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Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / TPDP Randomizer
« on: October 16, 2016, 06:54:09 PM »

a thing has been made, you can download it here:

current version: 1.1.1

both the base game and YnK/SoD are supported
it works more or less the same way as regular pokemon randomizers, except it directly modifies the game files so you'll want to backup your game folder as this is irreversible
i might add a finer degree of control eventually, but for now the randomization aims for a sort of hybrid between "shuffle" and "totally random"
in-depth details for anyone interested:
basically, a "deck" is constructed from all the attributes of existing puppets. then, for each puppet, the deck is shuffled and the puppet is assigned the first N attributes from the top of the deck
typings are totally random (though puppets have a fixed 75% chance to get a second type)
the total number of skills a puppet gets is preserved, as well as the levels at which they learn them (though the number of skill-cards they can learn may change)
similarly, the number and level of trainer puppets will be preserved (unless explicitly changed in the options). all other attributes are totally random (though they will only have skills they can actually learn)
to maintain some semblance of sanity, type-effectiveness is weighted towards neutral, so you don't get puppets that are immune to literally everything
skills are randomized in a similar fashion to puppets

netplay will work with a randomized game, but it takes some setup:
you and your opponent will both need to start with a fresh (or at least unrandomized) install of the game
using the same seed and same settings, randomize both games
if you are using a post-game save from a previous playthrough, you will need to unlearn any now-invalid skills your puppets have (they will be marked with an exclamation point next to the skill name when inspecting the puppet)
i have not tried this with match codes, do so at your own risk

have fun :)

Known issues:
  • Visual bug affecting base TPDP: Adding puppets to scripted trainer battles (e.g. boss fights) via "full trainer party" option will cause the added puppets to be invisible. Fixed in 1.1.0 BETA 2
  • When using randomized skill cards, skill cards that were originally sign skills will still be treated as sign skills (and thus you can only learn one of them at a time). as of 1.0.12 this can be avoided by disabling randomization of sign skill cards

  • Fix bug with encounter rate randomization
  • Randomization code is now automatically saved as "randomizer_code.txt" in the game folder

  • Fix graphical bug with boss puppets
  • Fix bug with type effectiveness randomization
  • Add option to export type chart
  • Add randomization for trainer puppet costume
  • Add randomization for trainer puppet mark
  • Adjustments to type effectiveness randomization
  • Do not generate normal trainer puppets above level 30
  • Fix excessively high chance for skillcards when using "prefer STAB moves" option

v1.1.0 BETA 3
  • Add option to export type chart
  • Adjustments to type effectiveness randomization
  • Attempt to fix bug with type effectiveness randomization

v1.1.0 BETA 2
  • Fix visual bug affecting base TPDP
  • Add randomization for trainer puppet costume
  • Add randomization for trainer puppet mark

v1.1.0 BETA
  • Do not generate normal trainer puppets above level 30
  • Fix excessively high chance for skillcards when using "prefer STAB moves" option
  • Redesigned UI implementation
  • Mass refactoring under the hood, don't be surprised if something broke

  • Add option to not randomize sign skillcards when using skillcard randomization
  • Encounter rate randomization has been merged into wild puppet randomization (click twice to disable)
  • Wild puppet randomization now has only 2 modes: partial and full. Partial will not randomize encounter rates or number of puppets in an area. Style only randomization has been removed.
  • Levels are now displayed in the output of "export catch locations" option
  • Puppet costs are now displayed in the output of "dump puppet stats" option

v1.0.12 BETA
  • Add encounter rate randomization
  • Add puppet cost randomization (click twice to set all to 120 cost)
  • Merged wild puppet style randomization with wild puppet randomization (click twice to enable style only)
  • Add more detailed statistics to catch location output

  • Add "Proportional stats" option
  • Add "Strict trainers" option
  • Add option to adjust trainer puppet skillcard chance
  • Add option to adjust trainer puppet held item chance

  • Revert trainer nerf

  • Fix trainer puppets allowed multiple sign skills
  • Fix trainer puppets allowed skills for which they do not meet level requirement
  • Attempt to fix evolved puppets generated under level 30

  • Add "share code" function to allow quick copy/paste of randomization settings and seed
  • More options for starting moves

  • Fix trainer puppets allowed EVs greater than 64
  • Fix puppet skillset randomization not properly sanitized of duplicates

  • fix normal puppet levelup skills not being affected by "Prefer same type" option
  • add option to revert back to the old skillset randomization method
  • by default all puppets are now guaranteed a damaging same-type starting move (provided there is one in the pool)

  • adjustments to stat and skill distribution
  • normal puppets will now generally receive less powerful skills and stats
  • trainer puppets now have a chance to have a random held item
  • all puppets are now guaranteed to be found in the wild
  • add option to dump puppet stats to file
  • add option to prefer same-type skills
  • add option to remove "Frail Health" from the ability pool
  • add option to use completely random stats
  • add option to make skill cards teach random skills

  • Add option to use a "quota" when randomizing puppet base stats

  • Add option to export wild puppet locations

  • Form change abilities (were-hakutaku, mode shift, three bodies) will only be given to the puppets for which they were intended (for technical reasons)

  • Add wild puppet randomization
  • Evolved (non-normal) puppets will no longer be generated under level 30
  • Level adjustment now affects wild puppets as well as trainer puppets

This is no longer being maintained. The server is down indefinitely.
the source code not really worth maintaining due to being a giant pile of spaghetti, however if you'd like to host the server as-is, you can find instructions in the git repository.
the most recent version will need to be compiled from source. it was designed to run on linux, but will compile for windows if necessary. if you need help, post here or PM me and i will try to help.

TPDP Bridge is designed to make it easy to connect to specific players in a lobby environment.
You will need a post-game save file. If you don't have one, Dabomstew has made a convenient save generator
both the base game and YnK are fully supported.

Download the client here (windows only for now):
Last update: Aug 6. please re-download if you got it before then.

How it works
TPDP Bridge works by tunneling the games network connection through another connection to the matchmaking server, eliminating the need for port forwarding.
This means that you will play the match in TPDP itself as usual, but the bridge client will be running in the background, allowing you to connect to other players using the client.

I've tried to make the on-screen instructions as clear as possible, but here is the procedure to get a match going, in order:
  • open TPDP and host a match on the default port (10800)
  • in the bridge client, go to play->host and host your match

  • in the bridge client, go to play->join and select the match you want to join
  • in the TPDP netplay menu, make sure your ruleset matches what was listed in the join menu and connect to (this is the loopback address, it connects to the bridge client running on your computer)

that's it.

basically, as long as your settings in the client match your settings in the game, you're good to go.

  • when first running the client, it will ask for the game directory, in a default install this should be C:\game\FocasLens\幻想人形演舞 or C:\game\FocasLens\幻想人形演舞-ユメノカケラ-
  • you must have the game directory set to the game you are actually playing, as the server will enforce version checks (you can change it at any time)
  • after saving edits to your party, you will need to exit back to the title screen to reload your save
  • Back up your save! there is a button to do it and the party editor will pester you until you do.
Big thanks to Dabomstew for sharing his save editor code and speeding things along quite a bit.
feedback, bug reports, suggestions etc are welcome.

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