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Metagame Discussion / JP Meta Analysis
« on: November 27, 2015, 04:17:51 PM »
Using data from I put together a tier list using the same methods that Smogon would use in their initial process to set up a tier list. After finishing that I decided to make some charts to look at how the metagame shapes up.

So of the 236 puppets available (Normal forms excluded) 54(~23%) are OU, 74(~31%) are UU, and 108(~46%) are NU.
Additionally of the 118 different characters 49 appear in OU which is about 41.5%.
Predictably lower costs tend to be lower tiered but not as much as you might expect.
As for coverage in OU, Earth and Electric hold the top while Wind is surprisingly lack luster being used mostly as Stab.
As for the OP types in the game. Appears as though Water and Wind are the strongest types with Electric shining through likely because of the prevalence of the other two.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Drop Table
« on: October 05, 2015, 06:31:28 AM »
This is actually pretty old information but realized it hasn't been posted here at all.
For the actual drop table go here

Now for an explanation on how drops work.
  • Trainers always drop items while wilds have a 50% to drop an item.
  • You get a quantity equal to the number of puppets you fought in the battle.
  • Each puppet has 2 sets of items. If the puppet is equal to or below level 20 it will always choose set 1, over level 20 has a 50:50 chance to choose either set.
  • Should be obvious but after choosing the set the puppet will have a 20% chance to drop a Magical Fragment and an 80% chance to drop the "non" Magical Fragment item
  • For trainers with multiple puppets the puppet is chosen at random from all the puppets on their team

I believe that is all but tired while writing this so might have missed something.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Yuki-Chan TPDP Spin Off Game
« on: September 05, 2015, 08:21:10 AM »
The new spin off game featuring Yuki as the main character is out for free download but obviously not translated yet. You can download it for free here

Figured I would post up the moves and abilities for the teams you are given in the game at least until the game gets translated. I believe I beat the game (kind of hard to tell without being able to read it) so should have all the teams stats. I will eventually grab the item info and hopefully the enemy info as well but for now this will do.

Overall opinion, at first I really did not like the game as Area 1 was more a trial of patience then anything else but Area 2 wasn't nearly as annoying and it did get better the more I played it. Also I really liked how your final team is the same team that Yuki uses in the rematch fights. I had originally thought I would route a speedrun for it but wasn't really impressed enough to do it. The game plays sort of like the old coliseum games where you are given a team of 6 puppets and then choose 3 to go into battle with. The game is also more of a puzzle game using a lot of strategies of competitive battling and is a good example of teams that you could build and sets that you could use.

The AI DOES work differently than it does in the main game and might be a foreshadow of what they may change as the main game currently just selects the move that will do the most damage no matter what unless it has no damaging moves in which case it chooses randomly. This game still knows RNG rolls and your attacks ahead of time but does switch into favorable matchups and plan out battles more naturally and doesn't seem to always cheat against your damage rolls so there is some element of intelligent randomness now. My guess is that it rolls RNG to determine if it will predict your actions or "predict" your actions and do something to counter what you did. Though that being said the AI will sometimes lock itself into using stat boosts until its dead or spamming steel attacks against someone with the Metallurgy ability.

Other changes of this game that are an example of whats to come is the following system as Louise follows you around throughout the game and the character portraits show different expressions. Other then that it still uses the 1.34 puppets so no new moves or types yet. The other thing worth noting is that Area 5 uses a new tile set for a snowy forest so that may be used in a new map in the future.

Yuuka Defense White (64/62/0/0/4/0)
Ability: After Move
Move1: Tumble Plant
Move2: Grand Liberate
Move3: Light Javelin
Move4: Break Shot

Reimu Defense White (64/0/0/0/64/2)
Ability: Calm Disposition
Move1: First Aid Treatment
Move2: Revolving Illusions
Move3: Miasma
Move4: Break Shot

Yumemi Speed Green (2/0/0/64/0/64)
Ability: Gale
Move1: Nature Barrier
Move2: Backdraft
Move3: Thunder Force
Move4: Lightning Speed

Meira Speed Green (2/64/0/0/0/64)
Ability: Armor Purge
Move1: Mad Rush Stance
Move2: Chrysanthemum Water
Move3: Dark Sphere
Move4: Mirage Edge

Seiga Speed Green (64/0/0/0/2/064)
Ability: Curse Return
Move1: Gravity Blast
Move2: Poison Bomb
Move3: Call of the Dead
Move4: Will-o'-Wisp

Yatsuhashi Defense Blue (64/0/20/46/0/0)
Ability: Quick Eye
Move1: Danmaku Orchestra
Move2: Curse Reversal
Move3: Will-o'-Wisp
Move4: Drain Seed

Area 2
Hatate Power Black (40/0/0/64/0/26)
Ability: Telescopic
Move1: Macroburst
Move2: Gigantic
Move3: Thunder Force
Move4: Offensive Trance

