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First up: Teams. Which would be a better starter/Doll to use as the start of a competative team; Momiji, Ran, Chen, Nazrin, Koishi, Remilia, Flandre, Sakuya, Shikeiki, Nue, Seija, or Yukari(Ironically, she's last). I'd perfer it to be among the first 3 since they're among my favorite characters, but I'm open for suggestions. I'm also looking for dolls in the list above to be part of my first competative team.

Secondly: ho duu u cheet en-jin? Not just for this game, but Puppet Play also. There's a few Items I want copies of for competitive play(like lefties) in Dance Performance, and I've always wanted to break Puppet Play wide open(I WANT ME THAT LATIOS.).

And lastly, installation and patching. After reading how to do so on a separate thread, I cant say I quite get it. That's why I might start it soon. I'd appreciate any help you guys have to offer(and videos).
ps: This may not be the place to say this but... when I try to run Shoddy there is no executable. Its just a folder with a bunch of other folders and CLASS files.

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