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We really don't have any news to report at the moment; If we did, we'd report it. Everything is as glacial slow as it's always been because our translators are few and have lives outside of a project where they aren't getting paid to work on a for funsies project.

Trust me, if there's actually news to report, I'll report it as soon as I possibly can.

As DerxwnaKapsyla explained, the project is not dead, just that the translators are doing it in their free time. And as far as i remember, the base game translation took 1 year and it was still unverified, it took another 6 months to get a full and verified translation. And it is just the base game. The ynk expansion is way longer. It would be already really impressive if it was translated before Jully 2018 considering the amount of work. And translation aside the game itself is pretty much frozen, focaslens didn't made any update that is not just bare fixes that no one cares since the last year.

Here's a good tip if people don't have ATLAS : you have two solution, one online, one offline, both totally free
Solution 1 : Requires constant internet
Check one online JP to EN Translator (i use but you can choose whatever you prefer as a translator)

Solution 2 : Requires connection only for Download
Download and install this free software : (click on the big green button)
Set up VNR (if it is not automatically setup) by clicking on Preferences, translators (the one on Locations tab), click on Browse on the Kingsoft FastAIT (the second one for me) and select the root directory of the software (the install path).
Restart VNR

Hello, i'm wondering if there is progress toward translating, it's half a year that there's no update, no need to rush i just wanna know if the project is still active or not.

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