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ROM Hacks + General Discussion / Jap touhomon 1.8
« on: August 11, 2015, 03:33:27 PM »
Hello,this is my first post, i am not sure how active this fourm is anymore,but if anyone is still willing to spare some knowledge that will be amazing thanx,
anyways i was wondering how to get the Japanese 1.8 version of touhou puppet play. i have got many roms over my time with emulators and played around with touhomon purple,world link and another world (successful patched on all three) but i cant seemed to find the original Japanese any and all help would be appreciated,(i have what i think is a Japanese patch,but i cant figure how to patch it) and the reason why i want this, would be the Japanese font looks great on pokemon / touhomon bios:D

EDIT: If was a little vague I tried using the download from this site ( in the case I would have got the patch correctly. i would have modded it with the puppet play soft translation.

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