Chiyuri Defense Blue (64/0/64/0/0/2)
Ability: Metallurgy
Move1: Ice Machine Gun
Move2: Thor's Hammer
Move3: Amnesia
Move4: Stealth Trap

Mokou Power Black (2/0/50/64/0/14)
Ability: Reckless
Move1: Firewall
Move2: Transcend Form
Move3: Volcano
Move4: Tiger Rush

Parsee Assist Green (2/64/0/0/0/64)
Ability: Unwavering Heart
Move1: Panic Call
Move2: Sneaking
Move3: Gorgon's Eye
Move4: Bind Trap

Yuyuko Power Black (0/0/0/64/64/2)
Ability: Quick Eye
Move1: Energy Absorb
Move2: Ghost Wave
Move3: Poison Bomb
Move4: Eye of Laplace

Youmu Speed Red (0/64/2/0/0/64)
Ability: Gale
Move1: Brandish
Move2: Break Shot
Move3: Overtake Strike
Move4: Strenuous Stance

Area 3
Sakuya Speed Red (2/64/0/0/0/64)
Ability: Nimble
Move1: Raid
Move2: St. Elmo's Fire
Move3: Brandish
Move4: Overtake Strike

Patchouli Defense Black (64/0/0/2/64/0)
Ability: Wisdom Eye
Move1: Thunder Force
Move2: Mist Fog
Move3: Jewelry Storm
Move4: Gigantic

Iku Power Blue (64/0/64/2/0/0)
Ability: Air Cushion
Move1: Thunder Force
Move2: Geyser
Move3: Lightning Speed
Move4: Inferno

Kaguya Power Black (64/0/0/64/0/2)
Ability: Healing Power
Move1: Arclight
Move2: Flashover
Move3: Gravity Blast
Move4: 3rd Sign - Nature

Nue Defense White (64/0/0/0/64/2)
Ability: Chaos Inducer
Move1: Miasma
Move2: Upbeat
Move3: Perch
Move4: Revolving Illusions

Tokiko Power Red (64/64/2/0/0/0)
Ability: Healing Power
Move1: Fiery Foehn Winds
Move2: Screw Rock
Move3: Changeling
Move4: Returning Swallow

Area 4
Iku Speed Green (0/64/2/0/0/64)
Ability: Gale Form
Move1: Waterfall Drop
Move2: Overskill
Move3: St. Elmo's Fire
Move4: Thor's Hammer

Lyrica Power Green (2/0/0/64/0/64)
Ability: Charge!
Move1: Danmaku Orchestra
Move2: Catastrophe
Move3: Changeling
Move4: Shark Trade

Star Power Red (64/64/2/0/0/0)
Ability: Niche
Move1: Over Ray
Move2: Atomic Energy
Move3: Reverse Splash
Move4: Dark Arrow

Parsee Assist Green (0/64/2/0/0/64)
Ability: Unwavering Heart
Move1: Sneaking
Move2: Dark Arrow
Move3: Changeling
Move4: Upbeat

Seiga Power Green (0/0/2/64/0/64)
Ability: Curse Return
Move1: Will-o'-Wisp
Move2: Love or Pain
Move3: Unknowing Flare
Move4: Chrome Ray

Sanae Speed Black (64/0/2/64/0/0)
Ability: Common Senseless
Move1: Jewelry Storm
Move2: Mist Fog
Move3: St. Elmo's Fire
Move4: Macroburst

Area 5
Remilia Power Green (2/64/0/0/0/64)
Ability: Charge!
Move1: Twilight Infection
Move2: Changeling
Move3: Inferno
Move4: Spark Javelin

Raiko Power Black (64/0/2/64/0/0)
Ability: Sixth Sense
Move1: Emperor's Indignity
Move2: Ultra High Tone
Move3: 9th Sign - Darkness
Move4: Lightning Speed

Miko Power Red (0/64/2/0/0/64)
Ability: True Admin
Move1: Holy Flare
Move2: Luminous Flux
Move3: Dancing Rain
Move4: Lightning Speed

Mamizou Defense White (64/0/0/0/64/2)
Ability: Slow Tempo
Move1: Changeling
Move2: St. Elmo's Fire
Move3: Power Drain
Move4: Sneaking

Eirin Assist Black (2/0/64/64/0/0)
Ability: First Aid
Move1: Cold Rain
Move2: Mist Fog
Move3: Poisonous Spiral
Move4: First Aid Treatment

Keine Defense Green (2/64/0/0/0/64)
Ability: Were-Hakutaku
Move1: Heavenly Ascent
Move2: Chrysanthemum Water
Move3: Shooting Press
Move4: Strike Shot

Area 6
Mokou Speed Green (2/0/0/64/0/64)
Ability: Hate Reincarnate
Move1: Waves of Earth
Move2: Inferno
Move3: Star Flare
Move4: Gigantic

