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I was thinking about myself earlier, like how unlucky and clumsy I am (My friends literally call me 'Black Cat' (Referencing to the fact that supposedly if a black cat crosses your path, you get bad luck)), so I thought posting an unlucky thread would be perfect.
Anyway, I think my unluckiest moment in THPP was not exactly in-game, but I think it still counts.
One day, I was cleaning my desktop, and I took each and every touhoumon .sav files (Half of them finished) I had and brought them to the recycling bin, thinking that they were pointless readme files. Boy, did that bite me back in the butt.

I think this thread needs a Hina picture just for irony

Movesets / [WIP] Mai
« on: November 17, 2013, 11:45:33 PM »
WIP: Movesets are still bound to be discovered. Right now, I'm playing around with Mai's movepool to find something else.


Hope I did this right coughcough
Type: Ice/Dark
Ability: Insomnia/Rain Dish
HP: 80
Atk: 70
Def: 65
Sp. Att: 90
Sp. Def: 130
Spd: 90

Mai is a really good special wall, but as a defensive wall? Not so much. However, if you invest in her EVs correctly, Mai can be a great puppet to use because of her ability to suck up most special attacks and being able to dish out pretty powerful special attacks, too.

Set: Melted Ice Mage (Best suited for rain teams)
Mai @ Thick Fur/ Swimsuit
Ability: Rain Dish
Nature: Timid (+Spd, -Atk)
EVs: 132 HP (Totalling to 334 at lvl 100), 252 Def (Totalling to 229 at lvl 100), 126 Sp. Atk (Totalling to 247 at lvl 100)

-Ice Beam/Blizzard
-Nasty Plot
-Surf/Water Pulse

When paired with a puppet with Drizzle/Rain Dance, this set can really destroy. Rain Dish makes up for Leftovers in the rain, so she doesn't need that. Having the Swimsuit on Mai, along with rainy weather, the added Sp.Atk EVs, and possibly a few Nasty Plot stacks makes Water Pulse or Surf very powerful. The reason why Water Pulse could be an option is because though it's weaker than Surf, it has the ability to confuse. Having Thick Fur on only powers up Ice Beam/Blizzard, and Rain Dance doesn't affect Mai as much as it could with the Swimsuit. Plus, having Rain Dance on makes Mai more resistant to powerful Fire-type moves that could actually knock her out.
With the invested EVs in this set, Mai can be about as fast as Yorihime and AShou and can outspeed Youmu and DYoumu, which are all huge threats to Mai. With Rain Dance, too, Mai can suck up even a Flare Blitz from AdMokou.

That's my first set I've ever done don't judge me

This Mai set, along with other Mai sets others can think of that use Rain Dish, needs Drizzle or Rain Dance to be completely effective. This means that out-of-shoddy, SGSanae would basically be the perfect match for Mai. In Shoddy, however, any Rain Dance user would be effective. Mai herself can even use Rain Dance, so a possible set that could use that would be great. Mai also has many weaknesses, steel being the main weakness, so puppets that can also suck up all of Mai's weaknesses would work fine. However, the best counterpart for Mai (In and out of shoddy) would definitely be DSuwako since she can suck up every single one of Mai's weaknesses, and can use Rain Dance.

Many physical attackers can wipe out Mai because of her low Defense, but because of Rain Dance and Drizzle, physical Fire-types like all forms of Mokou don't exactly do as much damage as they would without the rain. Without the rain, however, Mokou is a large threat to Mai. Also, just because Mai's as fast (with the invested EVs) as Yorihime and AShou doesn't mean that they can still wipe her out. Mai's 2 largest counters are definitely SYoumu and Youki because of their blinding speed and insanely powerful attack. In fact, one Drawn Line from both can OHKO Mai. Definitely have someone on your team who can suck up Mai's weaknesses.

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