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Because i was pretty bored.

Basically you use Touhoumon 1.8's Type Chart and optionally make BSTs and Movepools for the characters.

As for me...

Mario (SMB): Fire/Dream (Well-rounded BST, Learns moves based on power-ups on the mario games)

Seitekina Taiyo (OC): Fire/Heart (Bulky Focus Attacker, has Prankster as an ablility)

Atsuko Taiyo (OC): Reason/Grass (Bulky Special Attacker, has Overgrow as an ablility)

Iason Inabi (OC): Illusion/Water (Fast-but-fragile Special Attacker, Torrent as an ablilty)

Nina Inabi (OC): Ice/Heart (Defensive, has Cute Charm as an ablility.)

Haruka Amami (iDOLM@STER): Pure Illusion Type (Well-rounded, Techinian as Ablility)


Even if i beat Sanae during postgame, i still can't get to fight Suwako.

Do i have to do some Post-game sidequest to get to fight her?

EDIT: Nevermind, figured it myself, i have to complete the Kasen Sidequest first.

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