Futo Speed Green (2/0/0/64/0/64)
Ability: Smoke Deployment
Move1: Macroburst
Move2: Cold Rain
Move3: Inferno
Move4: Unknown Flare

Utsuho Speed Green (2/0/0/64/0/64)
Ability: Duel
Move1: Gigantic
Move2: Concussion
Move3: Inferno
Move4: Diffusion Laser

Youmu Speed Green (2/0/0/64/0/64)
Ability: Mind's Eye
Move1: Brandish
Move2: Unfettered Soul
Move3: Grand Liberate
Move4: Grass Javelin

Suwako Speed Green (2/0/0/64/0/64)
Ability: Moody
Move1: Cold Rain
Move2: Waves of Earth
Move3: Gravity Blast
Move4: Love or Pain

Flandre Speed Green (2/64/0/0/0/64)
Ability: Free Breathe
Move1: Arclight
Move2: Burn Strike
Move3: Evil Crushing Arrow
Move4: Dark Arrow

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / TPDP Puppet Dex 1.91
« on: June 22, 2015, 01:37:38 AM »
Probably my last massive update until the new major update to the game coming for the winter. Fixed up a bunch of small errors in the damage formula and fixed a huge problem where stats on the trainer's puppets on the Map Viewer were looking up the wrong information. Other then that the major change is I added the drop rates for the wild encounters into the Map Viewer.

There are still tons of holes on the damage formula that I cant really be bothered to fill in unless people ask for it.

Puppet Dex - Provides detailed information on specific puppets similar to dex pages for pokemon sites like Serebii.
Team Builder - A tool for inputting a team to see your teams overall weaknesses as well as your general type coverage.
Damage Calculator - Calculates the damage range with a detailed variation to show each possible damage roll. (still a work in progress)
EXP Calculator - Used to calculate how much EXP you will gain and what level you will achieve for every member of your party.
MapInfo - Displays information on every map in the game including map connections shops items trainers etc.

The database was made using a combination of game files, looking stuff up in game, the wiki, and the official Japanese data site thingy. Special thanks to Dabomstew for tons of help with formulas and for help on some future features. I think I checked for errors fairly well but there might still be some errors so if you see any please do tell me.

Also I locked everything that doesn't have a reason to be tampered with but if you do want to change something then the password to unlock stuff is "EDIT". The only unprotected important cell is the link for the maps, because if I protect that you can't actually click the link =p.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / RNG seeding and manipulation
« on: May 19, 2015, 05:39:18 AM »
I have been trying to figure this out myself though admittedly it is beyond me. Has anyone (maybe through looking at translation stuff) found how RNG is determined or seeded?

I am assuming RNG works like it does in most games where it just runs on a loop that counts up per frame so manipulation of RNG is just a matter of counting frames and pressing inputs on specific frames but worth asking if it runs differently or through a combination of methods as that does seem to happen on occasion.

The part I am really curious about is if anyone has any idea how RNG is seeded. My first assumption would be that it is seeded as soon as you start the game however as the first thing that happens before you have any control is the loading screen which shows a random puppet, this would suggest that the seed is based on something such as your computers internal clock or something.

If anyone has happened across information on this topic or is more knowledgeable then I am to be able to do some research I would love to hear about it. Most of my interest is from the perspective of speedrunning but it could have uses for making competitive teams or finding rarer encounters without "cheating" by changing the data to give you want you want.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / Walkthrough/Speedrun Guide
« on: April 06, 2015, 11:02:46 PM »
I have had this made for awhile now and while I made this to be a guide to speedrunning the game, I also noticed that it is probably the only full guide through the game. If you want an "Easy" mode you can just do the things that the notes say to do or you can just use it as a guide telling you where to go. The guide includes pictures of all the dungeons with a green arrow showing how to get through them. Or if you want to take a stab at speedrunning the game this is the method that I use to go through it.

Also I will be keeping this guide updated for speedrunning as I continue improving the route which shouldn't have any real effect on using the guide as a walkthrough to get through the game.

Now onto the actual guide

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance / TPDP Complete Database
« on: February 27, 2015, 02:51:27 AM »
This is something I made recently so that I could quickly sort through and look up information and I figured other people might enjoy having it.

Personally I have the file as an excel file and then pull the data together in a query linking the PuppetCode, Ability, and Skill Name columns of the tables to make a larger table that I can look at using pivot tables. Probably not useful for anyone that doesn't know how to do that but for anyone that does and is interested it might be nice to have.

Some things I would like to add is Puppet Locations and items/item locations if anyone has the information for either of those.

Also this database was made primarily from information off the wiki which might be outdated or some of the other information I was using might be outdated or mistranslated (likely some puppet names etc). Or the weaknesses/resistances of stuff might be slightly off based on ability or something. If you see something that is incorrect I can fix it.

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