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Translation project / Re: [1.34] Translation Release Thread
« on: November 05, 2015, 12:28:03 AM »
*facepalm* Right, my Os has those type's of issues... Well, for what its worth, I can still boot up and play the game. Updating it is no issue either. Beat crashes during the patching process, but from what I can tell, in the "eng_dat" file, part of data arc 2 and all of 3 go un-patched. Also, all 3 seem to become corrupted in some way(thank you backups...). Not sure if any of this helps...

Translation project / Re: [1.34] Translation Release Thread
« on: November 04, 2015, 11:56:05 PM »
Windows 10.

Translation project / Re: [1.34] Translation Release Thread
« on: November 04, 2015, 09:47:45 PM »
I made a quick video on how to patch the game, for the people who were confused on the patching procedure.
I'm doing everything right, but beat still crashes. I'm running the game from a(pirated) iso, and went through the manual setup for the game. Also, I was able to update it to 1.34.

Creative Conundrum / Re: LoLK and ULiL Puppets!
« on: September 12, 2015, 06:06:09 PM »
Dunno, Clownpiece just does not scream "Dark" to me. It's too cheerful and not that malicious when you think about this, especially considering that she's pure LIFE force and life is not about dark and evil things.
Fire/Heart seems legit. Will o'Wisp is kind of a trollish move, much like confusion stuff. And she's got a momijitrucking torch in her hand. Quick-and-specially-offensive support/troll with few DARK-, NATURE- and REASON- coverage moves sound cool.
She's a hell fairy. Her typing would either be Dark/Fire, Fire/Nature(Reason), or Dark/Nature(Reason). Personally, I think the prior fits the best.

Your guys are helping out a lot. Seriously, between the information you guy are giving and the resources(Greenmittenz chart), I already have a general Idea of how I want to go about the game's story and competitive scene.

That said: @CrucialTwinz I'd appreciate it if you helped me with that, but I don't have a Skype setup yet(though its a built in app on my laptop) so II'd have to set it up first. Also, I got my first job only a little while ago and am still waiting on my debit card to be delivered, so I can't get the game just yet(not too sure if I wanna run a pirated version for multiple reasons). I'd appreciate it if we could hold off on that for a bit.

@everyone Now I'm debating between Momiji and Ran, and at this point its more like "Amaterasu or Tamammo". Honestly, its which ever one has the best sweeping setup/execution(Momiji's priority sweepage is looking pretty nice right now).

Whenever I download the file the executable/program is non existent. Instead there is an archive with a whole bunch of CLASS files and resources. The same goes for the lib folder, but I'm not to sure if that matters. I'm using windows 8 with the latest version of Java.

Hm, guess I'm gonna have to ask around the Shoddy threads for help then.

@Greenmittenz If money is as non-issue as you say, then I shouldn't even worry about the items, huh? But I read that Lefties is a one time get- like in X&Y. Also, does Momiji get a swords dance variant? Her SD priority sweep in Puppet Play was/is amazing. Was it excluded in Dance Performance for the sake of balancing?

@Prism Yeah, having seperate in-game and competative teams makes sense, I just like to start early on that stuff.

Thanks for the input so far guys. I'm starting to lean more towards Momiji, Ran, Seija, Remilia, and Flan. When is the soonest I could get these 5(I like to have my starter in my competitive team)?
ps: The kind of team I plan on making: 2 walls(one support, one to soak up damage and drop debuffs/ailments), 2 mixed attackers(to either clean up what my sweeper left behind or as a neutral choice), one for anti-setup, and the speedy/priority sweeper(in Puppet Play this was Momiji's job. Didn't even need a whole team for the elite four, lol). Also, is there a good HM whore(I feel REAL bad for saying that for some reason...) or is there no such mechanic in the game?

First up: Teams. Which would be a better starter/Doll to use as the start of a competative team; Momiji, Ran, Chen, Nazrin, Koishi, Remilia, Flandre, Sakuya, Shikeiki, Nue, Seija, or Yukari(Ironically, she's last). I'd perfer it to be among the first 3 since they're among my favorite characters, but I'm open for suggestions. I'm also looking for dolls in the list above to be part of my first competative team.

Secondly: ho duu u cheet en-jin? Not just for this game, but Puppet Play also. There's a few Items I want copies of for competitive play(like lefties) in Dance Performance, and I've always wanted to break Puppet Play wide open(I WANT ME THAT LATIOS.).

And lastly, installation and patching. After reading how to do so on a separate thread, I cant say I quite get it. That's why I might start it soon. I'd appreciate any help you guys have to offer(and videos).
ps: This may not be the place to say this but... when I try to run Shoddy there is no executable. Its just a folder with a bunch of other folders and CLASS files.

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