:

Once the creator of the tutorial speaks about hex finding and replacing, this gets a huge problem, look:

I don't know about this, and also another problem about saving image:
The image should be transparent but it look as this:
So I tried to go to GIMP and erase the dark green BG leaving it transparent, then exported it as PNG without Gamma and Adam7 (all other options checked as it was and compression 9), once exported as PNG I imported as the tutorial creator said and I get this:
Can you help me through adding a new type (in a new post or something)?, I'm terribly bothering with all my problems but if you or someone else helps me with that I'll in deep thanks :D.

Edit: Notice the icon sprites losts a bit of color but I have them in better quality.

Creative Conundrum / Re: Starting to hack, needing some help
« on: April 02, 2014, 03:53:31 PM »
Ahh damn, selfdestruct, hmm, I thought on dark but I need to add an average type that damages all types with 1x efectiveness, so this involves a huge problem that I think I should solve by myself because if I replace ? ? ? type, attacks like curse (well, this is not a big problem) will be ghost instead of "? ? ?", but the problem starts from the egg type (we will found light eggs may be? XD).
About the dark and light I thought on another non-TH game which involves a war of light and dark (better I won't distort the theme) but it was as this and I didn't know what you say :O but it's so logic because puppets like Remilia are lovers of darkness (dark-types, so far obvious lol) but if they receive light attacks they will be damaged by the holy power of the light, as well the light users and some other things (I'm having lot of creativity, better I should start the hack ^^).
Thank you a lot for your help, I need to do research for anything that helps me replace puppets/move types and start to add all characters, I'll share some ideas and progress on other post :3.

Edit: Ah yes, I'll request that user the icons of puppets and put him on the in-game credits like all the other things, you know the puppet sprites creator (of the upper screen)?. Also I intend to add other starter puppets to make this hack different from others as it should be.
Edit2: Oh!, forgot said that your idea about the healing move is better, I didn't have another idea :O Thanks.

Creative Conundrum / Re: Starting to hack, needing some help
« on: April 02, 2014, 03:19:45 PM »
Hmm yes, I'm sure that replacing the Ill. type is the best idea so the initial attacks like tackle and pound can be BEAST-type (pound is Ill. but I think it'll be beast) and try to take advantage of the Ill. Attacks to use them as light-related danmaku spells or something, as well light-types will be weak to dark attacks and vice versa.
Now that I'm going to replace the types...
That type/res. program you sent, it replaces/generates the in-game types images (the colored rectangular icons with the type name)? Or how I can do such icons? If I need sprites I think I need to burrow them from other hack but I need to make a icon for light so this is a problem and for that I want to create all the icons.
About these joke-mons I'll exclude them for sure, they don't seem to fit on the hack or Touhou-related things (Tori and all the puppets that appeared on the Safari Zone on Touhoumon Blue Version) and fan-characters ONLY if I don't have enough spaces and/or the sprites, giving the opportunity to catch and train all the characters from HRtP to DDC.
I also thought about moves descriptions for saying their attack range or what they do (like PP emerald):
> Pound (BEAST) "M/A basic 0 pri move with no sec. effects" notice that I wrote a M/, it stands for melee (phys.) so attacks with this will enter in contact with foe.
> Blazing Wheel (FIRE) "R/Rin 0 pri Spell that attacks all enemies, 20%/B" R=Ranged/Special, /B=burn chances.
> Pray4God (FAITH) "H/0 pri. Pray for a god to regain up to half of the max. HP" H/=heal.
> Sharpen (DREAM) "S/Increases base ATK by one level, wears off if switched out" S/=move that increases one or more stats.
> Detect (DREAM) "P/Move that protects user from being damaged, fail if used in reg. or sw." P/=protection.
> Will-o-wisp (FIRE) "SP/Sinister blue flames that travels in an arc to burn the foe". SP/=status problem if hits.
Oh too much stuff, thank you but I wanted to share some of my ideas.

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