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Annoucements / forums aren't visually broken anymore
« on: April 28, 2019, 10:52:16 PM »
like it probably doesnt matter but they're not visually broken anymore!

Annoucements / minor forum layout changes???
« on: June 22, 2018, 01:56:32 PM »
the ynk translation is coming along and will be out relatively Soon™ after testing is done so we actually have ynk subforums now! score

i don't know much about the expansion itself so if others would be so kind as to set up resources for it that i could pin that'd be fantastic

Metagame and teambuilding / Matchmaking and you
« on: June 22, 2018, 01:52:05 PM »
Due to the changes made to matchmaking, dedicated threads for finding opponents aren't really needed anymore.

If you'd like to find somebody to play with, swing by the Discord server and say hi:

New user info / Registration + Discord info
« on: January 31, 2018, 02:31:09 AM »
In order to complete registration, accounts need to be verified by an administrator.

We get multiple spambot account registrations per hour, so in order to pick your name out of the rubble, ping me on our Discord server with your account name and I'll verify your account ASAP.

You can find the Discord server here:

As for our rules, uhh.. don't be a jerk. To be more specific though, I'll just copy the main drafts from Discord:

- Be respectful to each other
- No racial/sexual slurs
- No piracy (sharing direct links to paid programs, roms, etc)

Annoucements / holy cow that's a lot of bots
« on: January 30, 2018, 11:37:14 PM »
doing some cleanup, sorry about that mess!

from here on, all forum accounts will need to be hand-approved by an administrator (hey, that's me!) before they can post.

whenever you make a new account, swing by the discord server and ping me with your username and i'll get to you as soon as i can!

i'm too lazy to properly use bbcode and there's like 5000 more threads to kill so i'll just link this lol

Annoucements / after ten thousand years, i'm free
« on: November 25, 2017, 02:25:39 AM »
time to conquer earth

Off-topic / good thing i can still delete spambot accounts
« on: October 03, 2017, 01:38:39 PM »
oh wait

Off-topic / real funposting hours
« on: November 22, 2016, 05:26:12 PM »
who up click dice  :rolldice:

Off-topic / the 'clever section name' subforum is still 100% accurate
« on: July 08, 2016, 08:41:06 PM »
i cant post in there so if i ever do post a new thread in there something truly has gone horribly wrong

talk about things going horribly wrong here

This is a ghost copy of the thread, in case people look for it here.

Link to the wiki for the lazies out there.

Wiki editing is for registered users only in order to prevent spam bots from flooding it with advertisement pages, and we manually confirm users. I'll try to actually keep up with new members now (I've been really, really bad about this), but even then, there's no guarantee that I'll be able to tell your registration apart in the old mass.

So, you can do one of three things when registering now to make sure I'll get your account approved, depending on how patient or impatient you are.

1) Use the "Other information" field to confirm that you are, indeed, not a bot and intend on helping contribute to the wiki.
2) Post in this thread (and only this thread) stating that you have created an account there, and state what it's account name is.
3) Yell at me on IRC stating you made an account.

Also, lastly, for the love of all things holy, don't use hotmail when signing up if you like getting confirmation emails. Use gmail or something along those lines so that you'll actually get it.

Preferably through screenshots of the errors! This includes typos. We know certain things are not translated, specifically the battle strings, so don't worry about those quite yet. Just focus on stuff that's already translated so we can cut down on errors.

Please review the thread before posting to check that what you are reporting has not already been reported.

Annoucements / so i tried doing something about the bots
« on: May 15, 2015, 09:53:19 AM »
i ultimately failed because i am bad at forums

if anybodys permissions are fucked up and you suddenly cant post anywhere i guess yell at me on shoddy or make a thread in offtopic or something





If you hadn't noticed it from the title yet, this will only work with 1.34.

Furthermore, this game will only work in Japanese Locale. Your computer either needs to be in native Japanese Locale, or you need to have Locale Emulator (specifically, NOT AppLocale) to emulate the game in Japanese Locale. Otherwise the game will display corrupted text for the HP Bar and other places. When you install the game you must ALSO install it in Japanese Locale, or else the game will have crashing issues.

English Patch 1.00

Within the contents of this spoiler is everything in regards to the 1.00 English patch, which used the Beat patching system. This is no longer relevant, please do not follow anything from this spoiler. Please skip below this spoiler to the 1.02 patch section.
Here's a link. In it is a translation patch.

The entire game should be translated at this point! We've done our best to ensure every possible string we could find and was used in-game was translated. I did a quick tets to make sure the patch was working, and it loaded up. If you have issues with the patch or game, please read the rest of the thread to see if your concerns were addressed before commenting on it.

To use this, you will need beat. Here's a link to that, too.

To use this:
- Make sure your dat folder's contents are entirely unedited, including custom player images.
- Make a copy of gn_enbu.exe, and place it in your dat folder. Make sure it is named gn_enbu.exe.

-- This is what the contents of your dat folder should look like, for reference:

- Run beat, then choose "Apply Patch."
- Browse to your installation of TPDP, select the "dat" folder, and click OK
- Choose to make a new folder and name it whatever you want. This is where translated resources will go.
- Browse to your TPDP installation, and make a copy of the contents of the dat folder, including gn_enbu.exe, in case I broke something or for another update coming out.
- No, seriously, make backup copy of the dat folder. Make absolutely sure you have one.
- Do you have a backup of the dat folder? Okay.
- Copy the contents of the folder you created during the patching process and dump them into the dat folder. Rename your gn_enbu.exe file in the main directory to preserve a clean copy, and place the newly created gn_enbu.exe in the main directory.
- Make sure everything works correctly.

Nothing seemed to be broken, but my testing wasn't that heavy.

If an update comes out, you will need to place the old clean .arc files back in the dat folder in order to properly update, along with placing the clean gn_enbu.exe file in the main directory. Keep that in mind.

This will only work if your copy is updated to 1.34!

Hey, here's a video even on how to patch it to English if you need more assistance!

Save frequently in case something is broken so we don't have any unsightly crashes.

English Patch 1.02

Here's a link. In it is the installer for the 1.02 translation patch.
Here's another link. This is a mirror in case the first one goes down.

With this patch, the entire game should be translated now - nothing left untranslated at all (aside from the intro movie). If you see anything still untranslated, or translated awkwardly, please report it to us, but only after checking the thread to ensure it wasn't reported already.

To install this patch, you will need to have your game's folder relatively unedited. For best results, we recommend running the installer via Japanese Locale or Locale Emulator. You will need to have the game's files intact in order for the installer to apply the changes. We also recommend backing up the original dat folder and gn_enbu.exe, in the case of an accident.

Remember to save often just in case something is broken, and we dont have any problematic crashes plaguing you.

1.02 contains a hefty number of changes, mostly in regards to backporting the Shard of Dreams translation to Base. Most of the changes were made for the sake of internal consistency, though a few other changes were made, such as text wrapping on skill interfaces. A full change log has been provided with the download.

Once again, we apologize for the delay in getting this out. Here's hoping it actually works!

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